Enchanting Messenger ❤️

I may not understand all the messages I receive and I may not even know or ever learn the reasons why I receive
Many of the messages I do ..
but one thing I have learned thru all
Of this is How To listen & to obey the inner knowings and stirrings revealed and shown to me & to always become united and one with the messenger in me. I find that I say things many times without "knowing" things about another or to another person that turns out to be something so relevant in their lives ....

Your God loves you ..
These energetic light beings that surround me with love, light, protection & encouragement have yet to lead me astray & I have learned thru my own life trials and tribulations that when I veer off course I fall off track... But when I listen & STAY in tuned ... I am this vibrating Open frequency of channelings of Love & light contributing my part in our shared world / universe in raising this earths vibrations to that of absolute love, joy, peace, harmony & light ...

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