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Education Systems

So many read a book  get a degree  and avoid their emotions and others emotions  altogether 

Mind Ya

Let There Be Sight

Then This

Energy Update

You shouldn’t want to change anyone  Let them be whom they are and allow yourself to be honest with yourself  and see if you like the person you see  Honesty  Best policy 

ElectroMagnetic Frequencies

I’ve been a lot more present in living. I realize when I am present, I am in greater harmony with my whole. This is rather monumental if you think of it like this.  When I am present, I am free from the heavy that comes from a yesterday already passed and from a tomorrow that is yet to exist. Let that marinate. All I know to have to be my most true for me right now - is me right now. This level of consciousness is my present I am moment of life right now that is existing due to my present level of awareness. Stay with me please. Do not get dizzy by wordy descriptions.  What does this all mean ??? This means that My VIBRATION as of right now is currently Vibrating into my galactic universe - which means I am vibrating and shooting out signals every which way (whether I realize this or not)) and that means I am sharing / spreading / vibrating this electromagnetic pulse of a frequency that infects / affects / due to its effects and due to this it influences  my entire WORLD —- whic

Hold Me

Hold me  Lover  We are  Destiny  Feel me  Lover  Pleasures greet us  Whole   let us  escape  we are  FREE to Ro((me)) Feeling as if we are  Ho(((me))) enraptured  by your soul Your tongue taste like  oM  the parts of  We  establishing keys  these our beats  soul heavenly  Sweets  are our flavors  Free to savor  sacred Savior  our  touch  Portal Waivers with every thrust  we walk through  Portal Sunrise  Lovers uprise  shaman surprise  Lovers Reign  Wild is our  lovers   untamed Hearts  Spark this sharp   dreams frequency signals  igniting raves of  waves  Love gains  these reigns  Flames spark in sane syncs   how thoughts become things  Art in fact does swing  these actualities  whole Lovers sing Quantum songs  in this reality   strong  Flesh upon flesh  Lovers stretch  Quantum  cosmic effects  Introspects Lovers inspect  unleashing  As Their within exudes on o


Let them runners run !

East Meets West Spiritual Services

The BEST part is that I TRAVEL TO YOU !!

Attraction Caption

Speak your own language clearly and those that speak it shall appear  Those whom do not speak your language, let them learn!

Psychic Reader


Tantric Lovers

Anyone can have sex  but not everyone  can be satisfied  by the touch of their lover  unless they are in love  For love  is tantric in every kind of pleasurable way of reign 

Grandpa Jupiter Update

Actual birthday was June 28th 


Let this one marinate 

Two Eclipses Two New Moons 222

Don’t confuse the potential That You see as the actual  cause everyone got potential !!!

Down for Love

I caught myself settling again  Settling again for some half ass feels of some unworthy type deal that should raise red flags every which way ...  I caught myself feeling some kind of way for some unrequited love type theme that truly needs to stop. Taking stock of the why and the how and letting this go for my quantum growth.  How are we to see the things unhealthy that we bleed if it’s all we ever knew to be / to breathe?  Good catch by me  Finally  Never settle for anything less than what you truly Want  Anything or anyone making you feel like you have to tolerate their half ass non committal or unsure vibes .. Let them Go they are not worthy of your vibes  Nor your shine  Nor your attention and definitely not your affection 

Poetry Speaks

Meeting someone whom makes you feel this lucky is rather magical. To know that someone out there does exist and will make you feel this way is something to keep faith.  This kind of love begins within yourself but sometimes someone surprises you and knocks you off of your feet 

Crystallized LoVerS

Finding love  in all the right  spaces  One creates  this atmosphere  within themselves  First  & Foremost  believe  the TRUTH  Will always  shine Bright  Empowering  Me to see  clearly and discern wisely  In full alignment 

Fall In LoVe

Thankful  in  Love  I  Am 


Learning how to put my pride to the side  and sharing how I feel  to love someone  regardless if it makes one feel stupid for loving so and so  and wanting them  is there no debate ?  Being vulnerable and honest with my own feelings about how i feel does not mean anything when it’s not expressed  all it causes is  communication  to turn into chaos of unexpressed feelings and emotions  Pride would let me suffer  it prefers it that way  because it gives pride breathing space to grow  and feed itself 


Where is the rule book ?

Fruit Cake Plate Art

Fruit cake of a plate I made for consumption and it was delicious 

Soul Guidance

What is truth anyway ?? Last night I dreamt a world Of reversals  where he said  he did  That  but in the reversal it was not true  it was he did that  on his own  no need to point elsewhere  When  one is the  hoe garden  Intentional with misdirection  For sudden erections  woke up  with some other energetic truth of a reality  that told me different than what is actually being shared  by another  brothers  keeper 

Venus and Mars


Some people like to play with experiments they create in order to prove their Faulty hypothesis That is created to support their limited viewing Testing intuition is like trying to hold water in the palm of your hands

This Ain’t about Food


She could keep him ๐Ÿ˜˜ Not My lover ๐Ÿ‘ฝ

Quantum Liberation


I’m not playing any character  I am thee character Whenever I’m a character 

Prioritize You

I learned by receiving less how to gift myself more

Powerful Sorcery

Alignment is free and so is your will 

Solstice Blessings

Powerful Perceptional Realities

Products not For Sale

This one is a little tricky especially when you are all feels and how another responds to you can trigger highs and lows too ... I’m working on my out of spite response  and how I work on this is by acknowledging it when it surfaces  and in this acknowledgement being honest with myself as to the why behind the spite  Small baby bite size steps  into wholeness vibrations and divine frequencies  Energetic Designers we all are on this adventure wonderland ride of our rise 


Make up your own mind  by loving yourself  soul  Good 


One day it all clicks  and all of a sudden you clock in and your self worth takes over  making yourself all Knowing about what it is that you see and receive  and desire from others - but most importantly what you give / gift to yourself 

The Voice

I listen to the voices now  while conversing  

Divine Healing

My inner child wants to give your inner child a great big hug 

Priceless Moments

Awaken Authenticity

Tantric Healing 44

Let’s get ready to Babble .... Can’t say I didn’t warn ya :)  Yoga is a very necessary component to divine Lovers and their lifestyles.  Believe that all of this will happen naturally  ๐Ÿ˜ as these two lovers explore and discover so much more  Divine lovers learn from One another eagerly and excitedly  Their Souls relax into one another  Do You see ?    If you don’t see .. believe you will be touched with some feels      evolution is their    inheritance of experience awakening others to these levels of new comfort felt with each other  this here is a channeled  experience Witnessing   Lovers  expression  Express itself  Free  Revolutionary is their love   divine Lovers making a pact to make an effort this time around  and wow this is superbly profound  supportive to their togetherness and union  Love in every degree taking shape while creating its form  When divine lovers meet there is an instant recognition that is felt a