Wonderland Draft Reveal - FIRE in the Sky - Written 8-4-14

 This is one of my now 38 DRAFT pieces that I haven't shared with you all in a while... I just randomly selected this one - I have no CLUE what it is all about - all I know is that it was originally written 8-4-14 & its definitely NOT a finished writing entry piece...

I will Not Read what is written on these pages due to my OCD tendencies to overly critique the things That I share with you all - which is why I create many UNCUT entries at Enchanting Babble to break myself FREE from the idea - of Perfection - there is no such thing as PERFECT anything - especially when it comes to any form of ART or words of Expressions.... 

Well anyhoo - I once again FORGOT what I was calling these Draft Entries lol - I swear my memory is really not that bad but this is not anything trivial either lol - I just can't seem to remember - lol that goes to remind me that not everything has to be clearly defined or label.. Enchanting Babble is meant to be a FREE SPIRIT ENTERPRISE of SOUL EXPRESSIONS....

THANK-YOU ALL for DRopping by I hope you did not bump your head too hard down this rabbit hole drop... May Love & Light Follow you For all of your days in every single Way



Originally Written August 4, 2014 <3 br="">

I wish I didn't have so many things in my hand ...

And I really wish my phone hadn't been thrown somewhere deep inside my bag ...

I really fkn wish I got to capture a picture of what I just soberly saw ...

I wasn't wearing my earthly spectacles ..

But I promise its size could not be missed ...

Spectacles on or not, my eyes didn't even squint ...
Flinch ...

Shit, I didn't even blink ...

Perception of what I'd seen..

Well I can only DreAm 


Every possibility my imaginings release ..

But as for the true truth of this thing...

This thing I personally believe I have never seen... 





             2 eyes   
              Gifted 2 
                 E verY 

pen sUn 

Only one scribe 


Vision can only be Seen by the Eyes of the beholder ..

and what I saw 
Ay yay yai eye *sighs*

For Only a short moment of my time my 2 eyes seen something in the sky ... 

Clearly ..:

Sort of ...

And since I am unable to identify from my vision gifted sight 

2 human eyes 

Can not identify 

Nor explain to you why 

I just saw an 

((U))nidentifiable <F>LyinG (((O)))bject 

Flying high 
Above my skies 

I've seen a many a things before 

Including this other one time I saw something I still can't quite explain ...

Many years ago as a kid outside playing 

Kids ya know
OverActive silly imaginations ...

Narrator shines a bulb for this new <<UFO>> sighting story truth be told ..

My truth anyway ..

Believe as
You wish ...

Whatever this was ..

I freezeR
i Keep ER  
i AM StorAge polic.i.A

My time just flew by ..

In my zone 
sharing mode 
An hour flew by ..

My my my 
How time can fly ...

This memory embedded Forever in  my mind ..

I sure am greatful for tonight 
A witness to truth 
Fire in the sky 
Figuratively NoT speaking 
Creatively written to mislead 
Intentionally written truly believing in light and hope truth just speaks ...
Divine rights 
Awake Me to Light 
me to life ...

Living in a world filled with mystery ...
Carotid Arteries bullshit history 
My mind explore
Capture moment 
3rd eye confirm

Eery tales of a FIRE in the SKY -
Wide eye open eyes 
I see with my own TWO eyes 
something in the sky 
Me having to be quiet as a mouse did not help the situation - 

••• Upon exiting the premises as quietly as a not so quiet mouse.. 
In a not so quiet ..
  ...                     House ....

If you ever had a mouse in your house ... 

When he arrives you without a doubt ...
know when he is around..

Little mousy 
There is never any confusion arrived than you do know that when there is one who visits attempting to stay...

Mice, come out at night 
are noisy always making themselves at home be...

Eye Jennifer with my own two Goddess Eyes have just seen something in-explainable & unidentifiable as I slowly pulled the door to shut..

this memory embedded in my mind ..
for my forevers in time

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