Gypsy Live Journal ❤️

Word life ..
gypsy journal strife ..
just got smacked down ..
by a round ..
of sloth enchanting mysticals..
sacred ancient rituals ..
obeying my Souls call..
raw call..
truth be sad at times but beneficial when faced with the man / woman in the mirror ..

self imprisonment of riddles ..
playing every fiddle ..
She, I mean I, eye..
wear flowers in my hair ...
 this life of me ..
Let's try sucking my own damn thumb ..

ancient Soul on the run  ..


soul ties, never to divide ..
even when plagued with venom soaking seeds ..
plastic breed ..
robotic feed ..
I have no time for these ..
Birth Rights Stampede!! 
Gypsy, I bleed ..
is me!! 
Faery mystic blood ...
Goddess owned ! 
Thank you..
for awakening my Beast..
for Beauty, is she!
Cosmic Release..

Eye Am Free !!

Gypsy beats ..
Fire born Divinity ..
Enchantments is me 


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