Angel Oracles Of BALANCE ❤️

Didn't I say I woke up feeling like writing ...

Hahhahaa ..

So true ...

That will be all now ☺️☺️☺️

And OMG if you are here in this space inside this Enchanting Babble Wonderland Place with me ...

Well.. HELLO THERE ☺️☺️☺️ 
THANK YOU so much for dropping by ...

A gift for you ..

A message from our Angels ..
I call them Angels ..
But maybe you don't necessarily believe in Angels ..
Well let my Angels, be whatever they need to be for You .. So that you too can believe that there is so much more to this life that we know it here as ...

But seriously ..
Thank you so much for dropping down this rabbit hole ..
Your SOUL is definitely rooting for you & whether you know it or not ..
Your soul is happy that you stumbled across this page it's Enlightenment Sage for your Beautiful Soul...


Be proud of who you are & If you don't feel proud .. Ask yourself why .. But be gentle and loving to yourself when you do ... And be honest with you .. The answers exist within your landscapes. You wore the ruby slippers the entire time & your answers lay inside ... Access your truths & when you SEE, acknowledge & release whatever negativity that does not belong & BE THE CHANGE YOU WISH TO SEE .. So that in full alignment you can PROUDLY be all that you desire & Dream to be & when you sit there feeling wonderful about yourself .. There won't be anything clinging to you that just doesn't feel RIGHT..

Only YOU can make your WORLD right ..
For YOU ..
In all that you do ..
The ride CAN be much more smooth ...
Be HONEST with you ..

I have taken forever to LOVE myself ...
I get all TEARY eye writing about it because I have never been able to say with such conviction that omg I LOVE ME ... & in HONOR of the LOVE I have for me .. I shall do for me .. EVERYTHING that feels right for me .. I STAY true to every part of me .. Lovingly & tenderly ..
I surrender to my own SELF made LOVE ..
Constant practice ..
We form new habits by plucking old roots of conditioned rape out and replacing them with our own divine tasting sweet flavoring most aligned filled root that we consciously desire .. & we keep working everyday at that ..

One step at a time ...

Identifying these conditioned roots takes a lot of conscious EFFORT on our own parts ..

We really can!!!

Blowing caution into the wind ..
Do we learn from past errors in our hasty making action ways ? Sometimes we can get so caught up in our own emotions & feelings that when decision making seasons come around ~ we can catch ourselves making unwise decisions based off of our emotional state at that time only to have it later ricochet a bigger mess that was certainly never intended .. Only to learn later .. <<<the hard way.. So they say>>>> 
Well the Angels now are blowing caution into your Wind ..
Feel the Angelic breeze ...
The Angels are cautioning against making impulsive or emotional decisions at this present time ...
Is there something now going on that may have you emotionally worked up a bit .. 
Yea well if so, this message is it ..
Angels blowing caution into your winds ...
Don't be so quick to impatiently want to fix ... 
PLus, you'll experience BETTER results by reevaluating your current circumstances and CHANGING your approach. 
You know ..
Why keep doing the same thing over and over and over again expecting a different result ..
What has not worked ? 
What's something NEW that you can try ? 
Is this something NEW what is best and in alignment with me ?
Am I hurting myself ? 
Am I hurting or affecting others ??
What sort of BALANCE is needed ?
Do I have the best intentions ? 
Is this a solution or a step ? 
If you have acted impulsively in the past, this is the TIME to HEAL & rectify things. And if you're considering making dramatic LIFE CHANGES, then this card asks you to approach Those CHANGES openly, slowly & methodically. This card ENCOURAGES you to work cooperatively with others, and to SEE things from their point of view. 
let's open our hearts compassionately & with LOVE..
Compassion & Kindness are KEYS to SUCCESSFULLY manifesting your DREAMS. 
FORGIVENESS also brings HEALING (forgiveness of self is essential too) forgiveness allows for 

Find your BALANCE between ACTION & CONTEMPLATION & take it one baby step at a time ...

Archangel ZadKiel helps you remember WHO YOU ARE in terms of your TRUE spiritual heritage as a child of God. Call upon ZadKiel to INCREASE your self esteem and feelings of SELF WORTH & DESERVEDNESS...


Earth Angel Faery Goddess Way 💋

What can Eye Say ..
It's in my DNA ☺️

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