Soul Talk ❤️

A much older man set next to me today ..
he said ..
How do you do ..
I said I am good ..
How are you ?
He seemed nice ..
babbling he went on ..
He started speaking to me about mood rings & such ..
he said that he use to have some himself ..
I am still not sure what made him start or conversation off speaking to me about mood rings ..
My intuition she breathes ..
for synchronistically this mood ring ..
Mood swing ..
sort of thing makes perfect sense ..
He asked me if I was fire ..
This line of questioning made me giggle just a little ..
for he was a sweet old man ..
Only looking for a friend ..
afterall we were sitting next to one another ..
Friendly is as friendly does ..
Why not ..
Then he started speaking to me about his aunt ..
For she is a SEER..
Ahh ..
Now we
Are getting somewhere ..
My Faery ears hear my universal call ..
Whispers ..
"Pay attention dear" 
I begin to listen ever more intently to this man describe to me his perception of his aunt ..
He says ..
"She is POWERFUL & what she says is no joke." 
Then he ask me ..
"Have you ever seen the movie Ghost?"
I said .. Yes ☺️ of course..
He said ..
Well Whoopi ain't got nothin on my aunt ... For it is even deeper than that....

I smile at him..
And I nod my head...
for my own inner whirlings are swirling ...

Man looks at me ..
He said ..
Can I guess where you're from ..
I said sure ..
He guesses ..
I look at him and smile ..
He scratches his head ..
He asks me if he was wrong ..
I laugh & say ..
"I would have to say sir since you have sat next to me, you have said quite a few things that made reference to me without you even realizing."

He turns his head to the side & looks down at his shoes ..
& he said ..
"Yea that can happen sometimes. But I didn't have my morning coffee this morning so I might not be fully awake yet." 


Life ...
So much SOUL went into this 10-15 minute chat .. Further opening my 3rd Eye Shine ...

surprise surprise ..
Our Universe is alive & it moves in flow to your rhythms....

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