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Uncut chant - words inspired by Vitamin String Quartet

Inspired by music from Vitamin string quartet ~ shadow days (Remember always unedited.. It's just what comes to mind.. I let the music lead me ) Some days are strange Other days are shadows But each day approached without too much clatter For silence stills my mind Once there was a wave And now I float still The past is but a distant hill I look back no longer I look forward to my tomorrow's The shadow days I sometimes I hold onto , because within those shadows I lay naked & incomplete .. A part of what exists escapes & flees plaguing me with insanity Corruption in its highest form Crazy damn song ... rattling my mind the violin strings constantly unwind singing their sad lullabies Constant chatter.. As I close my eyes Reach my hands to the skies Letting go of every haunting image that imprisons my soul Watch as I surrender But somewhere in the shadows I lay helpless, naked & Ripped open bleeding In those shadow days evil souls tore o

Musical journeys ... Everything must change ~ Olafur Arnalds

This is my free flow writers journey into my mind being stimulated by music.. Everything must change ~ Olafur Arnalds .... Here's one interpretation of a story to be told ... He came into her life Dressed in his disguise Asking her to dance As he continued his trance. Lovely as she was she wasn't fooled by his demeanor Underneath she knew something was just not quite there .. Hidden glare Sudden stare Death trap Something must change ... Reckless engage .. A change must come .. Static confessions of a ravaged heart.. Love dehydration Two hearts that beat simultaneously side by side One step two step each step two step one step emerged as one .. The molecular binding solidified intensified multiplied magnified .. Their two worlds collide ... Helplessly out of control.. everything must change ... The tide has come ... He comes undone ... He grabs her impulsively she melts helplessly as they do their dance Glaring into one another's ey

Uncut chant !

You know what we ALL need to do more of ?!?! We ALL need to wake up with the desire to treat ALL others with love & compassion!!!! We should ALL want to make one another feel great & wonderful! Imagine that ha! A world where we ALL respect & love one another & carry on our daily lives & activities, being absolutely mindful about how we make other people feel. Now that would most certainly be a sight to see... Love is always the key ... So many few walk thru.. Walk thru.. It's like mad cow disease plaguing humanity with insanity .. Love love love .. Solutions .. Misguided perceptions of ones soul journey .. Give me the loot they all dare say.. Masking themselves as gentleman .. Saying, here take this pill it is good for you ... And yes please do swallow .. Lol and that's what she said ! I love these rants cause I never do know what I am going to say.. So as it comes to mind there go the waters flow .. Oozing unto a palate of intricate webs being