HaPpy Enchanting 4th of July ❤️

Let's collectively Celebrate all that we are as souls. We are the Makers of our Own Universe & energy fields. Let's Celebrate the fact that we are all one & although separate, we are infinitely tied. We are vast, we are Beautiful, we are DYNAMIC. Let's Celebrate LIFE for both YOU & i (eye) .. AWAKENING to the Bounty of our Enchantingly Mysterious most plentiful & GIVING Universe. BELIEVING is SEEING. We must Understand our placement on this Wonderland Oz  map & as we journey, let's skip on our yellow Brick roads, with absolute LOVE, LIGHT, PEACE, LAUGHTER, & sheer Bright Light Brilliance, supporting & encouraging one another along the way as we feeling most positive excitedly continue in our own souls search of Adventures & discovery. Let's intentionally radiate our Passion & fireworks of EXCITEMENT & transmit this ENERGY POWER FORCE SHIELD everywhere we go as we take our tiny (yet EXPANSIVE) steps  onto our cosmic Universe & ignite our  blaze of grace & divinity as we set loving fire to every part of our world & planet. 

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