Amazing Heart of GRATITUDE & THANKS ❤️

It is an AMAZING BLESSING to receive such a warm response from others who ENCOURAGE the things that you do ....whenever I give anyone a reading there is always that slight chance that their reading may not resonate with them ... So of course naturally that fear / worry always sits at the back of mind as a possibility ... I mean it's not what I focus or think about while giving a reading ... This fear / worry always shows itself after I am already done with my reading & have sent it to the person it was for ... It is during this time where my anxiety / worry / fear try to settle in & cause unnecessary worry & insecurity to creep in lol ...

Receiving the LOVING ENCOURAGEMENT that I do by complete strangers spread all across this world of ours is truly a humbling most heart touching experience.  As i write these words, tears well in my eyes, because I Fudgin mean every word that I write here & say ....

ThankYOU to every single of you who's presence means the world to me. Even YOU right now, the one reading this as I write my speech ... YES, YOU! Your presence means the world to me & I (eye)  THANK YOU with all my mind, body, heart & Soul ....

Thank you @paarul15 & @tonilouiserogers 

I appreciate your participation. I know it's never easy leaving ourselves vulnerable in sharing many things with others that touch our souls. Your openness and love is warmly received & cherished. 

Thank you ❤️

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