The Straightness of Clarity ☺️

Let's get this straight ..

listen & listen to me good ...

Whenever I do anything ..
anything ..
no matter what it is ..
even if what I am doing is not what i totally wish to be doing at the time ..

Are you listening ??

Anything that I do ..
when I do ..
what I do ..
I (eye) do it because I Fudgin want to do it ..

I can not be convinced ..
or persuaded ..
I am a feeling out vibes type of goddess ...

If I don't want to do something ..
believe me, I won't!! 

and I don't do stuff for stuff either ..
When I do something it's cause that's how I (eye) rollZ.. 
I'm not asking you to do the same ..
my example is just that ..
my own example ..
Of how I Faery likes to be ...

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