Uncut Gif Below ☺️

Are gifs not allowed on blogger ? Any videos allowed on blogger ? And if no, why not ? 
Also what does gif mean ? 
I have more inquiries ..
this link below is funny ☺️
Anyone have any of these answers ? 
Gif below .. Serves him right ! 
funny cartoons ..
uncut goons ..
slippery tunes ..
unshaken ..
There are no rules
Wait ..
This is me babbling to ignite the rambling in my minds eye ..
only trying to formulate the right questions ..
Why can't I post any videos on blogger ? That so far may be my only complaint ..
a few minor others ..
but in all due time ..
Oh yea that's it ..
finally ..

How do I SAVE gifs on my
iPhone ??
like how do I do that ??

Thank you all for plugging in ...
The gif below its really for him ..

say what ? 
She said ..
but who? 
Butt dude ..

Gif below amuses me ..


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