Awesome TeamWork in L.E.S NyC ❤️

Eye just witnessed with my very own Faery eyes excellent team
Work in a matter
Of minutes ..

2 men pull up in a van .. Pack out really quickly cross the street and together roll out their supplies ..

If they spoke
You couldn't tell . They diligently together rolled out their huge posters and together placed them
On this wall...

One rolling and aligning ..

The other using a massive staple ...

Stamp stamp

All 4 posters aligned perfectly and straight one
Right after the other ...

The other one now quickly brings out this wet roller thingy and now shalacks / shines these perfectly Aligned posters as the other gentleman Angles himself perfectly and takes a

Then together in absolute unison they quickly put all their supplies away .. Jump back in their van .. And roll on out ...


Awesome sauce ☺️
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