Enchanting Heart of Faerie Oracle Enchantments - HOME is where the HEART is

She holds the mask of the living flame in her hand. This is the eternal hearth fire. In Ancient Times people would carry an ember from the hearth they were leaving to their new dwelling place. They carried this link from their past to their future. The Queen of Hearth and Home carries with her the ability to make a HOME in the moment, in the NOW, wherever she is. Home is where the heart is & she passes this ability onto you. It is important to be at HOME in any situation, to create a HOME whenever you invite people into your living space no matter where it is. The gift of this Queen is the ability for you to be GRACIOUS and CREATE a HOME wherever you are, in any relationship. 
How often do we feel out of place within our own environments? How often do places not feel like home? What is the cause of these feelings that we allow to creep into our crevices, into our lives? 
Home is where are hearts exist, where is your heart? 
It is time for paradigm shifts to take place & get back in touch with The Faerie of Youth. What is needed now is some Enthusiasm & Positive thinking, expecting Positive expectations. We are limitless, infinite beings on this planet awakening to our souls divinity. Sometimes it's important to SEE things through the youthful eyes of this faerie. As we grow older, many tend to lose the sense of WONDER that we had as children. Always try to see the world through the eyes of a child. Children often BELIEVE that ANYTHING is POSSIBLE. 
Approach things with youthful enthusiasm and a child's assumption of limitless ability, and you may find that you too can do things you never imagined possible.
Why limit yourself?
We are infinite beings filled with a World of infinite possibilities. 
BRIGHT SPARK ignites...
Ideas are endless and plentiful.
A little flash of INSPIRATION, or a BRIGHT SPARK is sometimes needed because it can be so difficult to figure out what is going on. 
Like what is really going on? 
Life is a total MYSTERY.
All of this MYSTERY tied into our ANCIENT HISTORY.
We are one..
Infinitely we tie ..
Sometimes we need that little bit of BRIGHTNESS to ILLUMINATE the miasma of confusion swirling all around. Allow the BRIGHT SPARK to light up your life.
It's only a flicker, but it is just enough to let you glimpse the direction you should take when trying to UNDERSTAND a seemingly incomprehensible situation. So often it takes only a tiny amount of UNDERSTANDING to turn an entire situation around, and once you can SEE the way ahead, you can HELP others to UNDERSTAND as well. Only one person needs to have a spark of INSPIRATION in any given situation to light the Forrest on Fire. Let it be you. (minus the Forrest fire) lol 
Allow the Lady of FAITH to fortify strong your Brave heart and soul. 
The Lady of FAITH keeps and GUARDS the belief in oneself. She is armored against the criticism of others and holds firmly to the belief that she is of WORTH.
When you feel the difficulty of TRUSTING your own judgment, believing in yourself and everything that you stand for, ask this LADY of FAITH to be Present in your life. She will lend you her armor and her SELF FAITH. Notice that, though her head and shoulders are protected, she leaves her HEART exposed. 
To armor the HEART is to close oneself off from experience, and that is something she does NOT wish to do. You can be OPEN to the opinions, beliefs and needs of others & still be able to protect yourself. You can OPEN your HEART to them while donning protective armor to DEFLECT harmful energy, and not allowing it to undermine your CONFIDENCE in yourself. BELIEVE in the ALL that you are & KNOW WHO YOU ARE & KNOW That you are more than WORTHY!
Like the Lady of FAITH, you MUST BELIEVE in and VALUE yourself while keeping your HEART OPEN to others around you. 


Earth Angel Faery Goddess Way  

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