5 Minutes Morning Practice Start Your day Right ❤️

When I riSe i Shine 
as I open my eyes ..
My INTENTIONS set my day .. My ways ... My Faery sways .. My intentions focus my sweet enchanting ATTENTIONS & I buckle up like the Soul soldier that I Am ..
eye Am..
for I do indeed Understand the passion feed & desire that exist within me  & Wonderland my great most needed inner escapes..
This inner connect never meant to be a debate ..
Time for me to relate ..
selfie evolutionary rise..
peering into my own world that is hidden from external realms..
My fortress of protection...
scheduling my date ..
Upon my Morning Rise ..
needing only sweet 5 minutes (moments) of my time ..
to center / focus / and realign ..
Me in tune ..
Creating my waves As i cocreate With my Universe ..
this day making it my own ...
Centering my peaceful focus ..
My Intentions..
My attitudes ..
my Faery mood swings 😏
What are my enthusiasm levels on ?? 
(it's here on high  .. it's here on super Faery high  .. hyper Faery of positivity blinding even my own EMO dark side ~ shielding it's eyes from my own shadowy darkness)
These are my belief systems ..
I meet myself constantly .. 
everyday I am on a infusion blending zone ..
everyday I Awaken to more discovery of all these different parts of me making me whole my most profound soul discovery ..
we are never ending ..
Always Unfolding are we ..
What do we rise & stand for if it not be for ourselves  ?? It's time to acknowledge who "we" are on EVERY level .. do not just rise & be like a ping pong getting ping ponged all day long .. 
Let's always be intentional when we awaken from our Dreams 
Let's Rise & Align & Shine 
Interconnectedness When peace exists within ones inner sanctuary place of OM
life begins to orbit differently around ones own hemisphere of reality. 
BELIEVING is seeing 
Let's be more intentional & make our hemispheres fantastical let's behave a little radical & Morning Rise our own Shines 
Infusion Blending Smoothies ..
Taste soul delicious 😋
Selfie soul Evolutionary time contributing to the entire whole 
One morning rise at a time
We are one 
Let's have some selfie fun 
Lovers Revolutionary Energy run Intentional high rise 
All you need is 5 minutes of your Own time ..

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