EMStones ~ Cross tulip Crystal Moonstone Heart ~ $33 ❤️

This Cross Tulip MoonStone Creation is a beauty. She really is, I have worn & energized every one of these pieces & this one right here receives a lot of attention. Delicate in appearance she may seem, but captivating she most certainly is. I can not stress enough how much LOVEE & PASSION goes behind every one of these Upcycled Crystal Creations, it is not easy parting with these LOVE creationals of mine. 

MoonStone is an Ancient Stone that holds great power & mystery. It's secrets are kept inside beneath its pearly veil, & with them, our own hidden truths. Moonstone being a talisman of ones inward journey. It is a stone of Protection & magic. It is a Passionate stone for lovers & aides in our emotions & spiritual growth. Legend calls the MoonStone the Travelers Stone & Protects us on our Travels. She is the stone of Love & eroticism, stimulating the Kundalini energy and carnal desires. This Moonstone Lives to Inspire. She is the ultimate fertility Crystal. A moonstone worn during love making on a full moon harmonies the body into the natural lunar cycle. It is also the stone for fidelity. Moonstone is a professional support stone. Moonstone aids dancers and artists in their self expression, inspiring our hearts with overflowing feeling. 

Whenever a purchase is made with #EMStones I would happily send you all there is to know in great detail about your #FearlessDreamerCollectible so that you make the very best use of your gift. 

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#ThankYou I am truly grateful to those of you showing an interest with these #EnchantingMagikalStones it means the absolute world to me. Forever #Grateful I will always remain to be. #Namaste #EarthAngelGoddessWay #Healing #Crystal #Gypsy #Fashion #Upcycled #Jewelry #Accessories #Handcrafted #Handmade #Artistic #Designer #diy #FashionWithSoul #ExpressYourSoulAlive #EnchantingBabbleLife http://EnchantingBabble.Blogspot.com #GypsyBloggerExtraordinaire #WonderlandsGypsy 
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