Enchanting Heart Of Faerie Oracle of Enchantments - The Shadow Queen of Hidden Rox

The Heart of the Faerie Oracle arrives with a message for those whom wish to receive ..
a message from the heart of faerie to yours..
Enchanting Wonderland Babble 
awakening Souls to Scrabble
Soul Words for Friends
There is a Hidden one in the midst.. 
and she is making herself known..
Awareness with her is key.. 
Attention to the details if you know what I mean ..
but one must always be prepared to read between the lines and not get caught up in any self absorption tendencies. 
The Hidden One is here to make you more AWARE...
Crouching, waiting, watching as you walk along - She's the Hidden one..
poised to stick her foot out and trip you.
She grabs your hair & gives it a painful tug, kicks you in the shin, and laughs when you fall over.
Why you may ask? 
What purpose does The Hidden One serve in tripping us up along the way..
being more of a petty nuance if you ask anyone involved.. 
She serves the same purpose as EVERY faerie - to help 
become much more 
If you do not watch, if you do not look, if you do not see this time, she'll make sure that the next time you do. Faerie sends her out when you are persistently unaware of your surroundings, when you do not pay attention to what is going on around you, not just physically but emotionally as well. How are your actions affecting or NOT affecting everything around you? 
Is there something that you are suppose to be doing, but yet you are not? 
This Faerie is here to trip us up - in other words asking us what is up ?
What is up with that? 
Accompanied with her Faerie Queen of Shadows this tag team duo says a  little INTROSPECTION is in order and a lot of SELF ACKNOWLEDGEMENT...
Don't Trip up..
Go inward & move FORWARD ..
The Queen of Shadows is a QUEEN of introspection. She asks you to STOP & be STILL and take a long look at WHO YOU ARE - especially the SHADOW side of yourself as well as the side that stands revealed in the sun.  
What parts of yourself do you keep hidden and tucked away? 
Are there parts of yourself that need to come out and play and make their way across the platform of this life play stage? 
Are there things that need to be ACKNOWLEDGED - released - that you have kept suppressed..
Are there things that need to be addressed? 
come on now..
You know yourself best? 
Is this not true? 
Who knows you better than YOU? 
ACKNOWLEDGE all parts of your souls divinity...
Light and Dark
Infusion into infinity... 
Master Infinity... 
The ROX says it is time to make an 
EFFORT to SEE the People and Energy drainers circulating your environment. People who ALWAYS need you for something - for this and for that - because they know you are so sweet & would  help them out even if it takes you away from doing things that need to get done for yourself. 

The poor Rox well he understands because he to is- always ill & in some kind of need - he always has the sniffles & so many aches and pains. He stays ill for days - always with a fever. He just can't gather the ENERGY to HELP himself & therefore relies on his servants to help him - The ROX is afterall The KING. Not that he wouldn't help himself if only he felt up to it, but in the meantime just be a dear & fix him a little something to eat, preferably expensive and time consuming to make but its just the thing to make him FEEL BETTER and you do want him to get well don't you? 
Do you know someone like this?  
Master Manipulator 
He can get  you to do anything for him because he uses GUILT as a finely honed tool - to get you to do anything that he asks for you to do... 
Now Answer, is this any fair to YOU..
with all that you do..
to not HONOR your own souls call to help others that do not even appreciate anything that you do ...
Using Guilt to manipulate you to do as they please...
Selling you their story..
of poor little me...
is it King of Greed?? 
King of Need? 
King Manipulating... 
We all know how hard it can be to say NO sometimes...
but come on now..
When is ENOUGH ..
It may not be in your nature to deny - 
saying NO may not feel for you fine..
but once in a while saying You can't do whatever it is they are asking of you at this time...
may not feel good to them...
but its EMPOWERING for you...
just look at King Rox when he is denied something he goes into complete SHOCK - he isn't use to being denied ANYTHING - but it will begin to RESTORE the BALANCE in his relationship with others...
Go within and INTROSPECT
& with Great honor and RESPECT for yourself..
Keep it REAL ..
What is really the dealyO ?
Think about this scenario with reason..
Imagine you asking someone / people to do something for you that you are perfectly capable of doing for yourself.... 
Why would you do this ? 
Is it the desire to control a person or a situation - or do you Really NEED the help?
Combine the Rox With The Queen Of Shadows & the Hidden one and you get the message ....

Do not allow for others to trip you up along on your own Souls Path & journey by remaining in the shadows of your own self illusion & dishonesty by not coming to terms and truth about your true emotions & feelings about certain people in your life. 


Earth Angel Goddess Way 
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