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UnPopular Opinion

Find Someone

Thank YOU

Thankful for alll the love  Super grateful 

Zen Heaven

Cordial Curiosity on YouTube

Enchantress Does Runyon Canyon

Before I jumped, I prayed & ever since, I have never remained the same. Evolution happens this way. One day its this way and the next day It is that way & this is when you < > should dive further within -  closing  our  eyes savoring a Whole new world within you < > (((we)) . As within exudes on out.  This sacred connection within  my own divinity - this  essence I happily greet and recognize in all parts of ((me )) < > responsible and accountable for  every manifestation of creation. Creator is me - are ((we)) - do you see ??? #Dreamer #Seer #Doer  #AWholeNeWworld #Aladdin #ipic #LosAngeles #California #runyoncanyon #Hiking #Holy  #Grails #EnchantressTheBabbler #evolutionary #Humorist #Artisan #healer #EnergyWorker #BodyWorker #Soul #expressionist #Entertainer  Thank you for your presence here ... please do show some love and follow me simply for  your own divine and most sacred alignment and please feel #free  to inquire about every one of my

Enchantress in Woodland Hills

I kiss my own beautiful ass 🥰  It feels good to feel good  Inside me first  Outside me last Think about that  The discipline required to sustain your world outta this world.  #Rhetorical #Poetry #Self #Love #Themes #writersofinstagram #poetsofinstagram #EnchantressTheBabbler #artisan #Healer #Coach #BodyWorker #EnergyWorker #ReikiMaster #Evolutionary #Humorist #entertainer #LosAngeles #California #EastMeetsWest #Brooklyn #in #The #house

Grandest Birthday

Grandest Rising to my Beautiful Divine Goddess whom turns 18 today ((still Cali time ))) Happy Birthday to my Sweet As Arsenic child @Luxurett — You already know of my unconditional #Love #Protection #support #attention #Affection & #Devotion that  I will always in the most #Healthiest of ways have for you.  Quantumly proud and in LOVE with yoU is all I have ever known to feel and be  in every shape, feeling sentence and form - since the day you were conceived - I knew this journey with #you  would be epic, awesome & monumental in every way. Life with you  is totally awesome. I love every one of our  #lifepisodeS with you life is revolutionary and although you gift me headaches plenty it is for real an absolute pleasure being able to experience life this way with you wrapped all in one with love. Brilliantly devoted to enjoying our #Evolutionary journey and #partnering we share as #Mother and #Daughter duo #Team. This trip with you still super surreal & absolut

You Too Are A Writer

Excerpts from supernatural lands That evolutionize  Frequencies  Vibrations Gifting alterations  into our  3D matrix system  FYI  Elevations on high 

Four Years Ago

Instagram highlights your memories now  Funny this is the memory Insta highlighted to me from FOUR YEARS ago today 


I have cried a lot my entire life and I have cried so much today yesterday right now It’s all good I am thankful Soul thankful Supremely  grateful and evolving in my own knowing to thyself I must remain truest

Spirit Said

I said Spirit What am I to do ???? And spirit said 💥💥💥💥💥💥

Lie to me Knots

I’ve been  a liar before  Which is why I am not here to judge liars of this world  it’s just a matter of tolerating it being done to me  because I know my worth  and my deservingness  It’s not personal  It’s healthy boundaries to set into place to not let some knucklehead living his own kind of lie and denial to come in and think for one second he too can bring that type of disruption into my world.  I see it like this and this applies to everyone  If you feel the need to lie - the truth of the real matter is - You’re ultimately and most quantumly lying 🤥   only to yourself ((mask like qualities of shadow side darkness on display - that must and should be transmuted in every kind of way - just saying )))) and with all that being said that’s the dopest reality check of a check you need to definitely check for yourself  For your health  For your wealth  For your stealth  #Venting #Full #Moon #In #Liberation #Style #With #Empress #Like #Empowerment 

Kitty Wisdom

When hearts beat for another  whom doesn’t have the same heart beat as yours for You  it’s not that you’re undeserving or not worthy or not good enough  It’s just that persons free will to choose and discern for themselves what and whom is for them... Take the parts that you love from this other beautiful soul and draw in to yourself the very same love you give and know that in all divine right time - you shall receive the lover of your dreams This too shall pass   

Manna : Pisces Oracle Sight

Pisces Sun  Pisces Moon  Pisces Rising  Pisces Venus  Pisces Pisces Pisces ♓️  The Sun is your outer World  The moon is your inner lands  Your Rising are your Aspirations / Highest Self  Your Venus is your love zone / center 

Shorty DuOP

Magical Unicorn

Act As if you know 


Permission Slip

The last thing I will ever Do ever again  Never  is be caught up in any meaningless Interactions  I don’t do  Small talk either  On any mundane level  Either match my Frequency And vibe  or get out of my align 

High Priestess Magic

Sex Appeal

California Dream

Our time Is  NOW 

Berta 2020

Whom else dreamt powerfully last night? Whom else is letting go of all that does not serve their growth ? Whom else sees beyond the layers of truth and lies ?  Whom else Sees through every disguise ?  Berta / Spring / Summer 2020

The One

I dreamt of Him Last night  he was like unlike any other I have met in this realm of existence  and he looked at me With absolutely no resistance  he could nor would he ever Willingly choose to deceive me  I saw it in his eyes  and it was all to my surprise too  My souls recognition of he  surpassing my limited beliefs  He is the one for me  Now,  I see  why all others  had to flee  an opening for  Souls speak  No longer need I wait for he  this centering in my own align  has awakened Us to this portal of divine love  Heaven  sent  as above  soul below as within  sows On out 

PowerPuff Love

When all is said and done - happiness is always an Insiders Job 


Whom Is there  for whom in bloom?

Marked by My Muse

Meltdowns BreakThrough

What you consider Meltdown - I call a breakthrough in my Own emotions too 

Silent Mode

I consider this a healthy necessity 

Soothing Oasis

Still uploading latest YouTube Video for my Enchantress The Babbler channnel make sure to check it out :)

True Connections

I do not Just let anyone inside of me

Enchantress The Babbler On YouTube

Another video on YouTube is loading It already has taken all night and still nada But it is a video where I was using the tarot of Sexual Magic cards and how ego checks are being called out between the divine Masculine and divine feminine ... Both have gotten called out on ego Either way Are you subscribed ? Tune into Enchantress The Babbler on YouTube Thanks Darlings

This Letter is To You


Heal for real I can not emphasize enough how much more peaceful life is when you don’t give two flying dunks    

Peace is hOMe

Unconditional Love

Love Unconditional

Reign Placements

The rain falling down outside is quite marvelous and in tune With my Curly nature

Duck Goose

There goes the confusion  - they made earthly pastures the same as heart chakra themes.  We got the love chase centered on earthly things while operating inside this human vessel  that craves to feel the love inside.  No wonder love has got many depleted.  Deleted Scenes Lovers  musicalities  wishing to become Something out Of This world.  Duck Duck Goose 

Put the Phone Down

Truth of the matter is this —- Too much ego —  Not Enough  Hearts 

Lofty Ideals

Easy target From This angle for A water balloon bomb  Straight to their head


I love Me some #LadyStrange 

Aqua Gossip Train

Now my Aqua Moon In Vedic astrology wants to Explain why I even know anything about anything in regards to this gossip train. Truth of the matter is I have a teenage daughter whom happens To be a Gemini with Aqua Rising in Western Astrology.  Gems Are one of the ultimate Communicators In zodiac History  And gossip They sure do love  Air Fans  The fire Ablaze  Anyway

Loves Massacre