Enchanting Two Cups of Love Oracles ❤️

The lion has wings of the spirit, indicating a balance between spiritual and physical love. The two snakes entwined around the staff reflect both the negative and the positive qualities of love. 
A new romance or friendship 
Cooperation in partnership affairs 
Balance of Opposites 
The pure energy of the Ace of cups is split in two and a relationship is invoked. The two of cups signifies the BALANCE and RECONCILIATION of opposites; quarrels are resolved and HARMONY is restored. The man & woman often shown exchanging cups are a symbol of the LOVE & heart felt emotion that overflowed in the Ace. The difference is that NOW the energy is both divided & Entwined. Infusion of their union as depicted with the snakes curled around the staff ~ and the interests and needs of TWO people have to be taken into consideration. This card describes the early stages of a relationship. If it is a romantic one, this card indicates that there is mutual love and a harmonious balance. It might also indicate potential marriage, an engagement, a love affair, a close supportive friendship, or a business partnership. It can even signify the signing of a contract. The two of cups suggests that both romantic and platonic relationships REQUIRE the spirit of COOPERATION. If there has been any conflict, this card indicates reconciliation so that a new phase WILL begin. If we are thinking of taking a partner, this card indicates that we are making the Right Choice. A balance between spiritual & physical love is one of the HIGHEST manifestations of the Two of cups. OoH la la la la 😍😍😍 
sounds wonderful ..
Believing is seeing .. & I am a dreamer who believes.
there are no coincidences in life .. It's the energy we transmit into this universe that makes your wonderland world exactly what it is .. get my drift ? It is what it is ... and why not make it the most joyful thing out there to be for ourselves .. this is what being intentional is all about. It's about what WE (I) (eye) (you) .. What we all put out .. energy is the realist MoFo out there .. it delivers us always our reality checks .. let's intentionally raise our own vibrations to believe that if this message crosses your path, it is meant for you to hear & RECEIVE. 
know what I mean jellybeans? 
we should all jump at the chance to BELIEVE in LOVE.. cause LOVE is what's up .. Whether we are embarking on a love affair or any form of business partnerships ~ this card suggests that you will be able to RELY on this person and have COMPLETE TRUST in them, for the Two of cups describes a relationship of EQUALS.  If you have recently fallen out with someone, this card is telling you that reconciliation is possible because you are willing to FORGIVE & FORGET (presto! Magik! Poof! Be Gone! Finito! Good riddance) 
Forgive & forget and move on to RENEW the relationship on FRESH footing. The two of cups denotes a TIME (our time is always NOW) A time of HEALING in which PEACE CAN & WILL be RESTORED after a period of disharmony. You are able to SHARE feelings and ideas with your partner and create a strong Unbreakable Bond. 

️AMEN ☺️

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