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Grand Rising Rituals

Unconditional Love

Fiercely Kind

Write It Down

The Punisher

#Quantum #Punishment 


Coffee Breaks


Enchantress The Babbler

Being conscious / spiritual & woke does not exempt one from trials / tribulations / hurt / pain / challenges / you name It .. life and all of its experiences is part of living this 3D simulated existence.  It is up to you on how you activate your vibrations through your experiences.  It will always be up to you.  I believe in the freedom to express what one does not ever need to bury or suppress.  Feeling is best.  It allows for dealing through the feeling to take place so that healing may occur.  #Wise #Are #These #Words 

GroundHog Spirit

He asked how do you know I am Lying  She responded .. Intel  LiE  Gents  In other words it’s encrypted in your dna of free radicals To lie intelligently like the gentleman that you are (not) !! For it is #Time

Hot Cheetos Hair Inspirations

One should never burn the one that loves them most...  for it is a sad fate when they’re gone ..

Spirit Consultations

Imaginary dialogue with spirit who is nobody  To nobody that is spirit  :  I really shouldn’t care!  For he is a liar out there attempting to paint me a different picture. I see right through his facade.  He acts as though no one can see the charade.  That’s because he surrounds himself in shallow waters of superficiality.  He clings to the healer because she accepts the succubus for what he is - but spirit says NOPE !  and so just like that  NO it is !!  To Nobody who is really somebody .. Take your power back.  Focus on your wholeness vibrations and well being.  As within exudes on out.  What he is all about is fabrication.  & That makes a head bald in 5 years.   To nobody that’s wants to be like everybody else  #No #ThankYou  & to you ultimate fabricator  Truly thank you  For the lies  I am better able to see now and identify  Keep the intel flowing #Intuition #Growing #Glowi

Summer Fun Love

#Hippie #Cool 

How To Reset Habits

There is a lot of that succubus energy going around. Spirit says it’s like the lust of people’s insatiable needs is at an all time high - something about these empty shells of human vessels feeling parched & in need of some light and for some they come with no regard to you and your well being. All they desire is to feed from your over flowing well of healing light. Healthy boundaries is always needed for these kind of energy Vampires. Spirit said there are people craving the wealthy life that they sell their souls for the image.

Angelic Guidance # 567

ANGEL NUMBER 567 Number 567 is made up of the attributes and vibrations of number 5 and number 6, and the influences of number 7.  Number 5  encourages us to be true to ourselves and live our lives  accordingly, and resonates with personal freedom,  making positive life choices  and important changes, variety and versatility, motivation, adaptability, resourcefulness,  activity and progress.  Number 6  relates to possessions, the material and monetary aspects, love of home and family, care and nurturing, service and domesticity,  practicality, responsibility and reliability, honesty and integrity.  Number 7  vibrates with the mystical influences of  spiritual awakening  and  development ,  inner-knowing and understanding others, dignity and refinement, persistence of purpose and  empathic  and  psychic abilities . Angel Number 567 brings  a message from your angels  that your strong  connection with the spiritual and angelic realms  has brought you new insights which will enhan

Saturn Direct

Soap Opera Tarot On YoUTuBE


Enchantress The Babbler On YoUTuBE


#Latin #Spice #Everything #Wise #Thats #What #Goddesses #Are #made #up #Of  #Hustlers 

She Is

Alternative Lifestyle Healer

Her house was a tent. Despite the discomforts, she wrote to her sister : “I like this wild and barbarous life.” Louise Clappe 1819-1906 “Everybody ought to go to the mines, just to see how little it takes to make people comfortable in the world.” #Uppity #Women #Speak #Their #Minds #VickiLeon #EnchantressTheBabbler #Alternative #LifeStyle #Healer #Evolutionary #Spiritualist I am An Alternative Lifestyle Healer.  I am an Intuitive, Psychic, Channeler, Spiritual Advisor, Yoga Instructor, Master Alchemist, Motivational Speaker, Writer, Author, Blogger, Vlogger & soul much more. My Specialty is In Alternative Lifestyles of healing lead in the modalities of  Energy Work & Body Work. I am available by appointment only!  Embracing the Goddess Mystic in me I love what I do and Do what I love.  Love Travels the world & I am a part of this Liberating & Freeing Cosmic Self Loving Adventure.  I Love connecting with beautiful souls such as yourself. Together

Repeat After Me

What I Deserve ?

The One !



I Smudge Myself

#Good #Riddance #Toxic 




iPic FuN

When you got the entire theatre to yourself  #Date #Night 

Divine ♥️

Shoe Rack Review & Tarot

This was the other days  finale. Click link to learn more about my Alchemist Creations in regards to building things.  I also left an honest review on this awesome tool free sturdy set up.  Dope shoe rack for the closet built by me  Video 1 Video 2


Cousinly Love

I am very proud of she .. #Cousin #Love 

The Art of Surrender

I accept truth  & now I am  #Free 

Curly Gone Straight

Don’t worry about me for I Am Quantumly Dope fueled with fiery passion.  Curly hair gone missing 😜


Honestly.. I am truly grateful for #TRUTH 

Enchantress The Babbler On YoUTuBE Update

Excitedly awaiting for the upload of thee latest Enchantress The Babbler on YoUTuBE Updates.  Two videos are currently uploading.  Check Back SOON 

Ebony Moon

Ebony Moon being the affectionate Sweet Whore that she is not πŸ₯° Do you see her heart smoosh face ?

Marked By My Muse

Dream Mates

Once upon a time ... They lived .... They loved .... They learned  their separate vines .. Souls that intertwine... Their Energetic infinite ties engage ... Dreamers Mate  ...

Nephew Love

My nephew and I 

Alice Dips

Soul Path


Mine πŸ”ͺπŸ”ͺπŸ”ͺ

If you were any bit of mine you would know that i am the entire align up ...πŸ”ͺ #Lovers #Playtime #Funny #Humor  

Piss On Them

How Do You live Your Life ?

Soul empty the mundane population of succubus. It’s why they look so old for their age and feel forced to turn to cosmetics 

Loves Massacre

Divine Goddess

#Divine #Ancestral #Protection #Eye #Media #Eyes #See #You

It’s Ok To Talk

#Suicide #Prevention #Awareness 

Enchantress The Babbler

A Witchy Magical Brew

This is my to go bottle Turmeric Ginger Lemon Tea  A magical concoction to avoid getting sick during the seasonal change and germs spread all around. Drink this and feel great