Uncaged Birdie ❤️

This morning saw a house bird free ..
I swear I keep being met with birds uncaged..
Synchronicity for days ..
I tried to grab him ..
he flew away immediately ..
He said.. "Hell no beOtchH"
I said Mr. Birdie ok ..
I just thought you would love a new home ..
He said..
"tweet me, I'm outta here."
My daughter said .. 
"mom, he just got free, why do you think he would let you cage him back up?"
I said..
"you know Olivia, you are right. Absolutely right! But he's so cute, I just had to try. I always wanted a free bird of my own."
and just like that ..
Uncaged and free was he ..
to be ..
The New Pretty bird on the Block ..
Free bird Licious..
Be careful now ..
birds PooP when they fly ..
Right on your head ..
Birds are our friends 

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