Enchanting Kurmasana Challenge ❤️

Once Upon A Wonderland Dream, a Tortoise & a snail, they meet. The Tortoise says to the Snail, "Hey You Want a ride?" & the Snail Says "Omg, for shizzles my niZzles.. Like that's what's up.. You're a cool dude! Thank you." & so the snail SLimes  onto the Tortoise &  the Tortoise Smiles & Says to the Snail .. "Anything for a friend." & instantly these two become the Best of Friends. & as the Tortoise journeys along, the Snail Squeals Happily "weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this is fun!" 

 Perception ..
Perspective ..
Speed & Need ...

This Enchanting Kurmasana (Tortoise Pose) is my very Own Daily Self Yoga Challenge.. I desire to come undone & surrender to Titibhasana & inwardly reflect my own surrender  to Accepting Divine Right Time. 

For This is an extremely deep forward fold (if you put this pose on its hands you’d be in the arm balance Titibhasana) and requires significant surrender in the hip flexors, hamstrings, and shoulders. If you get uptight in this pose, the body tenses and there is no chance of reaching the full expression. If you can trust that you’re going to get there exactly when you should (the story of a turtle’s life), your body will relax and slowly melt into the deep folded shape. So, take a deep breath and take your time and dive into the beautiful world of Kurmasana.


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