Uncut Blue Moon Prophecy

Blue Moon Hears Our Cries ...
this comes as no big surprise ..
as I look up at your beauty & in awe, marvel at your profound existence ...
Thank you for meeting me here in this place ..
in this space ..
Let's sing our bluesy tunes ..
over here we remove all auto tune..
Blue raw ..
raw blue ..
Goddess too does howl at the moon ..
Blue moon ..
We are changing tunes ..
Shifting tides ..
change is here ..
We feel the shaking cause the ground is about to break ..
Ground breaking ..
not at all what others may perceive ..
We are further awakening ..
Now is our time
Allow the tower to crumble ..
It's time to come undone ..
Makeshift fun ..
Metaphorically we are the Shape Shifters of our times ..
Transform here before our very eyes ..
Transformers ..
This aromatic breeze ..
The sky is falling ..
& it's bursting with rainbows ..
Rainbow children fill the streets ..
prophetic heat ..
wave ..
taking center stage ..
Angels singing Glory for there is heaven on earth ..
Planet Rebirth..
Blue moon Smurfs ..
Rainbow Chronicles ..
Papa Smurf makes himself visible for his children to see...
Leader unleashing ..
Love on high rise ..
Time for celebration across world wide nations ..
Feel the vibration ..
Soul lifting sensations ..
Blue Moon Servitude ..
Enchanting Cosmic Effects ..
Taste the rainbow ..
Angels fill the earth with purpose ..
Aligned with divine strength ..
Karmic Shuffle Blasting Positive Beams of Light to all LightWorkers ..
Birth ..
Take flight ..
Times of struggle reaching its bitter end ..
Say hello to my little friend ..
Lady Luck stops on by ..
Enjoy this never ending ride of saturated bliss ..
Jesus & Nostradamus sweet message of a kiss ..
Love's elixir, our fix ..
Soldiers of LOVE 
galactic armed forces ..
believing is Seeing all there is to See ..
Victor is WE..
the sheep have Afros now ..
Blue Moon 
Our time to 
cosmic radioactive ..
blue Moon Activation 
activated ..
STAY with VIBRATIONS high no matter the end to this bumpy ride ..
Stay dignified ..
Let's Have the time of our lives ..
Energy just had a paradigm shift ..
cosmic fix..
Inner reflecting outer 
All Mask removed ..
Good triumphing over evil ...
Magic works for the pure of heart access no longer granted to the dark side ..
Mother Earth High Tide ..
A bind on all dark seeds of magic ..
Shift is intergalactic ..
Restored ..
A time for celebration
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