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Tell me your Deepest Desires

My desires all the same vibrational rate of increasing frequencies in their own expansion, elevation.. tell me your deepest desires as I Will show you mine!  Photo inspired by Instagram page @astrologyAngelMediums


Thankful to be a part of this phenomenal breakthrough in the Fitness / healing community.  Stretching is good for US ALL!!

The Kika Method

Super excited for the Grand Opening happening this coming week in Morristown, NJ.  What an Amazing Soul I am fortunate enough to work with and be a part of something I totally am 1000% an advocate for when it comes to the importance of STRETCHING in our lives.  Meet @kikaIam and get to understand all that this PHENOMENAL & INSPIRING woman is ALL about πŸ”₯πŸ™ŒπŸ½ Hakika Wise,  created this UNIQUE method of stretching, to help people learn HOW to RELEASE the tension that’s been trapped inside of their body for years.  A dancers approach to Assisted stretching  No tangles. No bands. Just hands! Visit and BOOK your next appointment.  Morristown is the location where you can find me but there are other locations too. Visit our site and learn more! Namaste  “Life is too short,  stretch it out!” 

Alice Does NOT care!

the parts of herself that once cared about the behaviors and choices that others make in their own life of excluding her doing their best version of living without she moving forward without she a dream within a dream she use to give a shit once upon a day for she too learned a lot - along the way if there is one thing she has been forced to learn is to Let go let it all go Alice, always learns there is more to her expansion and growth all these masterful seeds she don't care and she speaks true growing her roots in bearing colorful fruit she don't care I don't care none ultimately care now this alignment trips me to repair simple high for an almighty time righteous alignment of delicious adventures she allows herself to create all knowing well Alice, she don't care totally rare to bend her projections alchemizing seeds of splendor and devotion a happily ever after and now centered explosion of marination she loves to eat her high all up

Shady AbunDANCE

It’s like this overwhelming ride of my life where the toxicity would rather absorb me thru every absorption rate allowable ...  most humans take for granted the necessary feeling of living and living in no feeling of feeling too much from the collective air — no knowing nor noting is being expressed nor computed.  Abundance aloof to the obfuscating nature of instability via the air channel of energy conditioned into existence. Attempt to break apart Each sentence spoken to realize in depth how indebt this world is made to feel ...

Take what You NEED

Take what you #need & GLOW with your GROW ... #Rp from the Beautiful inside & out @astrologyangelmediums  #Joy #magic #Love #FOCUS #Calm  Energy #brew in the air is this FOCUS energetic wave crashing to our shores. It is grabbing each of #us in its own way and saying with Jay Z’s voice “It is time for FOCUS man!”  Positive Tuesday #Affirmation & VIBES :  I am centered From my divine & ALIGNED beautifully within my shrine - mind, Body, heart & soul. I am #WHOLE.  I AM FOCUSED & clear with myself with all my #Goals. I slay each goal that I set, giving always my #BEST.  I positively #Create my world using alchemy.  Righteously my sweet divine is alchemiZed  with me & my own #purpose and path.  I bring  #joy #magic #love #Focus #Calm #Laughter & #Strength to these lands. I am always radiating LOVE in alignment with me. I love and live FREE. HAPPY is my place which is this beautiful state of divine  grace.  I am all that I need to complete A

True Story in PISCES full Moon

n.a. denmon Poetry

He tries to resist  with every self diss with this misdeed of a misFeed he gives to himself by continuing with his denial ... He thinks me crazy  but it is he whom is madd like the mass  such an ass  To survival mode a life living a lie  #NaDenmon #EnchantressTheBabblerAddOn #Writers #Of #Instagram 

Dream with PURPOSE

I almost caved just now  So I drove Around the block and like my yogi practice, I decided to breathe  this calming of emotion that just wants to REACT .. I don’t want to react to everything or anything anymore that does not service my highest of good.  Nothing worth having comes that easy.  But it’s the mindset I wish to put into effect for its affects.  I drove around the block to calm myself down  I adjust my crown  I got this now 

Cosmic DANCER POSITIVE Affirmation

I’m that shooting #dancing star that awakens consciously, mindfully, positively, cheerfully & lovingly as I spread my sparkles of sunflowers & #cosmic #reign all across our earthly lands .. highest vibrations is the frequency I am .. I am.. #EnchantressTheBabbler #Cosmic #Gypsy #Sunflower #InnerPowerful #Dancers #Move  #Monday Positive Affirmation: I dance with purpose on these earthly lands in FULL ALIGNMENT with me. I move graciously, humbly and lovingly FEELING connected & true - mind, body, heart & soul. I sing my #song FREELY & I am STRONG.  #Sunflower #Affirmations #Positive #Vibrations #Elevations #sensations  Http://  Author of the Darker Knight Light Of my soul - Volume 1 love Bites available on #Amazon  For some one on one time click link in bio - available by #APPOINTMENT only!!! #CosmicDancer #Yoga #Lover #powerfulwomen #InnerPowering #The #World #OneAlignedEnergyAtaTime #EnergyMasteryStylist

Pisces full moon of Simplicity & Wisdom

I caught myself before I reacted for this Pisces full moon is visiting my full moon in Pisces. There is a dancing wave in each current that pulls me in every which direction and it can consume if I allow. Then I heard really loud, take a chill pill SISTAR & here the simplicity of wisdom speak clear when I decide to be patient.  Oh dear πŸ„ that Brings Alice to the surface into explosives. Alice a sweet old Pisces by nature.  There is wisdom in just listening to the inner realms that speaks from within oneself.  Listen 


What does it mean to live AUTHENTIC?

There will be people that would be so bold to tell you whom you are, what you are & everything you’re not. Some too might throw subliminal jabs every which way cause at the end of the day their cowardice shows themselves best.. good thing when feeling aligned in your own authentic prime of reign and shine .. you can InnerStand better your own stance & keep your own focus on yourself — gifting wisdom to the practice of ignorance which is to “ignore” such jabs & constructively use the offense as a motivational tool to write into existence for oneself ((as I did right now)) I wrote my own innerstanding & meanings to what it means for myself to be authentic & knowing this I could give two flying squirrel skunks of a funk what mofos NOT on my frequency or energy evolution have to say about anything anyway .. AUTHENTIC SELF MASTERY AFFIRMATION FOR All  THIS EVENING ... Living Authentic & true to my own evolution & being I shall always remain FREE to be every best

SunFLOWER Affirmation

There is #power in INNER KNOWING the roots of your own #foundation. For nothing can disrupt the #sol when infused with the #dark side of the moon. Infused with all that I am into nothing that I Am, I surrender & live victoriously.  Not everyone will be supportive of your reign & that is ok - send them away! There are others out there that desire the best for you - and give freely their love, support and kindness .. surround yourself with those vibrations only. Anything lesser in vibration make disappear by being clear that there is no #Hate in #Love .. no need to repeat the offense .. most that can’t be happy for you - are miserable within themselves. Good vibe tribes always center from their divine & operate high & that is the example needed to exude from your inner womb .. everything else is irrelevant and unworthy of your attention, direction, reflection or focus.  A little hocus pocus from some sunflower elevations into your own cosmic evolution.  AFFIRMATION :


When East meets West there IS Alchemy in that - our divine ALCHEMY transforms Lives with every cosmic beat our lips do speak ... but like are you following us both for some soul mind, body, heart & soul ADVENTURES ... this Goddess right here @venussublime is Supremely in her Prime — a beautiful Goddess on the rise .... Make sure you check out her artistry with her musical finesse and beats ... this #GODDESS gives me goosebumps when she speaks ... #eastMeetsWest #LAbound #eastCoast #Sound #venussublime #EnchantresstheBabbler #Goddess #Poetess #MindBodyHeartSoulELEVATIONSofEVOLUTIONARYshifts #goddessesThatSpitFIREINNERPOWER #InnerPOWERFUL ... my #]Sagittarius sun and #Virgo rising matches wonderfully her Virgo sun and Sagittarius #rising .. like #WOWeffects 

THANK YOU for all the WORLD wide views

πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ˜πŸ™Œ over 300,000 views and always GROWING πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ™ŒπŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ™πŸΌ I remember back in the day when I first started this blog - I was lucky if I received one view ..... and how NOw So much has grown into being. I call this blog my baby. I absolutely LOVE this place & I LOVE all of you whom come thru and show your support in whatever way you show it. I’m truly THANKFUL to have this artistic platform to use freely as I feel inspired. I get all emotional on this full moon writing these words because I frkn feel them so inner powerfully.  The unknow region, I thank you too. Not sure what unknown region refers to — but we all UNKNOWN in many waves.  I have been slightly m.i.a last couple of weeks due to extensive trainings and working over 5 jobs to be able to ACHIEVE The dreams I seek and desire for myself. So I’ve been a bit crazed doing stuff to make this life happen ((the one I envision))) my Schedule will be reset and as I infuse and al


I am beyond THANKFUL for this wonderful opportunity I have been gifted to be a part of an industry  that changes and transforms lives positively, one stretch at a time.

Alice Loves her Tea

Where love is concerned it doesn’t take much to get Alice all stormed up sending knives To her lovable guy 


SunFLOWER your sol POWERFUL shine #EnchantressTheBabbler #SunFlower #Soulcurly #Passion #Fueled #Motivational #Inspiration #GypsyRhapsody #soulpreneur #Sunflower #Maze #Energy #Masterful #Solutions click link in bio 

Cats Drink the Coffee

Rise & Shine  positively Bright & put your best tail forward. if coffee is something you need Then drink up Indeed - but let’s remember to live mindfully cause your thoughts become things. #HapPineSsISAnINSIDERSjob #KikAStretCH #Positive #Vibes #Cosmic #tribes #catsofinstagram #HumorMEme #EnchantressTheBabbler — to schedule time with me kindly click link in bio & let Us together Align you further right on your path - #MindBodyHeartSOULconnections 

I am Wonderland

When the only way is #up that’s what’s up ... #Mirror #Reflections #Introspections #Soulpreneur #Dreamer #Awake #SoulCurly #Inspirations #Motivations #Elevations #EnchantressTheBabbler to schedule some 1 on 1 time click link in bio it’s by #APPOINTMENT #Only #IamWonderland #WritersWORTHshOP  

Detachment !


Flee FleaS Poetry Speaks

Say it to my face  fudgin coward  Disgrace No wonder I’m So outta place  People all plastic with themselves  living falsehoods  walking on eggshells bending over backwards to keep peace and be something they’re not Dare to criticize my being  insult my appearance  think themselves better cause they paint a prettier picture with their fabrications  of some Mundane sense of hive like Minds  all the same they are I’ll take being me any day of the week  even if that means having less Your insides appear stressed  no peace  Heart less One says live better not bitter  most eat the shit of their bitter and spit it out  only to consume the same batter of shit they detest  I put this argument to rest  ranking myself my own best  I don’t want to be like anyone else  nor am I like anyone you will ever be  know  Truth be told  This energy is Mother fudgin gold  You’re Dusty  and crusty  and musty  too needy  Uber greedy  I won’t judge you  I don’t even care  but ya out there speaking my name thru

Ebony The SweetHeart

Once upon a #time she almost #died and LOVINGLY she was nurtured and cared for - #EBONY was brought back to life & that is just the way it is at times.  Sometimes we #slowly die and if we do nothing about it, #death will be perceived as the #end —- but it was only the beginning to her own AMAZINGG journey of life and living her #best life now. Ebony #boldly showcases her #heart and her #truth as #sassy cats shall do πŸ‘‘ #RescueCATs #Tuxedo #Love #EbonyTheSweetHeart #HeartsOfSASs #BlackWhite #CatsOfInstagram #EnchantresstheBabbler —————— to connect intimately with me on your journey kindly do click link on bio to learn more πŸ™πŸΌ❤️πŸ™πŸΌ

Proceed Accordingly

Only thing to focus on are your own goals  Your own dreams  your own plans Your own success

Sophia Claire Photography

I haven’t posted a wedding dress in quite some time —- and this one right here is simply divine. Found this on Instagram. How beautiful she is loving the man of her dreams in this ceremony. 


Sometimes your #choices won’t make sense to other people especially when they’re use to certain #patterns of behaviors from you. But nothing NEW is ever earned or received by doing the same thing over and over. HONOR the parts of #yourself that #scream #CHANGE & live #authentically #TRUE & #Righteous for #you - even if it disrupts the foundations previously once set. KNOW that you CAN & if you truly desire something - YOU WILL!  Namaste #EnchantressTheBabbler #MindfulnessLiving #MindBodyHeartSoulAligns #Alchemy #Divine #SoulCurlyVibrations

Netic Wisdom

Pluto Vibes

You think I Am

People will speak for you if you let them so instead learn to speak / discern /) decipher everything for yourself. 

Daisy Crazy LoVe

The Children’s School Of YOGA


Someone shared this on their fb page and I screenshot it because it certainly applies.  I do not have the time nor the energy nor the desire nor the tolerance or patience to repeat myself over and over again  I don’t need to explain my Overuling to anyone - ever! 

Love Blinds Right

Love tells me i Am right in my blind & blind tells me I am wrong to be right... #GiftsOfSage #ParadigmStwiST #EnchantressTheBabbler #TheDarkerKnightLightOfMySoul #Amazon #Soul #Writer #soulpreneur #SoulCurly 

Sagittarius OVERULING

Don't take me for a sucker  push over  nobody  we all a nobody trying to be somebody  on this illusion filled planet of bodies acting as if they operate the functions  but it is beneath the surface layer that exists something far greater than any of us realize  know  inner stand  do you comprehend these bilinguals man? Mood shifting  and it further cements the shifting of my crown  no longer is it worn upside down  unless I'm throwing knives right in your 3rd eye  waked and baked time 

Take Nobody's shit !

There are people in this world that believe themselves to be overly privileged and better than others and only care and look out for themselves and those they consider to be their kind  ---- it may not be nice always encountering such folk --- do not lower yourself to their vibration of standards of thinking and feeling and do not believe yourself to be lesser of the folk -- - show them love and kindness anyway - but take none of their shit either --- there is fine line between being kind and considerate and also being a sucker - -- -

Artist Rebecca (cutters)

Artist Rebecca  (My daughters friend made this beautiful painting of her own self portrait — this should make you FEEL & THINK some more about what goes on behind closed doors for so many - a heart of compassion and awareness needed on this planet in order to truly realize the effects of our upbringings and generational / societal conditioning )) Pleased to share this Masterful Art that needs to be showcased at her very own Art show  Black Sheep   Mirror mirror on the wall can I see my truest reflection after all  or am I clouded by the external judgments and proclamations of this world gone madd  that when i see myself  I never see whom I am  really am  This being of light darkened by the plight of everything never right in this world  For I am just a girl living in this icy world of vibrations that will tell me whom I am and what I am not and everything I will or can not be  Whom is this creature so darkened I perceive myself to be ? This illusion of tainted stains all over my sp

Feelings R’Alice

This task is more than daunting it’s exhausting  & earlier this evening I almost allowed myself to feel defeated —“slowly but surely” I keep hearing the voices say - and I’m over here with my machetes ready to greet the voice personally & show it how I feel 

Jupiters Prime

Release & #renew  This #transformation, #transmutation sublime  These #cosmic bites into my cherry apple glow  Release is how I grow  Solar eclipse of my stars  Divine align  #Jupiters #Prime #archerAfterGlow #EnchantressTheBabbler #soulpreneur #Moon #Cycles 

Jupiters Prime

Release & #renew  This #transformation, #transmutation sublime  These #cosmic bites into my cherry apple glow  Release is how I grow  Solar eclipse of my stars  Divine align  #Jupiters #Prime #archerAfterGlow #EnchantressTheBabbler #soulpreneur #Moon #Cycles 

Neurons that Fire

What is keeping the faith but yet another misinformation of a standard conducted by our generational conditioning of an upbringing that varies and yet still is all the bloody same — it’s the same for us all just different crayons we each use to color in our perceptions that still are not our perceptions. Babble rant — here I go .. So now you know — This mood I feel - is as real as the food you believe you eat on your dinner plate .. Let’s take a look around my friends !.!! Welcome to wonderland .. Cosmic Comedy Pub of flavors under separate management run by the same leaders selling their own denominations as ruling principles.  Denominations carrying the same energy signature of demons traveling as spirits on these lands while being cleverly masked by words written on paper by the vessel whom serves its purpose each and every time —- most vessels operate blind, deaf and dumb —  Dumb also same energy signature as Numb  Hey .. this is fun .. Let me babble your brain with a wet Willy of

Mermaid Reign

So deep was she like the sea that love was her sacred Om of treasure that swam into her being. Mermaids roaming free reigning their royalty thruout their kingdom. 

Archer GLOW flow

Because we are cute