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Do you stir the pot?

You will find on your journey that you may come across many shit stirrers stirring the pot  Let them stir  #she or #he #whom #stirs #the #shit #pot #shall #lick #the #spoon 

How to use our Imagination to Grow?

How we playfully imaginate is wonderful for our  mind  body  heart &  soul Our Universal Wonderland does not respond to what is true or not true - for it has no time to pick apart truth from lies  When we put into practice co-creating with our YoUniversal Wonderland - we co-create by the Energy we create - so in other words... how we feel? What we feel? Because how we feel is everything real - and how we feel is the force behind our own energy fields that we  create  spread share live in  How you feel affects / infects those around you  Those in whom you have influence on  parent  child  sister brother  husband  wife  co-worker friend  cousin  acquaintance stranger YUP - our energy touches those whom come into our vicinity  for this is a shared energetic plane of earthly existence Awaken to the Beauty that does exist around you  there are miracles all around  tune into this chan

Whom are You??

Whom are you? Whom am I ? Creators of time Unleashing our shrines of our hidden rhymes - we all are gems here in our Now due time Mind body heart & soul infusions Enchanting discoveries of our own constitutions Love of self holy revolutions Accepting no substitutions ! #weareOne #who #are #you #me #we #are #an #infinite #wonderland #of #discovery #follow #me #into #synchronicity #HollyWoodsGypsy

Healing with the Angels - Intentional Oracle Message

Healing with the Angels Oracles  Your INTENTIONS create your experiences. What do you INTEND to happen?  Make sure that your Thoughts/Feelings/Actions reflect your truest INTENTIONS By drawing this card, the Angels ask you to take an inventory of your expectations. What do you EXPECT to happen today, tomorrow, or in the future?  These expectations are the seeds of your INTENTIONS. An intention means that you have set a GOAL and INTEND to ACHIEVE it.   Your INTENTIONS drive your experiences. The angels ask you to choose and INFUSE your intentions with LOVE. See yourself and others as happy, successful, and peaceful. By holding these spiritually minded INTENTIONS , you help yourself as well as others.  The Angels can help you replace negative mental habits with more EMPOWERING thoughts, if you ask for assistance. #healing #with #the #angels #oracle #message #love #intentions #goals #empowerment #dreamers #awake #live #laugh #prioritize #focus #menta


What does matter?

All that mattered was the love & support she learned to honorably give to herself - especially when the going - the Growing got tough - there is freedom with these things #EnchantingBabble #speaks #creeps #deep #poetess #corner #pinterest #qotn #vibrate #high #all #thee #time #knowledge #is #power #cosmic #expansion

Have Faith in your Process - Message for @Kayejayecee

02/24/2017 One Card Oracle Reading for @KayeJaycee on #Instagram A Message from Sacred Rebels Oracle Faith In The Process No matter how POWERFUL we are, how much COURAGE and STRENGTH we have, there are times when we can't quite move ourselves along to the next phase of life or creative exploration.  At such times we need some divine intervention - a little help in pulling our trolley along, so to speak.  When we are at the edge of our own limits and have no more personal resources, we might be left with only one spiritual POWER , that of FAITH. Fortunately that is enough. As unlikely as it may seem, the invisible help from the UNIVERSE is often more POWERFUL than the physical efforts of a thousand men.  That is because the invisible help is not limited by physical laws.  It CAN shift, bend and move in ways that defy limitation.  It can affect, evoke and influence situations through invisible, but undeniably persuasive means.  You are in a situation

Decide & Succeed !!

Once you make a decision, the universe conspires in your favor. So what is it that you really want ? Desire ? Crave? Decide that. Do that & watch in absolute awe & gratitude as everything works out in your favor. Put in the work that you need to produce every fertile seed that you dream. Namaste Beautiful Souls - decide for you, what's good for you. #decide #believe #receive #achieve #plant #every #seed #with #clarity #intention #precision #universal #law #HollyWoodsGypsy

Cosmic Heart Rumi Oracles

I was dead ; I became alive. I was tears; I became laughter. The power of love arrived and made me everlasting power! I have seen everything. I have no fear.  I have the heart of a lion!  I shine like Venus. -RUMI #RUMI #oracles #cosmic #heart #love #blessings #everlasting #bliss #believe #receive #achieve #lion #heart #infusions #HollyWoodsGypsy

Sacred Rebels Oracle Message for Subliminal WorldWind

02.22.2017 One card reading for @subliminal_worldwind on #instagram Releasing Allegiances Message from Sacred Rebels Oracle It is time to hold onto yourself and let go of another. Even if just for a fraction of a moment in time.  You have GAINED all that was meant to be from that connection.  At least for now.  You have GIVEN and you have RECEIVED .  The need to LET GO does not deny the VALUE of what has been acquired, it is more that the time has come for GREATER PRODUCTIVITY CREATIVITY ABUNDANCE & CONSCIOUSNESS   in your life. You have completed many cycles in the vibrational frequency of consciousness that you are NOW being asked to RELEASE . You have been in that vibrational frequency for some time now. You have EARNED the right to step out of that frequency, out of the habits, relationships and the possibilities that are limited to that outmoded frequency.  It is NOW time to EXPAND into HIGHER FREQUENCIES of experience that will bring ENHA

No more poison apples

\let shish go duck em  people show their true colors through and through  wish them well and move forward and be merry When I let go of this attachment to shielding myself  I become more and more like myself  discovering within myself  the infinite wonders that I am  Eye am  #soul #discovery #honor #selfie #revelations #hipster #sensations #cosmic #mindblown #elevations #seeker #of #truth #toThyOwnMindBodyHeartSoulSTAYtrue #hollywoods #favorite #gypsy 

Connect with your Tribe

Good Morning Beautiful Souls - we the people must find our like minded people - are you my people's  #connect #with #your #tribe #vibrating #high #soul #connections #raise #your #glass #time #to #live #laugh #love #dance #tranceFormers

Yes, You CAN!

Believe in your magic. For your magic exists inside of YOU! Believe this to be truth. Our roots sink deep. Connect with your Powerful YoUniversal most magical Wonderland. YES, YoU CAN!! #soul #Empowerment #Tuesdays #Magic #found #inside #of #You#YeS YOU #CaN Soul #Transformers #strike #Gold #Never #Give #Up #forward #positive #steps with #HollyWoodsGypsy

New Beginnings Oracles

New harmonic beginnings built on solid firm foundations gifting fertile grounds & triumphant success as one has faith in trusting in God with things left unseen knowing with absolute Faith that all shall be, shall be! Namaste Beautiful souls #Firm #foundations #fertility #triumphant #success #is #yours #peace #flow #harmony #new #beginnings #believe #receive #achieve #loa #soul #roots #HollyWoodsGypsy Find me on #instagram as the One and Only @Enchantress

Understanding the Human Auric Layers via Visuals

We are a society thriving off of visuals  Allow for our song to be sung in color  Allow for the FLOW of ENERGY to TRANSFORM every part of your being - so that you may get it  Due to our own conditioning we are equipped to process visuals more easily - and retain the things we see as being more REAL then anything else left unseen -  So ALLOW for these visuals to help you to VISUALIZE CONCEPTUALIZE INTERNALIZE  the unseen  energetic forces that are in every which way a HUGE part of your WORLD LIFE STRUCTURE Life EXPERIENCE  Allow for these VISUALIZATIONS to paint into your LIFE the VISUALS needed by you to SEE CLEARLY  what you need to see in order to put into good use your own AWARENESS of how POWERFUL you and your own energy really are! Your ENERGETIC POWERHOUSE increases as you become more and more CENTERED and AWARE of your own energy field and presence I AM  What energy are you sending out into your universe? 

My Present to You

When unhealthy vibes come knocking here is my present to you #Good #vibes #only #eat #MEme #highest #loving #vibrations #may #PEACE #BE #with #You

Brussell Sprout Love

In a world filled with cabbages, be a brussell sprout #yummy #green #works #cabbagePatchKid #Brussellsprout #lover #food #porn #love #the #foods #you #eat #cook #devour

The ill effects of Karma - Fear based control

What is Karma?  Is it truly universal law to eventually reap what you sew into existence - or is it a part of our conditioning of subconscious rooting and habits that are being instilled within our eco (often times unloving to ourselves systems) systems built off  of guilt and fear based thinking  in order to control & marinate into our world an inferior human race - subjected to paying their karmic piper - good / bad - understanding it all to be this thing we call KARMA?   Karma is in fact just a word that is used to describe a chain of events that come into play - yet how we are conditioned to perceive it - may not necessarily be as matter of fact as we have been conditioned to view it...  Of course anything that eats away at our consciousness already in itself creates a silent suffering inside of the individual - would the suffering imposed be categorized as KARMA ? Is a guilty conscious eating someone up be the equivalent payment of karma being owed?? Good d

Beyond the Threshold of Fear - Rumi Oracles of Light

Beyond the Threshold of Fear A channeled message from Rumi Enter the lion's jungle! Don't think about getting hurt! Fearful thoughts are phantoms of the mind! No one is harmed in this jungle. Everything is compassion and love.  It is your fear holding you back, like a bar behind the door. Rumi  How I celebrate for you. After so long away from home, you are finally returning! Beyond the threshold of fear, you dispense with your doubts, hesitations, cautions and tentativeness. They are old friends with whom you no longer have anything in common.   "Goodbye old friends, I wish you well," you say, whilst turning your face to the burgeoning light of a new and yet ancient world.  You are visiting as though for the first time and yet, somehow, also remember deep in your sacred heart.  Finally, we can sit together in the charming courtyard at home. We shall tell our tales of adventure and laugh, and we'll dance and sing.  Eventually,

Tuxedo Kitty Wisdom

Clever tyrants are never punished. #Voltaire #qotn #rescue #kitty #tuxedo #cat #life #wisdom #tyrannical #ruling #animal #planet #scratching #post #clever #kitten #rulers 

Kangaroos in DANGER because of Killer Humans

So I read an article that stated there will be a mass slaughtering of over 1 million kangaroos in order to prevent further damaging of the Australia's lands - competing with livestock for scarce food.  So because of this horrific POLLUTION of a HUMAN SOLUTION  - the government employs and has license Kangaroo shooters whose job is to annually cull the kangaroo population, which is estimated at over 50 million.   And we sit here and wonder why we perceive Kangaroos as so aggressive by nature. Do ya?  Do ya?  Do ya Lift, bro?  We speak of our animal planet as if they are this uncontrollable species that need to be tamed & controlled-  meanwhile - this very mirrored perception and view is all the more striking and convoluted in ENERGY (fear based control thinking) by the HUMANS who come up with this SOLUTION of POLLUTION and think Bullshit like this is ok  I do not blame you Kangaroo  I do not blame you !! Our conditioning is twisted an

Angelic Guidance # 707

ANGEL NUMBER 707 Number 707 is made up of the attributes and energies of number 7 and and the influences of number 0, with number 7 appearing twice, makings its influences stronger. The vibration of the  number 7  has to do with study and research,  inner-wisdom , individuality and endurance,  spiritual awakening and   enlightenment ,  empathic  and  psychic abilities , and is the number of the mystic and the spiritual realms.  Number 0   is the number of the Universal Energies/Source, the beginning point, eternity, infinity, oneness, wholeness, continuing cycles and flow,  developing one’s spiritual aspects  and connecting with the Higher-self, and denotes freedom from limitations. Number 0 also amplifies the energies of the numbers it appears with. Angel Number 707 is a message is that you deserve accolades for the mental, spiritual and physical work you have been doing in your life. You are helping yourself and many others with your current life choices and actions, and you