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Physical: Warrior III is all about balance and stability. You’ll be working your standing leg quite hard as you balance all your weight upon it, accessing all the muscles along your spine to hold your upper body long and straight, and digging into your hamstrings in your extended leg.

Your bottom will be getting a great workout, and your core muscles will all be engaged. On top of that, your stabilizer muscles will be getting a run for their money as well.

Mental: It can be very easy to want to tense everything when you’re in Warrior III, as the pose is quite physically challenging. The other tendency I’ve seen here is to want to check out mentally—to send your mind somewhere else to try to lessen the physical discomfort you may feel in this pose.

While you’re in Warrior III, you’ll be training the mind to stay present and focused during difficult situations, as well as training your mind to relax and release the tensions you don’t need. This pose is all about letting go of mental resistance to what is (italics), and boy oh boy will you feel it!

Emotional: Warrior III can bring up some intense feelings of wanting to escape. This pose can also make you feel challenged beyond your means, and may make you want to give up and quit. For me, Warrior III lets us practice staying emotionally poised in the midst of pressure—in the midst of challenge.

The balance aspect of this pose on the physical level is also mirrored for us in our emotions. Warrior III can teach us to stay balanced in our emotions, to stay present with what we are feeling without having to react to each and every little thing that comes into our emotional experience.
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