Are YOU bitter ?

You can smell a bitter woman a mile away ....

Together, let's pray for HER ..
Let's send healing love & wishes ..
 Enchanting kisses of self loving energies blowing it HER way ... 

Love is our Answer..
We first MUST LOVE ourselves WHOLE..

Let's bright Light HER bitter days & igniting our healing wave let's together plant seeds of forgiveness, self love, STRENGTH & the gift of being at PEACE within Progressing her forward to live her life in a healthier state of


Always remember ..
"This too shall pass .."
as long as you ALLOW..

In bitterness land one creates many clouds & thunderous rain to fall wildly and untamed all over the place forgetting that this too shall pass way of thinking .. He'll bent on fury ? Now that ain't right ... Think about your life .. Find and do what is RIGHT for you...
 We live in a constant state of ebb & flow so it is essential to our wellbeing that we LEARN to process our true feelings & come to terms with finding acceptance with what has come to be & forgiveness given to everyone involved including yourself. Do Not CHOOSE to stay stuck in constant rememberance forever of something that didn't turn out the way that you would of have liked / desired or expected. 
Remove the Bitter melancholy from your system... The process of its removal may seem daunting, grueling and most certainly painful but if you want the CHANGE,

It's quite silly, foolish & such a waste of an emotion to build on if you ask me but this is just my opinion.
Bitterness wreaks of a self denial & dishonesty. I say one must really go deep & pluck out the bitter root of darkness & REPLACE / TRANSFORM it into "something" more suitable and in alignment with you ~ this "something" is an ENERGY POWER MOBILE that you are creating and rooting as your NEW SEED & intentional practice of one of your many levels of REBIRTH..

We are the TREE OF LIFE .. 

Bitterness a disease that robs people of experiencing true joy ~
because Bitterness is an energy flow blocker that likes to accumulate the same horrid feeling of something that has previously occurred that didn't go too well or as planned ~ & HER Bitterness obsessed and hell bent on living each day & night reliving what has passed & all the feelings that it created at the time. 

Break the Bitter Cycle ..
Bitterness stays living inside & it grows & it grows & it consumes! This emotionally charged energy vortex of darkness looks to cause & further create & instigate everyday turbulent waters .. 
Sometimes creating tsunami effects ..

It makes me sad because I know that it doesn't have to be this way ...
There is a way ..
We create our ways and set our paths ..
Choices and decisions in the palms of our hands 
You just have to want it / desire it bad enough ...
Making decisions can sometimes be tough / challenging / difficult ..

But how could we ever really grow & evolve if we challenge ourselves to RISE to the occasion? 

Let's Rise in our Divine Magnificence. 

A bitter person finds  it hard to release whatever pain or injustice they feel they didn't or do not deserve. Many times bitterness forms when one doesn't get their way. Many ego maniacs with their Bitterness can even get all crazed. You can read that energy a mile away .. Ego becomes magnified / intensified / quadrupled with their anger & pain radiating with their never ending wave of bitterness and pain ... Hurting people with their ways .. Misery loves company. 

Fueling HERSELF with such an emotionally charged negative most hateful ENERGY is what SHE slowly begins to Embody until the disease of HER mind consumes HER all ~ 

Bitter is birthed of rotten seeds breeding disharmony ~ if you know what I mean jellybean... 

Bitter is a spoiled seed cursed rotten. 

Forgiveness is essential to find ..
One step into your journey one day at a time ... 
Forge into your deep ...
Your WHYs never end ..
Our WHYs never end ..
It's time to be our honest most true best friend ...

Taste the Bittersweet 
Release stagnant heat ..
Do this So you may live in Peace ...

Peace Be With you ..

Unclog stagnant bitter energies within ...
Believe me these energies are not your friend .. 
You deserve to win! 
Breathe into your heart space...
This is not a race ..
Be your very own Best Friend ..
Yourself till no end ..
Forever we spend in our indestructible energies we are tied iinto our own infinite essence forever as we live out our rhythms & life cycles in whatever form we choose to radiate in ...

We are Energy & we never be destroyed ..
But we CAN transform..
as energetic beings we vibrate our own frequencies that create our own energy source of  power ... Let's be mindful of these energy creations because these creations are the very things we  manifest into our worlds. 

Our Mindfulness  must always be consistent / persistent / & most importantly reliable !!

Think about it ..
If all we are is ourselves, how hard can it really be for us to be in a constant state of mindful selfie awareness ? 

Lol I know ..
due to our conditioning unfortunately we do perceive many of these things rather difficult to do ...

It is important for ALL of US to periodically thruout OUR entire waking day to meet with OURSELVES if only for a moment and check in with OURSELVES ..

We can create our own Unique Check in Checklist ... 

Everyone's check list of course would look different from one another's even if similar questions are asked or even same questions. 
Everyone's answers are not expected to be the same either ...
This is all catered & individualized to your specific checklist needs ...

Let's inspire our feed ..

Checklist infinite list of check in possibilities : 

Go stand in front of a mirror if you must so you could remember who you are talking to & you can provide yourself with answers and some further explorations ...

Be creative ..
Find your own way to make your intentional check list check ins FUN & interesting for YOU .. 
Just remember the PURPOSE these check ins serve ..
Which is to KEEP you ALIGNED with your true desires / wishes / dreams..

Your thoughts must be positive ..
Your words must speak of only things you wish to create into existence. Your emotions / feelings must back up these words you express ( and if you they do not .. Another practice of mine that I always recommend to others .. Is the art of shutting the funk up when words and feelings do not match. ) think about it ..

If your words do not match your feelings .. What is it then that you are really creating ? 

Confusion ? 
Chaos ? 
Uncertainty ?

Ok your thoughts positive ..
Your words positive too ..
You're feeling positive ...
And now you are taking ACTION that matches your 

Alchemical Soul manifesting Remedy simplified ..
Grasp the profound nature of such alchemy.

Some more check list selfie check ins : 

How are you feeling ?
Oh I am feeling good ..
Oh ok ! 
What does good mean to you ? 
Is this a normal feeling ? Do you always feel this good ? Is Good a feeling or is good just words ? 

When you say you're feeling good ..
That means your thoughts are good ..
Your feelings are good for yourself and for everyone else 
And your actions are currently matching all these good vibes and feelings ? 

Check check check ...

What were your  last thoughts going on right before your intentional selfie check in ? 
Were they good thoughts ? 
How are Your emotions ? 
Are your emotions positive ? Are your emotions aligned with your thoughts ? 
How is your mood ? 
How are you around others ?
How does being around others make you feel ? 
Is there anything bothering you or pressing on your mind ?
How is life treating you ?
How does your body feel ? 
Do you have all your needs met ? 
Are your finances in order?
Do you have any physical tension or aches on your body ? 
What is your current tmind state ?
Are You a positive person  ? 
Name 5 positive things you do that do not contradict your thoughts / feelings / words & actions ..

Are you being  loving to yourself and others ?
What does love mean for you ? 
How does someone show you they love you ? 
How do you show others your love ? 

I mean you can get the idea with where I am going with these self check in questions ...

There is no end to the explorations that can occur inside of our wonderlands ..

I never understand when people claim to be bored. I have never been bored in my entire life & I have had "nothing" to do ...

It goes to show how much people try to fit inside this box & how easily they are raised never really getting to know themselves on a whole. 

Part of remaining in constant alignment, all boils down to being INTENTIONAL with how you power house your energy fields ...

 is so that you may POSITIVELY COCREATE with your YOUNIVERSE everything that is in alignment with your unique wants & needs & soul path.  

As uncut as my Enchants may be I really do try my best to articulate best as i can these things / expressions / that fill my mind ...

I am Aware of my many rhythms & I learn more and more about myself everyday...

Being AWARE & being INTENTIONAL at all times is KEY.. & it's ok if you wander off to LaLa land a few times or many times ... The moment you realize your mind wandered off and you were running internally rampant .. Just BREATHE  & truthfully that takes constant focus, determination, commitment & practice. Never mind how much daily practice time you put in .. 2 minutes of QUALITY time is most beneficial to you and your soul.  Believe this to be true. 2 minutes will grow over time and you will see all the hard work and effort paying off ... There are no quick fixes to this life .. Everything is a gradual process that unfolds as we unfold as we grow and experience life. There is no right and wrong as we perceive it to be .. There is what is right for us at each moment & it is up to ourselves to determine if what is being offered at the moment in our lives is right for us at this time. This decision totally yours and your right. What may be good for you may not be what's good and right for me ... These world of our individual differences is what sets us apart and makes us each unique. We need to stop judging ourselves, comparing ourselves & putting ourselves down in believing ourselves not good enough in the things that we do. There are those who take pride in their works & they show it & sometimes by them showing their own pride in their accomplishments ~ they are brought down by a society of nay Sayers saying he should be more humble as opposed to being full of himself. 

In my book that's not nice .. And I hear this a lot .. I mean not that particular exact example but I see it happen so much day to day ... 

So many are raising their children making them feel that they make errors and mistakes and they need to fix it / fix themselves... They need to adapt and conform to this form / this one style / this one view / this one tainted perception. Here kiddies let's raise you inside this box ... It makes
Sick to my stomach actually ..
I feel blessed to have the amazing relationship that I do with my daughter & I would never make her feel in a million years that she needs to fix or
Correct anything about herself ... That's for her own self growth and evolution. All I can be is the loving example that finds ways of communicating creatively where I can engage my daughters
Senses to she too can absorb the morals of each soul lesson ....
As parents, we are our children's first guides ... We should honor our role and take that shit seriously. 

Anyways this Enchant of a Babble is about HER bitterness not about raising our children but sheesh if we did things a whole lot differently with our children from young we probably wouldn't be dealing with such things as bitterness in our worlds .... But unfortunately in this world, this day of Age & time some people / MANY people .. MOST people  live their lives bathed in the stench of some form of bitterness blocker. 

#Real #Facts 

Please don't take my bitterness post the wrong way I am not attacking anyone & although I use HER & give bitterness a gender affiliation / this topic truly applies to our entire human population & although I am discussing this touchy subject in this post do not take it as some form of judgment of mine towards any of you.. I am only sharing my own worldly findings based off of many encounters with people from all walks of life .... I am not here to judge anyone with how they live their lives  .. I can only determine for myself based on what I observe from others is if I am going to have this person around me or not ...  

I respect differences as well as others opinions but I will never tolerate someone telling me what's Good for me & what's not good for me & I will not tolerate being attacked for having my views ...

I share and write all of this because I feel intuitively guided and inspired to do so & all Uncut Entries are So Random in topic and discussion .. I just learn to write with the inner flow & she writes to speak. 

I wouldn't wish bitterness on anyone i actually wish those inflicted well & I send healing energies your way & if we ever meet or you do wish for my time in spiritual guidance which caters to individual Souls needs ... Meaning everyone I work together with is not experiencing the same thing & not everyone requires the same forms of guidance so every experience is uniquely special all on its own. I would happily & motivatingly assist in every which that I can as long as I could. I accept people for who they are & as they are. I do not tell people what to do but I do assist in helping people further awaken into understanding their pieces to their own puZzle affording them some leveled sense of clarity, allowing for better decision making to take place much more confidently and assuredly. 

Please note that even though we make it a conscious practice to ACCEPT people as they are .. That doesn't mean that everyone is allowed to be a part of our world / space / life. Once we are clear with our own feelings about our own experiences with the people we allow into our lives, we can better determine who is fit & healthy to your energy environment & remove any toxic waste materials that do not contribute to our overall wealth, health, growth, love, peace & soul evolution. 

Think about it ... Energy is everything. energy is MASSIVE. We may not be able to visually see ENERGY as this tangible substance that we cAn hold in our hands or take pictures of documenting every energy here on earth ... Does that mean it doesn't exist just because we can't SEE it ?? Ok we can't see it .. But don't you FEEL it ??  

Although invisible ENERGY makes up  EVERYTHING
ENERGY is the driving force of all LIVING & BREATHING things. Without energy we would have nothing. Nothing at all would exist. So if this powerful invisible force is everything that makes this world go round. If  It's everything that makes us go round. If energy is our fuel our source .... Then why would Anyone intentionally surround themselves  with negative / disease fueled energy ??? That makes no sense .. I do not wish to become sick myself or affected so I would much rather prefer being conscious of all the energy existing around me ~ beginning with MYSELF! 
I do not wish to be infected with such negative / depleting energy blasts. I am empath and extremely sensitive to all energy around me. I have consciously learned with constant practice how to protect my own energy fields. It takes CONSTANT work & dedication.

it's really nothing personal if I choose not to associate with someone on a personal level. It's their energy fields that woo me over or alert me to keep it moving ....

But that's on a personal level .... Me making personal choices that align with me .... As a HEALER  & Spiritual Guide I am here for anyone who needs assistance on their soul path in any way ~ this is what I do. I have been doing this ALL of my life & it is engrained in my soul & I am finally answering to my own souls call with being VOCAL In my own ways offering my human soul  services to others ... I never push people to start, that seriously has to come from YOU.. But once we begin our journey & process a world of NEW possibilities begin to OPEN up & as part of my contribution to the whole i am here to  help others along this PROCESS no matter what stage / level / or state of mind / body / heart & soul YOU reach out to me in...  When we UNITE together as one for the betterment of our souls, the ENERGY ignited from our Start is one meant to HEAL & Shine Ourselves BRIGHTER in LIGHT ...
Remember though, we take things one step at a time. All we need to do is take our first steps & everything else falls / moves / aligns into place ...
 Anything of substance always is gradual in its creation process because development takes time, but once you commit & dedicate yourself with loving passion to take the first steps, you already TRANSFORMED your life whether you can acknowledge it and see it for yourself at this time. 

Selfie soul check list check ins .... 

What is your souls purpose ? 
Why are you here ? 
What are you searching for ? 
Are you happy ? 
Are you looking for something / someone ? 
Do you feel as though something is missing ? 
What does Happiness mean to you ?
What is your definition of feeling happy ? Is happiness a feeling or a thing ? 
Is your happiness dependent on things and other people ?
Where does your happy come from ? 
Can we buy your happy at the corner deli ?
When was the last time you smiled ? 
When is the last time you greeted or smiled at a random stranger ? 
When is the last time you stopped to smell the roses ? Flowers ? Leaves ? Grass ? Sand ? The ocean ? The crisp air ? 
When you hear the crickets chirp how do they make you feel ? Where does your mind go ? 
Do you believe in your dreams ? 
Will your dreams come true ? Have your dreams come true ? Are you living your dreams ? What are your dreams ? 
Do your dreams and visions constantly change / grow / evolve ? 
Evolution / growth is wonderfully good for you .. 
What are your passions ? 
What are your hobbies ? 
What do you love to do ???

Hey I pose these questions for YOU.. I do not pose them so that YOU could answer me ..I mean you are welcome to share with me if you SOUL desire. But truth is  I am not the one who needs to know YOUR answers. I pose questions to plant these seeds of discovery within your being ... It is our meeting of our souls ... All these seeds will take their seat in your subconscious roots & they will cultivate fields of divine clarity as you continue to unfold within your own evolutionary journey. Question is .. Are you ready ?? 

What are you waiting for ???
Get lost in your souls patrol ..  

Uncut Royal Dynasties ❤️
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