Uncut Are you equipped to Challenge Your Soul ?

Let's pretend that this here is Enchanting algebra & by Enchanting I mean that I am going to babble away because Lord knows I have forgotten ALL algebra the moment I no longer needed it in school. Lol So on this note please know that my algebraic flow is exceptional lol 

Bear with me lol im sure I have a point / purpose / direction / uncut usually does .. 

X Represents each of us souls right here on Earth ..
 Welcome to #EnchantingBabble #DownTheRabbitHole mathematical Spiritpsychi equation 

& with that being said ...
& We X's being Marked X means that we are MARKED X & that means we automatically have meaning .. Because obviously X Exists for a purpose cause If not X wouldn't be there / here & we wouldn't even be having this conversation. 

((Well technically we are not / because I am writing this .. But again .. My writing too serves its own purpose & plus I Love & appreciate all of you who drop down this rabbit hole of Soul Adventure .. THANK YOU ☺️)))

Ok back to X & let's reiterate what we learned about X so far. 
X is a soul. 
X has meaning 
If X has meaning that means X has purpose. 
X is born with purpose because If X was not born with purpose X would not be here today at all
X is so cool ..


so if we are X & we have purpose & meaning what is our Purpose & what is our meaning ??? 

In order for Purpose to mean anything it must have a HOST .. 

so who came first the chicken or the egg?

Purpose or host ? 


Good question!! 

In order for X to exist something meaningful had to be created (prior to X coming into being) in order for X to have come into existence in the first place. So this I understand as X Being previously planned before it even came to be .. Making X meaningful. 
X prexisted prior to its existence & is born with Purpose but due to amnesia and conditioning lost its own self understanding. 

so X over P this equation shall be ..

I can't make a fraction over this phone so let's use my overactive imagination & pretend a little ..

 X/P + ____ ='s ______

 & so if we (the Collective) are X & we are MARKED with purpose prior to existing now as we know it ..

 Then we can understand purpose as something that we each possess at birth. An innate quality that can never be taken from us..

We are  natural  purposeful beings inhabiting this planet & our lives have so much meaning, promise & purpose..

 we are BORN this way never allow for conditioning to rob you 3rdEye BLIND.. 

It's wakey wakey time ..
I watched the sun go down & I sat here with the moon all night & I have watched as she continues to drift away making way for the Sun .. & although she drifts away I feel her mighty presence strong in every which way as she MoOnShines Her love & magic my way ..

Hey what can I say ..
I'm connected to the cosmos in every which way..
It's in my DNA..
it's in your DNA too ..

We are born Stars & yet we are sold Hollywood Glamour ..

Open your Eyes ..
Peer inside your looking glass & see yourself as you truly are ...

Yes!! YOU!! ARE!! 

 / & if this be the case ..
How do we align here in our space & STAR LIGHT our Bright so divine ??

 HOW do we (The collective WE.. The YOU & Me & she & He .. The US / the whole / the We .. Our ALL.. The Collectible Bunch☺️)) 

how do we find our alignment solutions & really BE ALL THAT WE CAN BE ..


 How do we ALL FIND our ANSWERs our questions.. Our quest .. How do we Pursue our cosmic dreams & ACTIVATE the WILL POWER existing inside of ourselves to live our lives in accordance & in alignment with our soul Purpose? How do we activate & become Active in reaching our HIGHEST of Potentials ???  

Well think let's together think about it & let's use our thinking caps ...

How does one do anything ? How does one learn anything ? 

Kumons tutoring program for children receive positive feedback & reviews due to their Method of tutoring by engaging ones memory skills by strengthening ones brain power by breaking down what one is learning into steps & having the one being tutored repeat many of the same steps over & over until it is instilled  & learned by the one being taught. Once each step has been mastered, the student then moves FORWARD taking their next step on to a whole NEW level of more practice & practice & practice. 

Not that I am advertising Kumon, but I did do my HW & did appreciate their consistency with teaching our children how to take things one step at a time. Taking things one step at a time requires one to be PATIENT. So Kumon subliminally teaches children how to be Patient with themselves & if you take that one step even further you can see how BENEFICIAL it is to teach our children patience because it makes them gentle, kind & loving with themselves as well as Patient, gentle, kind & loving too with others. 

As within, exudes on out ..

Consistent repetitive Practice & Patience is all it takes to get you MOVING & progressing FORWARD in your own right direction that is mind/body/Heart & soul aligned. In all divine time you will see miracles & marvelous wonders showcasing before your eyes ...

Like someone said ~
Yoda lol 
Do, there is no try!! 

Doobey Doobey Do!!

I laugh at quoting yoda cause I swear I have yet to see any of those movies .. But I know this quote and I love it ... Lol 

DO, there is no try ....

 by simy doing & doing & being persistent & consistent .. Looking forward to doing it again & again & again... Make your Life EXCITING for you. 

Explore ALL there is to you ..
If you find it hard to be by yourself quietly...  I ask you this ..
What are you avoiding ? 
Who are you hiding from ? 

How can anyone not enjoy peace & quiet..

No tv 
No music ..
Just soul 1 on 1 time ..

Ask yourself what would you like to do ? Where would you love to explore ? Is there a hobby you are particularly fond of ?? How are you feeling.. About yourself ? Relationships ? Job/career ? Hobbies ? Crafts ? Body image ? ...

It's time for you to EXPLORE...

 know that age old saying .. "practice makes perfect" .... That saying is perfect because it's not asking for PERFECTION, it's telling  you to just make an EFFORT. That's all it takes. Practice makes perfect is magical cause it is ALLOWING you to MANIFEST your world into existence. The statement says .. "Go ahead & be a sport & just get busy practicing Your passionate expression of perfection. 

 The sentence in itself is screaming to us all to "DO SOMETHING" just do the do if that's all you do & allow for the chips to fall as they may & they will fall in accordance to what YOU (we) <<ME>> {Us} do / does .. 
Are you doing your do so that you may SEE what you does ? Lol 

Just imagine if we all practiced daily going a little further & deeper into our meaning & purpose within our own selves... 
I love imagining ..
I do this all of thee time ..
So please do join me ..

If we took the time out to be INTENTIONAL with our "Soul journey" practice &  we do our do on a daily because it's like this super DopeTastic thing to do ..
BELIEVE that we would GROW profoundly & trust that in divine right time which is always <<soon>> we would  be made to SEE clearly..

With new found eyes we SHINE & discover our Purpose Driven life & with love for ourselves our inner & outer worlds meet & join their community with (Unity) & coexist beautifully. 

When we dive in and explore we learn so much more & see for ourselves that we truly CAN exist within our own INNER h(OM)e .. 

In doing this We will see/Learn in all due time / divine time that when we are consistent with our intentional self help efforts & really wish to evolve, learn & grow, that is exactly what will happen in more ways then we can begin to imagine. 


When we are determined to discover & learn  more about ourselves  our WORLD suddenly shifts and changes 

Tectonic plate shifts in our own earthly home. 

CLARITY is real & so is ENERGY & how we use our energy base determines our life standing  & with FAITH, LIGHT & LOVE we have all the potential in the world to do and be anything we desire...

X/P + E ='s 

E ='s the ENERGY /DRIVE added to X who is born with Meaning and purpose... 

Believing is SEEING. 


& as you do (We do) .. 
Please Let's All do our do it's like long over due ...

& when we do our do that's due let's Always be in the state of GRACE of absolute awe, gratitude & appreciation. FEEL this feeling deep inside your being & if some part of you comes up short in not being able to FEEL this way / RADIATE in this way .. 

I ask you to dig deeper & continue Selfie Exploring away & keep on doing so till you can SEE what needs to be seen / process what needs to be processed / understand what was just processed / come to terms with your own understanding / find your acceptance / forgive / heal and move on ... 

Let's Be POSITIVE ☺️☺️

Come on, let's take our soul dive & let's have the time of
Our lives. 

 Let's discover what's inside our souls world. Give your magic wand a whirl. As Dorothy was told, she had the power all along. Just click your ruby red slippers together & inner connect on home. It's the place we find our Om. 

 BELIEVE that within you're more ALIVE & FREE then what your body / human form allows you to perceive. we should all get up & dance with our God(s) inside of our very own special universes & KISS life as we know it sweetly on the lips & be THANKFUL each & every day, no matter our personal climates & weather.. Always prepare for a roller-coaster ride & when we take our dives, our FREE inner dial up CONNECTION line, is always AVAILABLE 24/7 .. Consider this place, YOUR special place, your Pride & Joy & your personal toy & imaginary live in CASTLE within.. 
& as we know any notable / Honorary RULER of ANY Kingdom must KNOW his/Her  KINGDOM, inside & out.. NO exceptions!! 

Knock knock .. Who's there ? ME! Me Who? Meeeeeeeee !!!! 

Let's RISE & SHINE People.. 
People includes  (ME) <<<YOU>>>>

Who are you?
Who am I ? 

I Am EYE..
Hey Eye, nice to meet ya!

It is so very important to LOVE ourselves Healthy & right & not neglect our own needs / feelings / calling .. Let's never forget or Neglect our souls. Our souls are our Energy Towers / Fortress & it's the Only reason we are even here. If our SOULS didn't exist, neither would we. 
Why separate the two & live in separation when UNITED we are one & Infinite. 
Soul Infusion. 
Let's never ever forget this & it's true importance..

know how easy it is to get caught up out there, losing ourselves in everything else, with everyone else, taking care of EVERYTHING & ANYTHING under the sun ~ sometimes life feeling on the run & especially when we are always there in loving support for those we love & care for .. These things are wonderful/beautiful & divine but remember there must always be INTENTIONAL time set aside for our own souls selfie maintenance.. 
There is so much more to YOU, to ME, to US... To WE.. 
We ALL CAN ALWAYS BENEFIT from forging into our own DEEP..
Down the rabbit hole we all shall go ..
Let's never keep falling down this rabbit hole .. I swear I STAY Here all day / night long .. Lol but that's not what I am suggesting to all of you .. Allow that build up of time to be dictated / determined by you .. This here is no race & we set our own paces & that is to be respected in each of us. But seriously  All it takes is for
You to take INTENTIONAL baby steps each & every day << truthfully all you need is 5 minutes but today all day I saw the # 7 and also the # 2's ..
So you pick and choose ..
You can do an intentional 2 minutes of selfie soul practice a day ..
You can go for 7 Minutes in heaven selfie daily soul practice ...

Or hey ..
If you're Daring ..
Make it 27 minutes each day ...

& if you're Super Duper Uber daring make it for 72 minutes each & every single day ...

Baby steps into your RIGHT direction ..
Allow for your SOUL to GUIDE you & Lead your way ... 
& it's important to keep in mind before we embark on this soul evolutionary journey to LET GO of ANY & ALL EXPECTATIONS on what we (((in this current mindset / state of mind  have in mind as to what kind of results we should see))) 


You would never be able to LEARN & SEE the true VALUE in your own intentional (WORK) <<<WORTH>>>> if you're always paying attention to receiving Something / seeing something  / expecting something .. If you keep looking for the CHANGE you will set yourself up for disappointment. Instead try keeping your focus on what you're doing & WHY you're doing it & just KEEP at it no matter what ..

If we want the Change we must make the CHANGE, to be the CHANGE we wish to SEE in this world & that in itself should be all the motivation we need to be passionate & driven with our own souls evolutionary Growth & process, by keeping up with our daily practices that will EVOLVE & grow too as we unravel from the inside on out. 

Believe it or not we are here for our own personal quest & discovery & do not get so bogged down & caught up with this life that you forget your own magnificent existence. 

YOU must FREE YOUR MIND, if you crave your inner sublime. YOU must FREE your Soul & take control & claim true OWNERSHIP out loud that you're taking back charge because you know  WHO you Are..

you're a soul here having a human experience not the other way around...

Go ahead & ask yourself this question ..
Everyday ask yourself this question & please ask yourself many more questions too ..

It's like this thing I do ..
If you think I talk a lot / well I talk Wayyy more to myself & that's no exaggeration lol 

Eye enjoy my own company & you should always enjoy your own company too ...

Meet your HIGHER SELF & say HELLO.. 

If you're the voice inside of your head, then who is the one listening ? 

We always have the Power in our own inner Light Towers of ENERGETIC VIBRATIONS & FREQUENCIES. We STAY vibrating everywhere we go. So let's all be MINDFUL & IMPACTFUL with Our ENERGY & only send out GOOD VIBRATIONS into the WORLD. 
because WHO we are, are some pretty powerful ENERGY blasting Mofos.. don't let your clouded perceptions based on how our world seems to be, fool you! 

We are way more than what we seem to be...
We are not our flesh and bones ..
We are so much more than we can see with 2 eyes that it takes a 3rd EYE to SEE clearly ..

Know what I mean jellybean ? 

When one chooses to ignore themselves & not forge into their own living wells of their deep, these are the people depicted  as sheep. We know that Sheep are part of a flock that from birth are CONDITIONED to obey their Shepherd/ their perceived Master .. & don't get me wrong im not knocking Shepherds this is more for visual stimulation to get the soul juices flowing cause I am Not saying having a Shepherd is necessarily a bad thing ~ I guess it's a matter of preference thing / some people wish to be led by others ~ & as long as these people are conscious of what choice they are making & it's the one right for them ~ then by all means, be led by your Master..  But if you broke down those actions of those people choosing to be led ~ you can say, they used free will to decide for themselves & that's different from sheep. Sheep are born not knowing anything about being FREE, they are already enslaved from conception & this visual is what is disturbing to me when I think of our human conditioning & how much so it has affected our Ability to SEE ourselves CLEARLY in every which way.

I mean for Christ sakes we are governed by officials who say "in God We Trust" and it's the same Government who allows for a society of people to be brainwashed into believing they are sick & as a hush power play move, they make pills for our societies that further "brainwash"
"Numb" us down that many forget to ever look for themselves & instead these many turn to other outside things in search of this "something" that feels like it's missing...

When something feels like it's missing it's your first clue telling you that YOU are missing. 

Are you missing ???
Told YA this one was a rabbit hole Babble of a mathematical equation being proposed. Plus WHO wants to willingly live their lives as SHEEP, especially when we are FREE. 

Ask yourself & be honest with yourself too.. 

What is the conditioning of your own conditioning? 

Think about it .. How much of what you do is in complete absolute alignment with you ?? This means everything you do is aligned with you & every part of you <<<MIND/BODY/HEART/SOUL .. Every part of you absolutely AGREES & is ALIVE & ALIGNED With your every day part of your WORLD / your life .. Self HONESTY is always the best policy in my opinion. These kind of findings & inner world inquiries Can Always be kept CONFIDENTIAL if one so chooses. That is a personal Choice & one that we are all FREE to decide on .. But let's quit ignoring our own selves & needs & the way to nip this in the butt is to Surrender to YOU, for the LOVE & BENEFIT of YOU & make your own Soul Commitment to DESIRE to want to Learn all there is about YOU.. Let's call this our SOULS discovery Channel. Exploring our own inner landscapes Affords us a better, deeper understanding  about many things in our lives.. Why things have happened as they have . Understanding your own role in the scheme of life and things. Also understanding your own LAWS of ATTRACTION & why we have certain encounters / relationships / friendships / quarrels / troubles / etc etc whatever whatever is clever .. The most important thing about our soul discovery is the fact that we make it happen by taking the steps needed to turn on our own soul box & tune in to our CHANNELS of Discovery. I don't into just sharing with you all my most treasured favorite pass the time with activity. There is always so much to do even when I may appear to be sitting & doing absolutely nothing on the outside.... But BELIEVE there is such an inner PROCESS taking place that when I marvel in my own wonders absolutely fascinated by every twist & turn .. I can't help but SMILE & LAUGH at how BLESSED I truly am & GRATEFUL  if we never took that plunge to begin with, we would miss out on many pleasurable most satisfying life of experience accompanied with PEACE, Love & Harmony within ... As within, exudes on out.

 X always marks the spot... Where is your G~spoT, your tickling fancies ? 

X/P+ E = G 

Evolutionary GROWTH into our own Souls True Divinity. Let's always STAY tuned into our SOULAR GoD/Goddess Universal High Powered tower that is rooted within us since the beginning of ALL TIME!!

For we are made in the image of our God, making us true immortals with infinite Godly potential. 

Rise & SHINE ..


Earth Angel Faery Goddess way ☺️

I am here for you & your souls journey I am only an email away : 


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