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Maybe it's just me.. And maybe only I will be the only one to get it.. After all it came from within my own infrastructure..  So isn't it  for me to be the only one who gets it ?  After all it is within my own domain.. Fragments escape at first sight of light. Mirror images of  souls run deep! Vision.. When does vision come Into play? To paint a landscape only to tear it down and rebuild it all back up again... Tear down Build up  Tear down  Build up  Our own.. Radio-graphical form of existence! Time spent ?  Where does it all go? Hmm.. I wonder... Ticking clock, non stop, Round the clock.. Imposing some kind of order..  Biblical hierarchical social bullshit.. But only if you ask me.. You see ! Lol I see ..  But maybe it is only me.. Still waters running deep plaguing me with sanity.. Weeping for humanity..          love the key to all.

Uncut chant sent from my iPhone

Just some venting & babbling entering the midst... Finding myself more so now more  than ever, becoming infuriated when I learn truly what this world is controlled & manipulated by.. And it pains me to SEE that not any of us, ALL of us (including myself) WE do absolutely nothing about it. ;(  What I want to know & will never begin to understand  is why with all the available knowledge today of how our society & government is run, do we continue to "CHOOSE" to allow ourselves to be enslaved, controlled & suppressed..  Where is our Human Revolution????  Do we honestly CHOOSE to remain deaf, blind & dumb, based solely on the premises that we would be defeated before we ever  really try?? Ignorance is bliss, so I guess... NOOTTTTT!!!! Seriously wtf ??  We are larger in #'s as people fighting against a small amount of those who control & manipulate all the worlds surroundings..  I'm blind from all the madness ;