Foundation & Achievements Oracles ❤️

Blessings to ALL of whom eyes synchronistically stumble upon this page & every enchanting post. Massive tons of love & Light sent your way. 

If you're reading this card it confirms that what you've been building is now firmly established with a strong and solid foundation. It may just be a seed, but the root of this seed is massive & solid. You deserve this, and it's TIME for you to HARVEST the REWARDS for your efforts. What you sowed, and continue to sow, you NOW will reap. Leave yourself OPEN to RECEIVE, as you've worked hard and have given so much. Allow your seeds to multiply and Bloom to life in your world. ALLOW the Universe to Gift back to you, for there has to be an EVEN exchange of GIVING & RECEIVING in order to prime the pump of GRATITUDE and reinforce the LAW of ATTRACTION. Allow the Universe to continue filling your cup to overflow. This card is a period of CELEBRATION, PEACE & PROSPERITY. It may also imply a marriage or the buying of land or a new home. As you ENJOY this time of relaxation that you so deserve, know that nothing remains stagnant and the winds of POSITIVE CHANGE are ALWAYS At your door. 
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