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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Enchanting Sloth Animal Totem Oracles

Idc what anyone says I find #Sloths #Oddly #Adorable I swear they are super sweet. I mean look at the smile on his face & the LOVING light in his eyes. This cute little guy says what's up ?? He's just straight chillAxin .. Sloths love to relax & take things slow. Like super slow. They might be more slow than some turtles. 

Here is some Sloth Spirit Animal Totem Wisdom: 


Psychic Vision

The Sloth teaches the art of camouflage. 
Sloths can turn their heads almost 270 degrees 
giving them an uncanny ability to see all 
that is above, below and around them. 
Because of these abilities the sloth is linked 
to the realm of spirit and psychic visions. 
Those with this totem often feel out of place on the earth 
and have a difficult time fitting into normal society.

Like the sloth they have an uncanny ability to see 
clearly and hold strong visionary gifts. 
These gifts, however, should be nurtured in a grounded way 
early in life in order to fully develop 
and be utilized within a given life time.

The tendency to escape from earth reality is common 
for those that hold this medicine. 
Strong physical exercise can help bring this tendency into balance.

Those with this totem are loners and do not enjoy being in crowds. 
If their independence is threatened they become rebellious. 
Relationships are challenged when personal space is taken away.

Sloths are a reminder for us to look and try to seek higher knowledge both spiritually andmentally. We must always thrive to achieve a higher sense of spiritual awareness and always keep an open mind about the spirit realm. These are also a sign for us to utilize our  God given gifts.

A sloth can teach us their camouflaging ability, it is tellingus to adapt to the situation and act accordingly in a way that we will benefit from others. Furthermore, it also teaches us totry to make a profit and take advantage of situations. Sloth’s have an uncanny ability to rotate their heads  almost 2700 giving them the ability to see what is coming. It is a reminder to always thrive to see the better in everyone, do not  jump to a conclusions too quickly, get to know people better, every person is beautiful in their own way.

The sloth chooses people who always feel like outcasts. These people often struggle to determine their  place in this world, they are usually bullied or frequently made fun of by others. The sloth protects against such people, in terms of the bully - be wary since these people are only conserving their energy, a strong emotion can result into a violent nature.


Most people who have this animal as their totem animal have an unusual behavior. In essence they enjoy escaping reality. We must find a way to focus the energy onworking hard.  Sloth people are also loners and hate to follow others.They try questioning their independence. Sometimes you will see their vicious side.


Regarding relationships, the sloth is calling our attention to give someone a space to breath. You are holding too tight causing one to feel dependent on  you.


Think about this metaphor, observe when you hold sand in your hand, hold it too tight and a lot of sand will spill out of your hand, hold it too loose and more sand will fall but apply a gradual force into it and you’ll control the spilling of the sand. The same principle can be applied with each relationship in life. Thus, try to give each other sufficient time to think, and a chance to spend  time away from you, let those close to you realize your value.

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