Ignite The Flames ❤️

I love you a million ways into nothing ..
because my love for you is really something ..
I know you better than the rest of this world ..
forever your girl ..
pocket Faery spectaculars ..
granting your every wish ..
I Am your favorite dish ..
insatiable wet appetites ..
Candy apple bites 
we got love on our minds ..
in our hearts  ..
our souls recognized ..
love at first sight ..
Sweet, sweet divine 
Oh so fine ..
you're my favorite sensation 
birth of our rainbow..
I love you into a billion yesterdays ..
tomorrows .. & forevers ..
Infinitely we are soul tied ..
we bind ..
sacred never can divide ..
Attached by our spines ..
DnA solidified ...
Free, we fly ..
Love truth sublime ..
Fairy tales come alive ..
grateful hearts 
Our time to rejoice & sing is NOW
karma REIGNS as we take our bows  ..
Spotlights on us now ..
Twinflames reunite instant satisfaction 
Lovers of our souls 
truth be told ..
prophets foretold ..
our love written in the Stars..
Beautiful we are ..
We search every lifetime till we get it right ..
Our souls bind love unified ..
who dare to try and deny this time..
our right..
for let them be crucified with their own blasphemy .. 
Ancient ties hierarchy ..
We are one 
Cosmic originals 

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