Star Bright Oracles ❤️

Good Morning as I raise my arms and eyes to our skies ..
stars shine bright in the morning time ...
Dreamers Awaken to light ..
Bright Lights ...
STAY In high Positive Vibrating frequencies all day long if necessary unplug yourself away from this world ...
There are stuff that needs to be done & the only way is to make it dreamy fun ...
believe in 
The answers to your prayers is just a believe with all your soul moment away ...
Mark the date ..
WONDERFUL NEWS is on its way ...
Let Today be the day ..
shine all day ..
Spread love 
Be joy
LOVE like crazy ...
Love on High Rise skyrocketing this planet into highest ascension 
No matter what appears before you, look it in the eyes & bright light your royal shine & realign 
Hear this message 
Star light 
Star bright 
Everything is wonderfully super bright 
Having the time of our lives...
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