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Why it’s Hard For Empaths To Find Love ?

So I came across this article that peaked my interest about Empaths & why it is hard for them to find love. Upon reading, immediately #1 JUMPS Out at me giving me goosebumps because it makes sense.

I have never been one to bounce from one relationship to another. I typically go many years in between all relationships - due to their high impact on my own evolution and my ability to stay single & not be so lusty & insatiable with my needs and desires.

But I am an Empath whom is extremely sensitive & totally honest with myself.  I do attract a type. I attract all types actually. Empaths attract all types of people. But what About the unavailable type? I seem to want to cater to those kind of relationships most - and it’s not on purpose either. This is why it’s so important to get to know yourself best so you can address all things within you that needs to align with you harmoniously. It’s not a simple task to hold ourselves accountable for our own behaviors and ways of executing things.

Anyways, #1 on their list of 10 reasons Empaths have a hard time finding true love is :

“The tend to attract people wishing to be saved, not loved.”

It’s like WOW ..

Do you see the laws of
Attraction here

The empath craving love & attracting someone in need of
That very love the Empath so willingly gives.

It’s interesting the views of perception at play when we emotionally distance ourselves from
The dynamics at current play in our lives. If we can be objective in our introspections of reflective we can evolve in such quantum ways.

#3 I don’t like on their list and that’s because I have personally been told
This when for me it’s not like that at all. But remember perception is a tricky mother lucker.

Can you guess their # 3

it’s something about a perception of a role empaths tend to take on in their intimate

Read the article
Discover more & share with me
Which numbers are relatable
You on the list

So far all of them apply to me to some degree - what about you ?


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