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Uncut babble nonsense i need to ...

Writing frenzy ive been .. Talkers Lot circle too .. I literally spoke a hole in a friends head last night ... As well as meeting some fascniating new people ... I even met myself on my way home ... Funny how worlds apart we may seem at first sighting / view .. Like those 2 what in the world do they have to talk about .. What in the world would those two have in common ... Totally two different lifestyles .. Found some common ground ... If ye shall look Ye shall find some Common ground ... Somewhere .. If you cant how about finding the common ground that u both breathe .. Consciously / unconsciously .., Yes.. I find nothing more amusing then to witness silent reactions to by those judgers / or opinions being formulated / or assumptions being made by those most curious as to the 2 girls having a grand old wonderful conversation as if we knew one another for years ... But clearly so different in everything else superficial everyone likes to see / pay mind t

Answers blue

In our hearts Strong & renewed Eternal mix infinity dues Hope restored Melting blues Unchained melodies Music soothes our soul Beats lead us home Hearts reveal path Deletion of this evil land Loves embrace In our face Taking hands Forging plans I love you man


Come on now .. You should know .. Everything is for the stupid show .. You have your part as i have mine ... Questioning my love is a waste of time..   From a distance i watch you shine .. Proud of you i will always be .. Unconditionally & all of me ... Loving you, my best kept secret ..

Collision ~ written 3/19/14

I never once forgot about you ... I told myself I was crazy, silly, foolish & out of my mind & clearly I (being Me) stood no Chance in receiving your love/attention/affection.... Brooklyn short changes dreAms ..  Everyday you lived .. ... While Everyday I died .... ...everyday I denied ... As I mastered my own lies .... Convincing myself that what I  felt was a figment of my own imagination .... You are gods most finest of creations ... ..... Your kryptonite weakening my defenses .... ... Awakening all my senses .... .....For you my love live for the hunt .. Taunt .... You haunt me endlessly .... The ghost of you never leaving my side... My love for you ... ... Goes beyond what my words could even say ...... No part of myself able to walk away .... I watch you behind closed shades ... .. Dreams of our day ..... Soon ...  .. our hearts dance to our tango jive... Love sick monsters,  stellar ride .. Solar connectivity ... Cosmic Ri

Make a wish frownNation

Dreaming of you i wish to die Your madness filling my mind Its like straight suicide Im outta my mind I no longer wish to see I no longer wish this to be Every possible thing we can be Kill me please My mind fills with rage At just the mentioning of your name You oblivious to the pain youve engraved Stop this pain I thought i could handle more But youre right this is war I never signed up for this Fk this shit You go on living your ways Totally ignoring me all the same What part of me believes this to be okay No sane part of me clears this pathway So i dream a dream for me to say Fk you douche go on your merry way For if i were to think of you It would be cause i stepped in poo Big doggie hit Biggest diss was my make a wish for a total dick

In hopes ~ written March 21, 2014

In hopes that it is you .. I see .. There is no interest in any other ... Some glimmer of hope ... Mustard seed of faith ... I respond ... The fairy tale believer in me believing that it is possibly you ... You exist in many shapes , sizes and forms ... & because of my love ... I play along ... But it is always for you .. Hoping that it's true ... I close my eyes ... Pretending to be super surprised ... Knowing that it was you all along .. Cause this connection we feel is way too strong ... No mask too great for covering ... I taste you dear .. Uncovering ... Soul drum player hearts rumbling ... ....Mirrored spaces  ... ...Leaving traces ... Cosmic invasive .. Faith In all I believe ... Eyes may deceive .. ..Trickster Remixes  beats ... Dancing in the streets ... Love shared between our souls.. Surpassing skin & bones ... Feels just like home ... I'm Not alone ... I know you.... I open cause I believe ... It is you and it is me ... No

Random encounters shit ppl say

The man said let him sew his royal oats .. I said, say what .. Ohh well he can sew his royal oats straight up a goats ass ... Joking man .. Breaking hearts for some please filled with disease ... Ahhh yes sew his royal oats .. Wonderful .. But one must never expect to sew any royal oats up my royal cloak... What i have cant be tamed ... I like it just as much and wildly insane .. Save my candy coated cane .. For someone like me ... If everyone can have it .. I would never fkn want it ... Disgusting

Uncut Duhhh

Never settle for less than you feel you deserve. If you are not happy about something, ask yourself what is it that i am not happy with ... When you figure this part out and you have a definitive answer ... Ask yourself again ... Is this something that i can personally change myself ... And chances are .. YOU can !! So tell me .. Why would you not change it and give yourself the very things you know would make you happy .. Doesnt fkn make sense ..: Duhhh!!!


Even without receiving Your love in return .. Doesnt mean it doesnt exist .. And in this knowing, i am at Peace... Cause our activation has already been opened & released ... Therefore making our truth paths complete .. We exude our higher powers .. From every tower in which our feet stand ... Figuratively we hold hands ... Flame on .. Vibrational creational vibrancy .. We are light bearers each carrying our own torch ... My soul honors your soul completely .. That makes me happy .. Loving you In complete light ... For eternity

Twin Soul Life ~ written earlier this month of june 2014

I Am most excited of our day coming soon ... Where the final synapse is complete.. The electrical voltage we will feel shoot / pulsate / tingle in every part & in every inch / section / vein / cell / atom / molecule / bone / muscle /  of our fully awakened spiritual states of acknowledging our entire being.. Each awakened part of ourselves comfortably & most naturally Settling back into the only place that has ever truly felt like home. We found our home in Om ...  Who would  of known that in mythology carries within it some cleverly hidden truths ... It all depends on the Believer in YoU... We are built for this ... Made with sweet intentions ... By some Masterful creator that bursted with paSsion & vision .. Creating "we" you & i .. Our love is my most selfish place to be .. So they say .. Melt away .. That stupid way of thinking .. Love you deeply .. We win this race ... For We are born by romance written in our stars   .. Beautiful

Uncut crab Alert

Some may believe that getting hurt by another justifies their future actions / walls / attitudes in future dealings with others .. Now protecting themselves from experiencing the same "pain" again ... But in doing so blocking the very essence of the spirit / essemce / being that you are ... Creating a hard shell that denies itself ... Loving expression ... Dont be a fkn crab ... You block out hurt by being ALL kinds of LOVE anyway ...

Uncut brOoklyn FLASHback

Brooklyn Girl .. Im going back back to my Old SkoOL.. Classics .. Biggie biggie love .. lil Kimberly raPp game tight .. She didnt give a fk .. Neither did i ... Thinking about dem old days .. Old ways ... What do you do when your spirit is untrue .. You need another PLAN in your life .. Its like that ya'll .. Cause my Love is CONCRETE.. 9 out 10 niggas aint shit .. Niggas ~ open for worldly interpretation ... Burp Nation .. Namaste Show Love the brooklyn Way .. Taking it back ... Old school Fever

Uncut I LOvveeee .....

Funny little thing that comes with self love & acceptance .... Its called NOT giving a flying fk about REALITY .. RESULTS.. One lets go of EXPECTATIONS.. Only expectations one can have is the one YOU can give/have/Hold/Try for YOURSELF.. So even when it comes to these LOVE themes .. Makes my heart scream ... Heart on triple double beat .. even during those/these times ... I .. Cause i can only speak for myself ..... I can LET GO .. I can still Be Free & ME .... And i can CONFIDENTLY LOVINGLY WHOLEHEARTEDLY PEACEFULLY ACCEPT any OUTCOME that comes to be .... You know why .... cause i do NOT give a flying fk ... Its about me ... Its always been about me ... Selfish as it sounds ... Arrogant / cocky / proud ... I know what this is... And ive been every fkn thing thus far in my world ..... And the only thing i have never been (UNTIL NOW) something ive NEVER been for myself was LOVING CONFIDENT ACCEPTING PEACEFUL CARING POSI

Stringy Butterfly encounters

Butterfly oh butterfly You make me soar Higher than i ever imagined before You held me up with such a thin string Teaching me the power to believe .. The power of the strength in me .. Invisible threads link me .. To forever & everything i Am.. I Am .. FREE .. Butterfly DreAm .. I Can See

InStAgrAms GrAtAfknTuDe

HAPPY GRATITUDE EVERY DAY!!! its easy 2 get sidewarped into not having everyday / forever & ever / absolute & complete #GRATITUDE for your life and everything currently in it ... Its #EASY to #FOCUS on every fkd up thing going on & every felt need / lack one perceives.. But let me tell you how GRATITUDE WORKS .. Notice GRAtitude is Similar to our word #ATTITUDE .. So yea if you find Lack of ... maybe first place you should take A #LOOk is in your FACE/ATTITUDE .. GRATITUDE if you are not waking up blessed in such a #PEACEFUL #loving #STATEOFMIND ... #PRACTICE builds #BRIDGES to the #LIMITLESSNESS that having Absolute #GRATITUDE brings.. There is #ALWAYS Something out there for you to be #GRATEFUL for ... When i wanted to start being intentional with being Grateful i started #writing #everyday #10 #TEN things i was grateful for .. And everyday i would add to this list .. Not only did i #Add to this list .. I fkn #Read this list #OutLoud #ReALProud .. Allowing the #POWER of


GLOBAL WARNING.. Global WARM STinG.. There is No Shutting ..... Me DoWn.. Unicorn Crown.. Even the Lion bows Down.. LoVE speLL Drop Down.. Jupiter & Mars come crashing into Town .. Fkn WoW.. Love Struck CLoWn..

Uncut UnYin KneWs ~ written june 21 2014

Just wrote this .. Dont Note this .. Im just the hand using the thumb to write me numb .. She thinks this is fun .. Yet she runs .. Bitxh must be boring .. Bored .. boinging Sometimes she doesnt wish to make sense .. Fkn pen .. Wont write what is bRiGHT for your minds eye ... Listen Slut .. Stfu.. just copy & paste your shit TasteRectomy.. hiStoRyESiRmE.. huntsmen sharpened Eyes.. Oh LooK Evil Queen In disguise.. Spitting Lies  Super Denies.. candle AppLe churchSpiNacKLe.. You aint snow White Bitch so sit yo Ass Back Down... Crusty Musty cloWn.. We run you down .. Yo mama aint around .. Biggest joke around .. If i were you i would go kill myself .. Instant death.. Fkn wrecked.. Shit skank loser bomb.. I fkd your mom.. She gave me head.. In your bed.. Fkd her dead.. Angel of Death has come to collect.. consider your ransom met .. He cant be handsome .. Yes he's handsome .. handsome & gay .. swings the other way

uncut WAnTed

Its not that i cant breathe without you .. Without your LoVe .. Every part of WE I know to be so .... GOod.. Telling me what to do .. How to feel.. People are so fkn unreal ... You must heal .. Open wounds with shattered parts.. Hearts.. You tell me this too shall pass .. Hey Dude... Thanks Man ! So glad for this to be all figured out.. Its not that i cant breathe without your love.. Without YOU.. The truth of the matter is that I just dont fkn want to ... Ive tasted every part of us that brings up both to life ... This aint fkn right .. Book of life.. Author holding pen . Ink blood stains making it rain.. I can breathe life here without you .... What fkn good would that do ... When i am well aware i just dont fkn want to.. I WaNT YOU!!

Uncut sTory TellHer peNshiPkiSs

Fire breather ... Elixer Twixer Word Flipper .. Found my MoJO penPAP.. ItS inkerSpeLLZAp.. Automatic ShMYriNG .. FuturDipSiX colliding .. How  i knew in my suBWriting You would bleSs thiS MeSsHzOoMDiEinG So HApPAbLueJAYFLying Inner plAyChild FiNDinG .. Writers sweet subliming .. blockErsBonKerSUniTE sPiRiTseXmAsTeRFLaMeWRITERbriGHterLiGHTer Sleep With Me & Hold Me tighter.. NEVER letting Go. Dont let me go.. White Lighter Shines BrighT her.. PenSpoTiOnS autoMaTED runyon.. Super Explosion .. LeftyFLucKs around .. Number PaGeRAce Pen & PAL is back in town ... Write HER InkTasTe .. StoryTeLL HER sweepstakes.. Pen & i eye 2 eye Paper wins its fkn sin

Uncut brunchy Truth

Morning morning .. Its a beautiful day in WonderLand .. Enchantments sprinkling all around .. Pixie dust never spills to the ground .. It is the opposing force of gravity .. Such a rarity .. Or is it .. TRUTH.. Truth you say .. YOU cant handle the truth .. Not my truth anyway, in this moment of "NoW" Highway Robbery chase .. If i didnt know any better speed car Track Racer .. Tarot flipping Chariot .. King of Cups summons Queen of Cups by sending his Joker.. Queen of cups long journey  as her own fool.. King of cups all filled with fluff creator of obstacles running amok.. TRUTH.. SEEKER.. or Tyrant LoVe Beater MASsTerBATer..  Come on now spectator .. Deliberator .. Or child care player .. Truth can be given once the chicken has risen .. Stepping UP to the plate .. Reveals all thats missing .. TRUTH to be seen once Chicken Crosses the Road.. Future foretold when Action Potentials are released . Motor neurons jump jump as action potentials hunt hun

Ig burn the Witch post

Upon my earthly Death ( which is EVERY day Btw ) but upon what we have been Conditioned 2 perceive as omg that bitxh just died .. YeA .. When that happens .. Just ‪#‎ BurnMyBoDy‬  cause i promise You this .. all this Omg i have to Do I have  ‪#‎ LiFeInsurance‬ ‪#‎ BuLLshit‬  need to prepare my  ‪#‎ Death‬  while ‪#‎ iAMaLiVe‬ ‪#‎ burialPloTAisle5NeartheSicKAmoRTree‬ ‪#‎ coveredByLeAves‬ ‪#‎ ohPleaseYesDoComeVisitMe‬ ‪#‎ iWillNotBeThere‬  Kindly tell me .. This most ‪#‎ Gorgeous‬   ‪#‎ BurialArt4AGrAvE‬ ‪#‎ forgottenSouLs‬   ‪#‎ THEYwereKIND‬ ‪#‎ soKindTheyBuiltThemSelvesAshriNE‬ ‪#‎ ooHLALaLALa‬  these Kind People knew the importance of  ‪#‎ prePAraTion4ThisNAtion‬  of ‪#‎ JAcKASseS‬   ‪#‎ 10millionDollArDeAth‬ ‪#‎ mustPaYAnExitFee‬  cause You didnt  ‪#‎ PAY‬ enough while  ‪#‎ You‬  were  ‪#‎ LiVing‬ ‪#‎ interestRATes‬ &TAXeSriseByThemselVes ‪#‎ LiVingHeLL‬   ‪#‎ BurNTheWitch‬  in my will i will provide you each with your Own  ‪#‎ Match‬  & how expensive is it really for some 

Uncut ~ do you ~ do me written 6/9/14

You know.. I get it ... Visualizing shit can be difficult to really get us to SEE ... cause even if we do not say it out loud we already have been PRECONDITIONED 2 believe & process as FACT .. Whether we choose to acknowledge it or not for ourselves... <<<<< STUBBORN people especially have this tendency of finding it harder to IMAGINE something outside of their own BELIEF BOX >>> I can recognize Stubbornness in others, because no matter how PERFECT i AM for myself ...  I can be stubborn too at times .... But i am stubborn with others & their TRUTHS .. Or believed REALITIES for themselves .. Which i totally RESPECT & truthfully as long as it is not directly affecting me ... I honestly dont fkn care what anyone chooses to believe for themselves ... It is everyones ENTITLEMENT to BE FREE .. To BELIEVE whatever they fkn want .. Even when i KNOW they are wrong ... I know i know i know Little Miss Know it All ... Ive been called s


God .. DeVil.. Who are they ... We all search for this meaning in our lives & our own personal god connection ... Sold so many beliefs / histories / theories / idealogies / philosophies .... But who is this God we speak of .. This devil... The God within us .. The god outside of us .. The God of this Universe / planet / people ... The devil technically being the polar opposite of our God we believe in or learn about .... So if God is within us .. Bigger picture ... We are made in this image of God .. So who is the DeviL?? Polarities .. We live on a planet that from our levels of understanding ... Sciences / and univeral energetic truths that exist for us based off of our own intellectual depths of explorations we have in search for answers to the understanding of everything that contributes to the functioning of We / Me / you / Him / Her / and this planet we currently reside on ... And it has been shown that it would appear thus far that based

Uncut break downs

The other night i was met with wild and vivid dreams ... This evening i was met with extremes amount of energy , restlessness , and lets not forget periodic lovely episodes of dizziness accompanied with feeling nauseous . Literally broke night ... Rested uncomfortably .. Feeling wired for some strange reason ... Kind of like when you are near .. My spirit not letting me rest ... When will you just step out of your own comfort zone & fkn take a walk on the wilder side of life .... Excuse my Early morning cursing .. Wild means putting all of our defenses down ... Leaving ourselves open for truth to present itself  to us .... Being vulnerable ..   Following our hearts and our dreams ... But seriously when do we / me / you  just let it all Go .. Meaning let everything that hinders us from moving towards where the compass of our hearts lead us ...    Just letting all Preconceived thoughts / fears / beliefs

Uncut love rocks

If our hearts are one in the same.. & you too are feeling this way ... This stabbing pain ... Heart crying out one anothers names ... This travesty is a bloody tragedy ... Rocks are hard ... So are you ... Fkn blues ... I got an album of my own coming soon ... Summertime sadness, Lana shes the baddest ... She knew exactly what to do ... Singing her tune ... Of loves summertime blues ... Our hearts beat exactly the same ... Do you feel the rain ... Stinging Piercing Clawing Butchered Yea this love .. This drug ... Burn me at the stake ... Better yet ... Stone me to death ... You're the fkn best .... Here .. Please throw the first stone ... Take me home ... I'd rather die than live a lie ... Hit me with your best shot ... Our love rocks !!

Uncut blunt

I need  / need / need ... To unplug .. Unplug ... Unplug .... Building on it ... Working on it .... Maybe i will call it a summer vacay .... Its not punishment ... Its all about me .... All about me & my peace of mind .... Before everything that you thought would work ... Blows up right in your face ... Such a waste ... I cant fkn take it anymore ... Im just the fool in black ... Believing some whack ~ y ~ neSs .. While everything is oh so fine thru the looking glass ... Fk this man ... Im done

Different breed

How in the world do i allow for comments on here ... I have no clue ... All i know how to do is post a new entry ... Technologically unsavvy me ... Yup ... Different breed ..

Uncut Ouch

You know what fkn hurts ... It just hurts .. No matter the size of its penetration ... It causes so much pain ... I can barely walk without feeling its wrath ... Pain .... We all can relate .... Fkn splinters ... Probe me with needles time ... Get this fkn splinter out ... Ouch ...

R.E ~ writer - written 2/20/10 10:16PM

Altered state of consciousness right now as i write this.  You know when i write my hand moves, somewhere from within me creates these words that emerge (in my eyes) out of thin air. I say this cause when i write i never know what i am writing .. A lot of the times after i finish a piece of writing & i go back to re-read i never know how these words / those words / my words / how those words got there ... Baffled always and many a time scratching my own damn head ...  I mean dont get me wrong i remember writing it .. I am conscious of the fact that i am the writer, i do remember the moment(s) of my writing fevers ... But "jennifer" "Me" i do not know which "jennifer" is present during these types of processes.  I do not know her. Have we met before ? Hmmm i wonder. She is forever changing, never once remaining the same. She is Forever on the move. Regardless of all this "mystery" everything / every part of this / its all real .. As honest an

Uncut spit spat splat

If i bestowed unto you what you give to me .... You would hate me ... They say do unto others as you would have done to you .... Is this true ... Feeling blue .... Its ok .... One fine day when all madness is swept away ... I may no longer give a fk ... Upon this day ... There would be nothing left to say .... Cause i wont care


So yea .. This sucks .. Pass the buck.. Eat cereal ... Make absolutely no sense .. Post nonsense ... Fk it .. Nobody cares anyway

Uncut hell

Woke up like .. Feeling like .. Annoyed with.. Tired of ... Same old song ... Secrets held ... Hearts withheld .. This is hell ..

Uncut empty

I dont know what to do .. Take a walk in my shoes .. Feeling so confused .. What can i really do ... Kept out at bay .. Awaking everyday .. Empty ..

Uncut i do what i want

Other people always have this underlying belief that they know what is best for you ... If that be the case they can do it themselves & have just that for themselves .. If i welcome an opinion of yours doesnt mean i concur .. And if you most certainly have a Problem with anything that i do .. You can fkn suck it ... To each is own .. I dont live out my life thru your vision .. That would just be fkn retarded .. You want it so bad ... Have it .. Have it all ... ❤️🙏❤️ 💋

R.E our LoVe ~ written April 8 2008

I keep dreaming of a time When i was all alone Remembering before you stepped into my life & carried me Home You kept reminding me that our love will last forever ForEver! I find myself so unbelievably drawn to you You told me to keep my eyes shut until we're almost there You speak to me from your soul You were telling me that you Love me And that our love is so rare Your Love is so amazing I Am so in love with you You came & whisked me so far away Flying high With you i forever stay Reaching high Baby i am here to stay in every way You've opened my heart to everything truly amazing This here, you & i , this is something ive never felt before I never desire to be without your loVe That would leave me crazy My lOve is overflowing for you I dont wish for this ever to stop We are so over the top You have shown me what LoVe is truly all about There is no stopping this We could never stop This is what true love is all about You said we w

R.E Faith ~ written August 2 2008

Rescue me oh lord Save me from my impending doom The devil resides near by Do or die, forever he tries, plottiny my demise Plotting on the perfect time The perfect time to implode Waiting for me to explode He wants me to turn my back on you He sees me ... YoU see me ... He Lurks.. You patiently plan .. He hovers over me whispering sweet nothings in my ears Oh how i wish that i could not hear He attacks I am his prey Every single day .. Day into night ... This cant be right .. This is my life ? I do not want him to devour me .. Hes already slowly killing me ... And i know that you are hearing me You are his weakness And forever my strength You empower me with never ending faith

R.E stupid child ~ written May 7, 2009

Wonderful World Sweet smelling world Enticed by all the drama unfolded What A fool ive been Escape into your whirl Horrible most dismantled world At least that is in my World Chaos, pain & heartache Full of dismay Living my life with all the shadows in my way Am i blind ? Am i choosing not to see ? All this blasphemy imposed before me Such a stupid child Restless & weak The water well in me, running so deep Purify Me.. Helpless & heading down the path of destruction ... Total suction .. Do not fall prey Do not fall prey Remember, Pray! Innocent children stand in my way .. For im the Fool Numbingly  & foolishly i stay Cast out these demons in me Deaf, dumb & blind ... That has been me this entire time .. Theres a rumbling in my soul She desires to break free .. Casting out all demons i lay in bed with at night ... Making things right .. Stupid child

R.E Run to you ~ written December 11, 2008

I live in this world But i am not ot this world This is the journey of my life Bound by chains & wicked ways Shackled & imprisoned for my shame I fight, but my fight is just not enough Clinging to the hooe of my Never Giving Up And giving it up & completely surrending my all.... All of myself! This is my shame I Am only to blame For i do want to walk fully with the Lord Suffering because of my own earthly form of a weakness ... I am weak in so many ways .. For i am still searching .. Shatter Me oh Lord.. Shatter me into tiny fragmented pieces bursting into light I am wandering about .. He will not let the enemy devour me whole .. He sees my true potential , he would never forsake me ... My God .. He is working through all of me .. He sees me .. If only i could see what he sees ! Z The beauty within me, my divinity, my beautiful soul ... My true embodiment of what his vision knows mw to be ... Wolves & sheep ... I Am A wolf .. He smiles becaus

R.E bright Chant ~ written 2/12/13 2:37 AM

Vision so bright Clarity right Rose colored spectacles are removed Begin the pursuit Of happily ever after Each move calculated and open to receive Everything good bestowed upon me Overwhelmed with greatness Receiving it with ease Documenting the entire journey Of inner peace The universe intervening Calling it the law of attraction Pay close attention For it already has begun Interwoven together Delicate like lace But built solid like the roots beneath the ground Fermented and engulfed Within me Around me Everywhere Anywhere Always And Forever LOVE always being the key For Jesus walked on water because he did truly indeed believe And all GREAT / WONDERFUL / MARVELOUS things shall flourish all around .. Beginning NOW!!!

R.E . Nobodys letter PT II - written feb 10 2013 3:09AM

I had said to myself I leave this up to fate .. If and when one of us was ready , the other would be ready too.. And things would of flowed intricately.. But we did not this time around float harmoniously together as one .. We can try again  maybe for next time.. And maybe this time u would put in a little bit more effort, or not.. Always up to u ... :) But anyway luv .. I am exhausted myself & now finally my week has ended I too intend on resting ..  Stay safe, warm & have a good night !! :)

R.E ~ nobodys letter ~ written - jan 23 2013 11:13 AM

Hi, I don't know what this letter is going to say, but I do know that whatever is in it will come from my heart and be the absolute truth. Part of my battle with you is that I know that you are a wonderful man, great man!! But, my battle is not with the man himself its with the man inside himself. The man that has never shown his face. I am a pretty simple girl for the most part, I do not need to have someone get carried away in the dynamics of romance, whisking me away far and abroad.. Although those grand gestures of love would certainly be welcomed and ok from time to time. I am after all a girl by nature. I am a woman filled with life, love, joy, optimism, romance , PASSION & so forth... I need those very things too, especially  when it comes to love and close intimate relationships. I NEED to feel the love .. I NEED to experience the passion... I NEED for the earth to move beneath my feet and know that whomever is standing there beside me feels the same exact Way as i do.

R.E. VoteOmiT - written - nov 7 2012 8:52 Am

It doesn't matter who is President of our country, our system is loonnggg preconditioned us into becoming the society we are today as a whole. But what does make a difference is who WE are as people, TOGETHER, especially when we UNITE as one to fight for our own rights, justices, equality, fair trade & so on... It is WE the people who truly inherently have this POWER & CONTROL, but we are soooo already preconditioned to what we have been told are our rights, liberties & so forth... We may have come together to elect our current President, entrusting in him to fulfill our needs & best interest at heart. But I believe that it is WE who could only revolutionize that sort of change, and that my friends begins in your own backyard. We all see solutions to our current dilemmas & urgencies in this worlds, many solutions conflict with one another because each solution is given by an individual who tries to SELL his solutions. "Individual" being the KEY word he

R.E ~ uncut Train NoSe Momma ~ written; nov 13 2012 12:16PM

I'm naked I am bleeding People surround me , I'm under attack Reflections of me from Across the room how different I look from what I feel.. On the train right now .. This woman just squeezed right in.. I shy away from laughing or smirking cause she wasn't too rude about it she apologized outloud, but to whom well I'm still wondering that myself. She did utter I'm sorry but looked down at her luggage as she said it. I just don't know. Lol Now she's playing with her nose.. I'm about to jump off my seat here .. I never sit and when I do .. Because my neck is still killing me, so I am trying to take it easy, and this monstrosity takes place. Big suitcase nose Picking momma over here to my left. 0.o Lol

Uncut Earth

OUR EARTH CAN NOT BE DESTROYED !!! Oh yeaaa... PROVE IT .... Fear.. Them bastards... Wording ... There is a hiearchy for "words" & their "placements" All i say is pay fkn attention ... Read ... Re~read.... Re~ fkn ~ read ... againZzz.... You would be amazed as to how many X's the same story WILL change ... FACT.. prove me wrong ... I dont need a stupid study done to show & prove the statement i just said above ... We are fed to be morons .. Are YOU a moron ?? Im just asking .. Ooh lets turn a theory into a fact and make it so darn provable that it makes morons believe that it is impenetrable in being able to be disproved ... Fkn FoOLs... Lets make everything .. Wait .. Lets turn everything into an argument ... And lets call that pride / ego / anger / loss of control / WAR ... Catastrophys all around & we sit around & eat fkn pOpcorn .. Contemplating slitting our own throats to be put out of our own b

R.E . Episodes ~ written ~ july 30 2013 1:30 PM

Ok so here it goes .. Going against prob wise advisement I send this to you anyway.. Not that u would know it & not that I've showed it but in our brief encounter uve managed to make  me feel a kind of way i was not prepared for ... & with the  reality of it being much more harsher than i was prepared for, well because of feelings unreciprocated ive  realized many things that were needed to be learned, for myself ... I know u believe we met for a reason (could of been a pick up line u should of tried . ) but anyway it was true either way .. I needed to learn something before my next journey .. And I have .. And I couldn't just end things with absolutely no closure with expressing myself to the person responsible for this transformation.. So thank you .. And I am most happy now to let you go ...

R.E . Universal cry ~ written ~ july 30 2013 / 5:35 PM

Universe processing these feelings is quite intense .. Because I am only beginning to understand it myself .. So things are still unclear but my trust in what I am doing by freeing love into the universe and  totally trusting that whatever is meant to be will be ... It hurts a lot.. It doesn't feel like winning or succeeding .. But again those things are of egos nature and not one with spirit and of being in alignment with the universe. Although I weep I promise I am not sad, possibly disappointed, but again that is egos interference with the bigger picture at hand. Writing about it helps. Expressing myself helps. I cried heavily today for myself over a stranger, one with whom I felt a connection with, or so I believed , but it was more of like a release. It actually felt good to release. I didn't even know it was coming but it did come ... Anyway music zone time :))) Either way im excited about everything of NOW :)

R.E - deceit ~ written ~ july 31 2013 ~ 1:31

Ok so I'm listening to jay z right now dirt off your shoulder & this man a fellow sagittarian who happens to share the same birthday as me... I could look for him as male guidance as to how to feel/handle my Emotions when it comes to the opposite sex .. I mean come on I have to look for inspiration from somewhere and where else to look but the fkn male species .. It's like ok .. U got ur shit right & I just so got distracted right now by this Indian woman , beautiful , dressed nicely , carrying an infant baby , holding a sign and speaking asking for money she just lost her job. My energy picked up deceit .. And I felt no compassion .. Why is that .. Compassion for all ?!? What a strange place i find myself in.. Strange strange world .. Pffft male species ... Woman species ... Human species ... Who the fk are we really ??!??

R.E. ~ SinGLE MommY ~ written ~ August 13, 2013 ~ 10:57 AM

You are success to yourself .. Never downgrade or belittle the amount of work, energy, love, & support that you are giving to your kids. That is a problem for me as well at times, use to be more of a burden I use to carry, because we all feel we wish we could do so much more. And we ask ourselves how we could be so foolish, and for me pride would never allow for me to admit that others were right about me being too young and not financially ready to start a family. The never ending turmoil we feed our spirits at times can be very brutal on our souls.  But I've learned over the years that if I downgrade all that I do, and I don't give myself enough credit for all that I have accomplished thus far, I rob myself of any good fortune that would exist. Because I'm too busy looking at all that is not there, instead of what is right here with me at this very moment in time. And Who in the world wants to intentionally do that to themselves? (but we do.. we do this a lot of tim

R.E. ~ Written | August 18 2013 / 10:17AM

Certain things start to transpire, step by step , each little inkling and step propelling me forward to accomplish so much more.  What is more ??? What is life ? We say we are breathing and that breathing is free , and we fill with so much oxygen and exhale but what are we exhaling from our spirits ? Are our spirits being acknowledged, or is it just another thing that has been swept under the rug.   The balance of the chakras help in this discovery.  It helps because what you mentally envision, as to the aligning of the chakras actually helps tap into a internal system that we fail to recognize.

R.E. ~ ReVeLATioN ~ written August 20, 2013 ~ 10:38AM

I have truly had a revelation ... And it brought me to tears, because it indeed hit home. For I am a healer .. I am to inspire, motivate, love, accept, heal, guide, enlighten & help in every way that I can.. Lovingly, wholeheartedly for that is what connects me to the divine .. And there should be no other motivating factor more stronger than this .... And although my mind has been focused and determined I've allowed for ego and greed to slip into existence and forget my own true purpose... And so I laugh cry, because what moves me now is complete love, for all, because my soul sees into your soul, and truly knows that we are all the same.. And regardless of how we believe we are "thought" to be here, we all originate the same!!! My hands are blessed by God, my words are blessed by God, my eyes are blessed by God, my ears are blessed by God, my mind is blessed by God, my heart is blessed by God.... All part of me is blessed by God, for I am a child of God, and therefo

Uncut Train ride Chant ~ Game of thrones

Sleep  calls out my name.. I wish to see your face .. I Am the hamster in the wheel staying in place.. Just gots 2 keep moving .. When i dream, you are still there .. Lingering around everywhere ... You wish for me to let go, but yet you hold on... You hold on & i feel you breathing all down my neck... What the heck ... Is this a test ... Final rest ... Beat me down & smack me silly ... Is this really a game ... Ah! Yes YoU.. Its you .. You put me to feel shame ... Crazy is as crazy does Sir .. Rulerrrr her ... Stick it to me sweet & gently ... As i go to sleep .. This place we meet ... This place of our forevers carved into stone ... & yet why do we still feel so alone ... Fight for our throne ... This is home ... Game of thrones ..

Uncut ~ Annie .. I think

I use to sing this song over & over when i was younger ... Maybe it was from "Annie" idk besides her "tomorrow" song .. Cause i sang that 1 too quite a lot actually .. I guess i was always emoiSh .. Pffft .. WhateverZ.. But not that one ... And for the life of me i cant remember all the words.. But it will come back to me ... Duhh.. Google .. But yea ... For the past couple of days this tune has been resurfacing & i find myself humming it .. Oh yea .. Did ya know im a hummer .. Yup!! I admit it .. I hum so much that i dont even know i am humming .. I also speak some other language .. Dont know where it came from .. How it started .. And that one comes out whenever it wants to .. I swear no control .. It at first was slightly embarrassing cause ya know ppl look at you like "wtf" haha but i dont care ... Which brings me back to i really think its from Annie .. But yea anyways who cares ... Exactly .. Who fkn cares ... Not many .. And many w

Uncut ~ hunger Pains

The pull the pull the pull We push we push we push This ticking won't stop Lock & unloaded.. Its ok iM reloaded .. Time capsules resurfacing this earth Filled with bloody thirst For reorder Tony Montana style .. Who's world is this ? The world is mine, the world is yours .. Question marks all around.. The dj keeps spinning my sound... Makers wish .. We dance to this .. Betty Crockers in the kitchen whipping up a fresh batch ... Of... You like this .. I like that .. Sour Patch.. Baked from scratch ... There is a party in my tummy .. Theres a party in my tummy .. & the party is going down all night long .. Radio talks smack all night long ... Orchestra admired for their auto tune Mix ... Assemble the ensemble of this assembly fix.. Get in line .. .. Clockworks on time .. Blue jays are rhyming .. Do not eat green eggs & ham.. Spam is Sam he does not like.. But like daM oh MAN he got served air tight ... The green eggs & ham gave Sam

Musical Share of My MoMent ~~ (M.S.o.M.M) missOm - lindsey stirling ~ SHATTER ME

Ok yea so My Song of this Moment is by Musical SensAtionALLy most Talented, Artist whom i absolutely LOVE ... Lindsey Stirling ... This is the first song of hers i have listened to that has any lyrics because most of her songs that i know of is just of her playing the violin & dancing beautifully as she sets fire to her craft ... I know my birthed Love for music played by strings of many a sort, violin being on top of my favorites ... But this woman is fkn amazing .. Anyone who states otherwise carries no appreciation whatsoever for arts & crafts ... Well anyways ... Amazing FKN song .. With fkn lyrics to match ... I do not  need to say how fkn dope her instrumentals are in this song ... Because her fkn instrumentals are dopeSpecTacuLAr in this song !! Along with her remarkable instrumentals she also delivers lyrical song to this venue that pierce thru my skin & penetrate down to my bones ... So yea .. Feeling this song immensely .... So much so i am sharing ... I am

Uncut ~~~ RuM ShAKher

"The scars of this war, seen as craters, have not eroded much for two main reasons: The moon is not geologically very active, so earthquakes, volcanoes and mountain-building don't destroy the landscape as they do on Earth; and with virtually no atmosphere there is no wind or rain, so very little surface erosion occurs. The Moon is an Egghead" << some Website i just copied & pasted from.. Their words ... Most definitely not mine.. Get it got it GoOd>> Random rambling thoughts .. May not be coherent enough just do not desire 4 it to disappear .. Perception Science Moon birthed thru an earth collision .. Was it ?? Says who ?? Battle scars .. Based off of our intelligence .. Of understanding .. Based off of our evolution of understanding .. Based off of science we accumulate based off our depths of understanding .. Till a new door opens .. A new questioner .. A new thought process ... A new level .. Materializes ... Out of thin air .. Wha

Uncut ~ Standing O !!

Crowd teaser Self pleaser Wicked and most certainly bad .. Managing your band, lets just call it your personal army.. Line of defenses ... First line down ... Escapist wow .. Blowing spectacles of glitter in my face.. Pricking out of me some type of reaction .. Inner climactic .. Is this all to your bloody satisfaction .. This interaction .. A bookie fashion .. Get it while its hot .. Building no fkn stops .. Available for download .. Book it , lock it ... Unload .. Intergalactic dynamics saved in your vault .. At your disposal when you fkn want .. This fkn stunt .. Devils lurking all around .. Sudden death stare without a blank care ... Intergalactic warfare .. Look into the camera all you like .. You know you ain't right .. Keeping your super player games plugged in tight .. Story of your life .. Life full stream, live if you know what i mean ... Building dynasties.. Author telling narrator lets take it nice and slow ... Cant build an overload .. Space Age theatrics ... Must

Uncut ~ imaginings

I imagined a great big surprise .. I imagined not believing my eyes ... I imagined the huge smile upon my face ... Traces of you lifting me up to grace .. I imagined it all ... Beautiful, i imagined feeling it all ... Imagining that my imaginings were true ... Realizing loves price.... imaginings is all i can ever really do ... imaginings of my love So true ... Imaginings of a never ending blue .. Escape to my dreams where i fall in LoVe with you ...

Uncut ~ Dead End

People are allowed to do whatever they please .. What i look for is authenticity .. Behaviors i carefully observe .. And if its not up to par with my personal standards .. I do not wish to waste my time on a dead end street ..

Uncut beautiful Soul

You not loving me, does not change the fact that i still LoVe you. Will it make me cry? I dont know yet, that part hasnt happened... Does it hurt ? Yes, it does cause my heart some level of pain & discomfort. Simply because you do not love me back. I am accepting of that, because i know that i can not make you love me... Although thats what my heart would love nothing more than to receive my love in return. But that doesnt seem to be the reality of what is going on here between us at this current moment. I am accepting of that too. Will i weep in despair? Will i become bitter, resentful, & nasty because i didnt receive what my heart craves at this moment in time? Will i curse your name & speak blasphemys to poorly try to rid my pain & anger & take it out on you ? Does that sound like something i would do ? I would hope not. I understand, and i get it. It certainly sucks for me at this moment in time.. But hey, i am a big girl i will most certainly be fine! Maybe i