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YOU are Cordially Invited

You are cordially invited to  Socially distance yourself  from those  Most Toxic  to  You Mind  Body  Heart & Soul

Baby Girl

Purge the urge to entertain  the want and need to  Further explain  The toxicities  coming from another’s  Brain  & performed on stage 

Intimate Humorist

Random scrolling   & this made me chuckle  #Humor #Medicine 

Medicine Wheel

Love Advisory

Does anyone ever feel the same about one another at the same time ?

Is Gigi Hadid Really Pregnant?

So I received instant notification a little while Ago about breaking news That Gigi Hadid is 20 weeks Pregnant with Zayn Malik’s baby I literally don’t follow any news gossip or media & so I always pay a little extra attention to the things that stick out to me - for no apparent reason .. Either way .. My daughter and I spoke about this and got on our tarot entertain & i just didn’t feel the news. Like it didn’t seem real. Curious & curiouser I became & decided to why not .. let’s pull some cards for cosmic entertain & for the world of it .. See what I receive These are the cards ... Drum roll please .. And believe I will just sum it up to my quickest babbling degree Cause you know me and how I love to Babble along Is Gigi Hadid 20 Weeks pregnant at this time April 2020 ? As tricky as it all may seem  & curious are we  I would definitely have To say 20 weeks is a Long way  & that could of been over t

Unconditional Love

Unconditional love is my gift to you but that does not mean I have to tolerate you or accept you inside of my world. You are free to be whom you are - doesn’t mean I have to sit there and watch. 

Empowering Discernment

Open your eyes beautiful one  & realize that actions speak louder than words & energy can be FELT revealing to you Truth. You have the ability to discern what is righteous for you and what is utter bullshit 

Great Pretender

He pretended to extend an offer about getting together  Later in the night  Knowing  She would turn him Down  Not that he dived into explor her reason for  “no” any further  he was not Interested in the details  Only the story he was intending to fabricate   in his mind he was safe to lie  it’s only pretending this time  making a false offer  he truly did believe he had her  fooled   Mr.Suave thinking he was cool  To play this game for fun  He distorts the vision of others attempting to make them see what he wants them to see In benefit of he  Cause we already know  he   made  Other plans  working shenanigans  He wasn’t going back  on those  Plans  too dependent on the crush  Not realizing that  She sees through  the illusion he spews  Projection of his deception he attempted to Manipulate into our shared existence space   She without any resistance  Saw right through his charade  he’s canceled anyway  Transparent is the fox  working his way to the top   


There are interesting turns of events in the love department .. Let us all hope that in this arena we all evolve wholesome with ourselves saturated in self love so that when the time comes for each of us to embark on a journey with another - we bring our wholesome selves to the table & they do too.  Know what I mean jellybeans ? 

The Truth Matters

If you feel the need to hide you should question your motives. And if you’re ok with your reasons why you do what you do - then by all means - please do carry on with your acts and accountability for your acts.  We all have done something we are not proud of - and of course we hid what we did the best we can. Did that fix anything ? Most likely, it made it worse. If it has not been made worse - well then you have lots Of exposure coming to the surface.  It’s not about good or bad  Right or wrong  Or passing judgments  The truth has a way of Reaching the surface  Because truth is an energy Too 

Ankle Sock Boots

Ok so I Love these in both colors  Black and Nude  Size 6 please  Watch the video too to see it live 😍 ANKLE SOCK BOOTS 

Shining Star Fashions

I found this dress on Pinterest but for whatever reason the link to this dress was not found. Either way, I LOVEE it. Another size Small please 

Rose Gold Sequin Dress

My Size is universally Small  Size small please  ROSE GOLD SEQUIN DRESS 


It’s all about flow  & we must be responsible for our own  Growth  We must tend to and water our own  Lands  as Infinite beauties we expand 

Magician Spells

How you choose To partake In everything  Binds you to It’s creation  Whether you  See it or not  We are all Entertainers  That are Magicians  Creating our  Environments  Casting our spells  What spells are You  Playing around with & holding yourself accountable for ?


My Beautiful Sweetheart, What big  Eyes  You have #Ebony 


Nothing that is yours  misses you  Be patient  & await the lover  Of your soul  That is honorable and right for you 

Rumi Wise

You will know it  When you  FEEL it 

Laughter Medicine


This has so much truth  That’s why it is important  To learn as much about yourself  And why you do what you do when you do  & why  Why never ends  My friends  I usually go Against the consensus anyway  Knowing   The devil Plays as God  the two  Twins from  Womb  Think back to Whom is  Mom and Dad Pioneer Activist at best  Polarizing quantifying  Physics  Poetry is about reflections  Through your  Eyes  Awakening to time 

Fox News : UFOs Are Real

Well we are all Unidentified Foreigners for real  & what is footage anyways  something HollyWood Knows how to wonderfully create  Like the walking on the moon debate  Not saying what is real  Or not real  But what are your current feels about the government shutting down 3D lands and exposing some things ?  What is really Real ?  What is conspiracy and what is reality ?  FOX NEWS UPDATE : UFO FOOTAGE RELEASED 

Cutting ENERGETIC cords

You have To find the right kind of ears to listen.  Some people are addicted to the drama it’s why they allow the drama And the chaos  Because it affords them the opportunity to further more dodge the bullets of accountability that requires them to act in accordance to their own truth and principles.  People make excuses all thee time about why they can’t do certain things. It’s because they are still not Honest about everything & most importantly lie to themselves.  People will do what You allow. It’s that simple.  I am not speaking of extenuating circumstances that are least Likely to occur .. I’m speaking about .. real every day .. people to people .. we do this for a Living type of 3D experience.  When I was avoiding conflict I pussy footed around the matter and let others dictate the course. You can only imagine the further damaging and cruelty that occurred for my selfishness and inability to own up to my own shit.  Sometimes we are the toxic addressing the toxic in ourselves

AlieNaTiON !

I feel through all your  Bullshit  #Yawn  It is what it is  & what it is not it is not  Clear  Energy  When you know what “clear” energy taste like - it’s unmistakable 


I know I know  but that person needs to learn  or know they  Are  not the easiest to deal with  especially during a time like now  Where love  Support  & team work  Should be on our To do list  But sometimes  There are some  That need a spanking  Try not to lose your cool  Remember you are the Example  Shining Bright  Do not allow for the energies of others and their foul stank ways to aggravate or cause You to vibe as they vibe  Let Them be  Do as you please  Mind your own energy fields  Sit down  In the center of any room  And ground yourself  & Rise 

Unalome Symbolism

Do not be afraid of the unknown.  But do Be afraid of staying exactly where You are ! 


I want to believe  That you  Are a Lover  That is best for me 

Why People Lie ?

If you lie  To me  You  d i e  To me  & I mean that  Pridefully  & respectfully towards myself  it’s not that it can’t be forgiven  Of course you’re forgiven  I just can’t be Around you  if that’s what you do 

Lover Insights

We have all been there before  with someone that was  only temporary  & we know the difference of feelings with these things  if you’re in love  TRUST  There is no temptation greater than  LOVE  & if there is .. It got nothing to do with  Love 

Self Lover

This applies to all beautiful souls honoring their alignment and truth 

Who Is The Real MVP

When I left my abuser  he of course cried  He practically almost died  the narcissist in him  ALIVE  Selfishly wanting to hold onto me with everything  he had  The threats  the begging  The promises of change  He even tried to bribe me  That was the beast In him  Attempting to keep me  Exactly In the way that benefited him  While keeping me  Far far away  From reaching my highest potential  Let me tell you  After he was gone  I made so much progress  It wasn’t easy  But it was worth it  I felt better about myself  And my life transformed drastically  & never did I encounter a handsome  Monster like him  Again 


People can say what they want and do an entirely different thing its part of the deception disguise of living those kind of lies lets rewind How would one know intuit we must bloom full groom listening to the inner divine side of life what truth lurks nearby that remains to be kept out of sight  ? ALWAYS LISTEN to that gut INTEL that is most HONEST to YOU then any other HUMAN could do or be at this current time you are the CREATOR of your own life every time when you consciously tune inner deepest as you need to be for yourself because as you already know there are those that lurk nearby that WILL take advantage of you if you let them they will do more than try they will succubi then you die 

Uplift Your Wise

No matter your beliefs  Compute your own system  Add your own intel  Data  Rise as you speak  Your command that is yours into your  Universal World  That is your ORDER innerstand your DNa codes  That read at cellular levels that are occupied by  Standby post  Ready to pass over their position  to the Owner of the Operating Vehicle upon  Command  Rise in your Alchemy Understand that due to your conditioning your thoughts and it’s processes are not your processes  That’s part of your now discovery  So any faulty blocked view that you can’t see through  You will live through  You will rise HIGHEST  Abundance brightest  In your alignment  You will see  The GLORY of your own Divine Majesty rising before thee  Surrendering the Wonderland of these Now times that are yours  When you walk through that door  You shall learn and expand  Mind body heart and soul more  Celebrate now  Gratitude is how  Know this now It’s only a matter of time  Where surprise surprise  Masterful Alignment  That is yo

Poker Face

So I heard this loud in my head  & it was with gunshots too Spirit was like  Come on now  Goddess  You’re the most SAVAGE of Every Crew  Protected is YOU  & I was like  Right - thank you Spirit for the reminder  Although one not needed I forgot about this empathic quality of ours to RECEIVE first the feelings / energies of others and take it in as our own. Foolish we all can be sometimes to take the energies of others as our own.  Listening to spirit  I am like  I hear you now  They were Reminding me of thee Goddess  I am  NOW  & protected like wow Pow pow  I heard them gunshots go off L O U D  killers on the prowl  Jealousy for the life they want of yours that is not theirs  t h i e f in the night  Toxic misdeeds of a psychological disease  The cycles that are being purged  Now are  Deepest  It’s the creepiest too  Got thee harpies with their panties all in a bunch  Thinking their wicked is unnoticed For their zombie like parasitic apocalypse   forgett

What is Your Calling ?

Well .. This explains a lot 

Be Solid Like Fluid

I don’t tell people how to live their lives  although if asked, I may suggest or advise but people are free to choose for themselves as they like  but what people fail to realize there are always ripple effects to anything they do - that is the cause of our vibrations creating these marinations that bring forth into reality  The emotions actuality  This is factuality  I don’t need revenge  to those I cut off  For their choices  And the vibes I pick up from them inside  I just cut them off from my life  Bye bye  Bye bye Bye  & that alone  Adding forgiveness too  is exactly the justice That Satisfies The harmonize  In this soul called life  Be solid like fluid  Where there is a Will there is a way 

Romantic Feels

Call me a Romantic Think me rather challenging to please  at least that is what I have heard  all life long  must explain why I am still single  celibate too  & perfectly content with how I am  At thee moment  even when I acknowledge to myself the desire of craving intimacy too None are exempt from these feels  once upon a time ago  I appeared to be more of a feminist Strong women have this certain type of flow when they know their own worth Once upon a time  owner (in my mind) of Grumpy Cat theme memes  Allergic to the idea of love  & so now when I write this & hear the evolution speaking in me -  honorably & respective to my whole I realize how much I have grown in my own thoughts about love & my entire relationship with self has drastically improved  experiments from my own  experiences  I am awakening to every  Now  in every now that is right now I free myself more  our time is always  Now  I sit here  &