The Heart of The Captive Man Oracles ❤️

The Heart of Faerie Oracle speaks of The Captive Man in No Mans Land who runs into the The fixer and the Crone where Lives unfold...
Truth be told.. 
Ever feel like The Captive man held in captivity?
False Perceptions
Is it TIME for the Captive Man in you to RELEASE from this self imposed captivity?
Know what I mean? 
The Captive Man says a lot about the darker nature of Faerie. Faerie Women, especially Faery QUEENS, have ALWAYS desired human male companionship and they aren't very particular about how they go about getting it...
Ever feel like The Captive Wanted Man.. that the people you meet all desire in some way to use you in some way to their own benefit?? 
suck you dry..
like a succubus ...
The Captive Man becomes so blinded by "Faerie Glamour" and can no longer SEE his way CLEAR of the entanglement he now finds himself trapped in...
Faerie Glamour..
Men & Women can be trapped by false perceptions... 
most false perceptions are created by ones own prior conditioning.. 
Is there any hope for this Captive Man - held captive by the darker parts of faery land? 
Like the Captive man we easily become enamored of someone or something that is NOT what it appears to be... 
Will the Captive Man be able to see...
The Fixer, he comes to speak..
Do you need a little whitewashing in your life? 
Has a little Self Deception revealed itself to you? 
But of course - you always had the best intentions at heart...
Bueboe the Fixer has been fixing things since the time of the great plagues in Europe. In Venice he white-washed over everything in sight, hoping to keep the plague at bay - walls, floors, tables, chairs, windows - everything.
Sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn't, but never once did he ever stop doing his job. 
He is the Fixer Upper..
Is it time to remove the rose colored spectacles from your 3rd Eye Blind? 
WhiteWashing Surprise.. 
But what is the Crone doing here?
She is asking the Captive Man to take another look at "something" again.. 
for the Crone is a Wise Woman offering you a better sense of direction...
She may look scary..
but is she really?
Afterall, she is the Wicked Witch who eats children and curses princesses.
A monster?
hmm.. maybe sometimes.. 
Now look at the rest of the picture
A pearl of wisdom is easy to spot.. 
Do you believe in RECEIVING Universal messages in all shapes and forms?
The Crone 
She is a wise woman 
She knows about Life & she KNOWS about LOVE.
She knows how treacherous they can be, and she also knows how to put you back on the right path when you are wandering, lost in the dark forest of a relationship.  
She is part of that darkness, but she is also a beacon of LIGHT when you need one.  
She offers you her fixers mirror. 
The fixer believes that mistakes should be covered up, broken things swept under the carpet or hastily thrown away, lies to smooth over rifts in relationships. He does this with the BEST of INTENTIONS. He only wishes to make everything right again.
The Fixer is everybody's friend till the end.. 
Captive Man...
Are you in need of some whitewashing from The Fixer? 
Do you ever find yourself bending backwards constantly trying to make things better & right by maintaining peace here on earth - meanwhile nothing gets really addressed? 
Would you LOVE nothing better than a bucket of whitewash to paint over everything that appears to be going wrong in your life? In this world? 
On this planet? 
because the Universe does not need direction it does what it does and it works...
It is WE who plague ourselves in some type of prison or self imposed captivity...
Always trying to keep the PEACE...
But is WhiteWash really going to fix anything? 
Whitewash has a way of eventually flaking off and REVEALING its true COLORS underneath the surface...
As within... 
Shines on out... 
How much WhiteWash has already been used in your own life & its cyclic tunes? 
Captive Man... 
What is your truth? 
Captive man, what are your true feelings? 
Captive Man did you ignore warning signs a little earlier in time - before all of this madness stepped out of line??
Is it now time to realign? 
Do you Captive Man, with absolute CLARITY & BRAVERY ACCEPT & RECEIVE this PEARL of wisdom presented here for you? 
All you have to do is be BRAVE enough to Greet the Crone politely, help her if she asks for help (this part is her test for you ) then listen to her advice.
Fixer Uppers sure would be nice..
whitewash Bright..
But is this what the Captive Man needs? 
Does Glamour make the fool? 
Captive Man with CLEAR sight do you NOW see that you have ALWAYS been free? 
When we finally "see" the TRUTH, we can begin to FREE ourselves from harmful ties that do not serve our own soul purpose loving filled life. 
Captive Man..
Do your Soul Proud.. 
Just as the Faerie QUEEN is loathe to give up her human lover, a situation in which we are trapped by false perceptions may seem impossible to escape. 
Asking for "TRUE" sight is the BEST way to Begin...
Captive Man...
Forge into your deep...
Conversely, Captive Man may be the captor, imprisoning a person or an idea when he should be giving it freedom. By releasing a thought or a person from captivity, we give it the space to truly become what it needs to be and we often find that it stays with us.
In Gratitude & Honor ..
The Heart of Faerie Oracle Releases Captive Man
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