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BareBack Elegance

Turn your back on anything unworthy of your love, affection or attention! 

May Peace Be With You

Beauty & The Beast



How clear are you with your own manifestations ? The lower the density, the frequent it’s arrive !

Forget Him!


Making dinner moves  slick and smooth  talented too 

Embroidered Style

TRUST Me when I say


Cosmic Flower Activation

Like the Flower that draws the hummingbird to drink its nectar, the energy of Cosmic #Flower invites #US to keep returning to our #cosmic #core to drink from the nectar of our origin. Like the tiny bird - yet #greatly skillful - we need to recognize that in order to be our highest #expression here on Earth, we need to check in with our #home base - our source - OFTEN / ALWAYS! It is the place where we connect to our #spiritual core. The cosmic flower #Activation is overflowing with all aspects of the fullest expression of #who we really are : an abundance of vibrant color, form, fragrance, sound and #energy that stimulates our senses to a maximum, making us feel alive in every cell of our #body. It is an invitation to enjoy the sweetness of life - to lift up #negativity and express #LOVE as ABUNDANTLY as we dare.  Flowers have been given as an expression of LOVE, AFFECTION, SYMPATHY & INTENTION for thousands of years. Their beauty reminds us of how wonderful life can be

Get Into The Habit

Get into the #habit of learning yourself #best and knowing the proper body, heart, mind, soul nutritions that you need / require / have to #build your own world. Remember, you are #Creator of your own life and that is an interesting paradigm to dive into.  Everything you do #you should hold yourself accountable for and ask yourself if what you are doing is supportive of the #life you are desiring to create ?? Do your #actions even relate with your alignments?  It’s #easy to get all #caught up in the collective energies that can make one feel all scatterbrained like - but with #mindfulness practices - you can finer tune your world into divine sweet alignment.  I use to #write everything down and then failed to read my own writings. Then I decided to #visually create what I want to be reflected all around me & then I #failed to #open my eyes to #see. Then I decided to go inside of me and finer tune my own alchemy & now I read and see all my creations that I work to

Dream Lovers

Sharing dreams  with another  is really deep What if when you dream  and another you are intimately connected with  are communicating with one another inside of the  dream realm meaning  that the  two  are mind  body heart and soul  are cosmically connected _________________________________ Advice: Get to know one another better and share with them your dreams see what revelations occur  maybe you share more than you realize 

New Doors

Black Beauty


Practical Solutions to one too many kids  🤷‍♀️

Small Ways To Improve Your Life

Mirror Traveler


Rose Petals

Rose Quartz Fountain Of Youth

Portal Open

Crystals for Travel

Citrine  Clear Crystal Point  Amethyst too Rose quartz another fave 

Know this Note


Gypsy Queen

Beautiful Bride

Gramps & I

As stern as Grandfather can be - he only wants what’s best for me  & so he protects me from his space in outer place  ready to strike anyone whom he does not like  All for me  I am a divine favorite of he  Grandpa & me 

Write Down Your Dreams

Write down your dreams Keep a pen and paper near you when you sleep Do this as your disciplined practice until it becomes excellent habit

Spirit Check UP’s

SPIRIt just checkered boxed me over there in my corner telling me to stop acting a fool and pretending to be all cool Like Mr.Smooth over there you are only hurting yourself in the end When you sit there and pretend You don’t love H I M then I reminded Spirit Of Ike & Tina Turner & said what’s love got to do with anything ?. Spirit said, your ego just Very well might be the same size as his The one you two Pretend to front a lot alike So do you now see ? The treachery behind all this unnecessary deceit Creating nonsense that triggers The healing needed Clearly By the two Of you before this merge Each of you with unfinished business to conjure up the balls enough to purge Cause once you do Action will lead to Cosmic divine quantum Satisfaction


Forgiveness Divine

Mommas Back

My momma said, forgive the offense  I said momma 🙄 She said child, hush now!  Forgive the liar  I said momma 🤔 She said Jennifer, not everything is about you!  I said momma, bu,t it is 🤷‍♀️ She said, child - check your commas and open your heart  💥

Cloudy Interiors

I LOVEE feeling like I am on cloud 9 

Half Ass Knots

It’s like settling for one butt cheek  🙄

Some things Like Some People

Let whatever you must, go!  What is meant for you, will be there, without wishy washy energy effects  Nothing should make You feel like a defect 

Follow @Alcheminimalist on Instagram

More Wonderful Art made for me by the Amazingly talented  @Alcheminimalist   Make sure to follow & order some of your very own personalized art work created by such a sweet soul whom captures the spirit of your essence and taps into her artistry and creates majestic mastery 👑

12 Signs of the Zodiac Cheat Sheet

Journal Therapy Writing Prompts

Dream LoVeR

Recharge Your Soul

I am Purging this weekend  all the toxicities that do not serve Me 

Attic Style Inspirations

Huge Horns

Note this :  You snooze  you lose  Your choice  Always  What you do is none of my business  & just like that - I Too, tend to me ☯️

Enchantress The Babbler

I’ve come a long way 🦋 Feeling undeniably grateful in every kind of way. Thankful thankful just fudgin thankful🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🦋🦋🦋🎉🖤 Follow me into cosmic delicious align —- #EnchantressTheBabbleronYoutube #EnchantingBabble #Blogger #Vlogger #Youtuber #Writer #Author #Artisan #Healer #Entertainer #Evolutionist #soulpreneur —————————————————————————— For a multitude of services servicing you #mind - #body - #heart & #soul DM your inquiries or email - affordable pricing to fit every mind / body / heart & soul need #eastMeetsWestSpiritualServices #akashic #Living #Scribes two sistars <<<<@enchantress & @Venussublime  partnering to elevate and evolutionize your divine align #Tarot #Oracle #Messengers

Have You Met Your Kindred Spirit ? Soulmate ? Twin flame ?

Signs of Past Life Soulmates

Dancing Fashions

All I see is me Dancing & Spinning in this 😍

Happy Place Found