The Divine Empress ❤️

Like how synchronistically in tune are the oracles for today. Earlier this morning the Angels presented us with the Empress & now my other favorite tarot deck presents us with the EMPRESS once again ~ her presence desires to be acknowledged & acknowledged she shall be. 
The Empress holds a scepter which symbolizes her Supreme power as a woman in her own right. 


The Empress is the symbol of FERTILITY & NEW LIFE. She embodies the dual aspects of motherhood ~ the joy of giving birth to a child and the mourning of the inevitable separation that is inherent in being a mother. The fact that she is often depicted in a beautiful fertile environment surrounded by natures bounty denotes her fecundity & the CREATIVE POWER of the feminine. 

The EMPRESS is often portrayed as a woman who is content and at a PEACE with herself. The robes that she wears allude to the fact that she might be pregnant. Her # is 3, representing the bringing together of opposites to create something NEW. She is the personification of fruitfulness & abundance and represents the cycles of nature, from birth to death. She also embodies an earthy, physical sensuality and nurturing of the body. 

Birth of a child 
Birth of a Creative Project 
In both cases, devotion and careful nurturing are required to bring them to fruition. 

Domestic stability 
Maternal care 

The Empress indicates a strong sense of wellbeing, physical security, and emotional fulfillment. We are able to surrender & FLOW with the rhythm of life as well as secure a solid foundation for our FUTURE GROWTH. A passionate & deep LOVE of LIFE is reflected in the Empress as well as a feeling of being able to "just be."

Choosing this card indicates that the time has come for a renewal of your circumstances. The moment is ripe to channel your energies in a CREATIVE direction and come up with NEW IDEAS for your FUTURE. Our FUTURE tomorrow, exist within our TODAYS, our right NOWS. The upsurge of CREATIVITY strongly influenced by the EMPRESS should be further encouraged & supported. Empress needs a concrete outlet if you are to realize your innate potential.

 Look for practical ways in which you CAN EXPRESS this strong sense of wanting to EXPAND YOUR LIFE. You are able to GIVE & RECEIVE NOW in EQUAL measure & to ENJOY the HARMONY & LOVE that surround you. This card indicates the EMOTIONAL fulfillment that you FEEL when you are in a HAPPY, SECURE relationship that is nurturing & LIFE SUSTAINING & GIFTS you room to GROW. It is time to ENJOY your CREATIVITY & make the most of ALL of your TALENTS.

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