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I am going to  begin to start POSting once again in the

ORACLE WONDERLAND tab available here inside of


I Feel strongly intuitively guided to flow into this
realm I feel drawn to further explore - nurturing this into something more
Requires my

Inside of this COLLECTIVE ORACLE WONDERLAND will be random 
tarot oracle style messages created for ANONYMOUS
However the story and whatever the read
these are divine art I cles to
Further IN LIGHT in Us All on this cosmic journey of discovery
however spirit moves Oracle to be shared will be how it will be shared 
Random and serving purpose with intuitive care
So please note theseOracles will be kept inside of there
protected and held in light and LoVe
for ALL
ANONYMOUS receivers  out there



Let’s further explore what Anonymous means along these oracle aligns 
these quantum oracles are for you whom remain anonymous if any of these oracles apply / resonate with you in any way 
Anonymous just might be you Too!! 
it may be Just FOR YOU and only you 
Lucky you 
if it resonates 
this is your first clue 
Anonymous  is a piece of a piece too
of this greater part that makes up this quantumly Dynamic and Awesome WHOLE

Anonymous applies to anyone no matter
you get what I mean 

these messages are meant for those of You the messages touch in some way 
Heart & soul 
These energy management style stories / oracles / messages reveal themselves to me for YOU & I ensure their divine delivery being received to YOU especially designed for YOU

Thank YOU __________________________________________________________________________The energies for today                                                                                       C.O.W #4
For Anonymous 
reigning in everyway
for this collective
grey matter
that makes sense
this poetry is in effect
revealing time well spent
on those
within their spiritual
 led by the 4 of Hearts ENERGY
 some disappointment to you
Anonymous of some Kind
in the realms of the

traitor is he
from his own  heart
lets explore his own sad
this man is madly in LOVE
crashing to shore and AWAKENING from his own self deceit of this Ace of hearts
a purchasing of some property
I see signing of lease
 the sword he slices

cutting through the superficial too
you Anonymous
of some
BAD NEWS coming thru from falsified friends
they fear you leaving them dead
consider their departure a blessing in disguise
would you freakin open up your eyes
and stop believing your own FEAR based lies
looking further into the stories these ORACLES reveal 
a love story that 
was never built to last
lies, whom told you that 
some bad news at that 
liars at best 
some treachery perceived from these lands
but Builder of you Anonymous 
you are 
this is true
for there is a flip side to life when you decide to do finally what is right 
Bad News turns 
into your something kinda WONDERFUL 
this KING of SPADE 
who is naturally usually 
cold and detached in every way
never allowing for LOVe to get in the way
detached in every way 
well that does not mean he was never meant to have
taking a stand 
owning the KING inside of he 
setting him FREE
 but the EIGHT of SPADES shall highlight the waves that need to be

to knocked out today 
in every single way 
these misaligned Truths that EIGHT represents
loss of balance 
unrequited love
throw these perceptions into the 
realize that those lies were fed to you on purpose 
so in your CONSCIOUS awareness 
let it go 
allow for your 
now you know 

#Anonymous #BlessingsInDIsguise #Oracles #of #love #Freedom #Deliverance #From #Evil 

C.O.W #3
For Anonymous 

 A Rumi Oracle message from my Alana Fairchild deck


commitment is the way
"The awakened heart is like a lantern.
Keep it sheltered
from the turbulence 
of the winds of desire."

We are candles, lit by the one great flame. The great of life does not extinguish us; on the contrary; it only serves our flame to blaze brighter. Here, in the temple of one love, there is no flickering or smoke to our flame. We are natural in our purpose, simply to bring the warmth and light of love to life.  We dance, though we are stillness. 
We are on FIRE, though we do NOT burn!

There is a FLAME that must be safeguarded.  In truth, it can never be extinguished.  It is the LIGHT that never goes out.  Even with such enduring power, our recognition and respect of this flame is ESSENTIAL to human development.  This lame is holy and lies within each human heart.  

LiSTEN TO these next words shared carefully 
let it sync in

When the flame is RECOGNIZED for its WORTH, it ceases to flicker and smoke becoming very still. In the stillness, the LIGHT can fulfill its DESTINY to SHINE BRIGHTLY so as to REVEAL every path, absolutely CLEAR and without wavering in the fluctuations of fear and attachment.

no "thing" will save you 

Worthy are YOU to be Treated like the DIVINE creature that you innately are 
do not ALLOW for others to strip you of your dignity 
all because their conditioned mind closes their eyes and they live cockeyed - beating other souls down that do not recognize / acknowledge or FEEL their OWN WORTH - because they have not HEALED thru the parts of themselves and their life experience that they have a hard time accepting / dealing / feeling thru / and carry major judgement too - so when cockeyed energies come into the mix - they feed off of those that do NOT FEEL Their sense of VALUE  / WORTH / And do Not carry solid and aligned levels of self esteem within their deep... and their compliance further contributes to their feeling of defeat / unworthiness so to speak and if this level of conformity continues having its way - before one realizes all the power and control they hand gave to others that misused / misguided/ misinformed / misled / and simply just does not carry the best intentions for others - these cockeyed souls - in this lifetime - are stuck in their blind - and this lifetime - will not be the great big epiphany gifting of a seed that purges them of their wicked evil so it seems like Jekyll and Hyde making you do time - blind leading the blind - and thats how so many get sucked in - and believe as their told - and do what their told - and conform to these collective ways of subliminal chains happening everyday 

What is your twisted relationship and understanding of DESIRE?
What does DESIRE truly mean to you? 
What does DESIRE mean to the people around you ?
How do you feel about your own DESIRES? 
DO you JUDGE your desires? 
DO you subconsciously BLOCK your own PEACE of mind with these unloving to yourself judgmental ways... 
all questions are rhetorical in nature
and solely meant for you to answer yourself 
because that is whom needs to hear it 
learn it 
understand it 
and in your own selfie discovery you shall see that 
Aligning with yourself 
has been a BLESSING

Desire does NOT have to be a hindrance on your path. It can SHOW us our PASSIONS and HELP us find our PURPOSE.  However, the aTTACHMENT that can come with DESIRE, the BELIEF that it can be sated only with one particular person, one set of circumstances, can cause us to stop LOOKING at what the LIGHT is REVEALING to us - the way FORWARD on our path in the here and now - and instead try to forcibly conjure the #shadows to become what we #imagine and #fear them to be - lets be mindful of our energy creations. 

When we STOP seeing life as it is - showing up for us every moment and engaging with it as it is - we can become careless with the light of the heart.  Our huffing and puffing to FORCE what does NOT need to be forced can cause the heart light to flicker and waver.  This can make our way seem uncertain, and doubts can crowd in upon US as the LIGHT is #COMPROMISED in its #purpose 

Sometimes because of all the bs life can throw many ways 
we #forget to #trust in what is because we get caught up in the #ATTACHMENT and #FEAR surrounding our desires. Rather than letting life #move us, we try to move life.

There is a way #FORWARD on your #LIFE #PATH that needs to be #seen by #you RIGHT #NOW 

It will be #helpful for you to have CLARITY and absolute certainty - and the fact that you do NOT have this for yourself - introduces you to your first #Blockage that you #must #travel through and that is your LACK of #TRUST and #FAITH you got for yourself and your own #intuitive guidance you DO RECEIVE!!! 
You doubt your own vision and block yourself from accepting your own gifts that are meant to steer you in love serving your own purpose. This oracle comes as a #REMINDER to you - DO NOT DOUBT! What you are FEELING - deep within the passionate love of your heart LIGHT - is TRUE. IT is REAL. You are being led into it by the #progress of life itself.. You must trust in this - even if it seems at times as though you are being led away from the #vision 

Life operates according to a #genius that is #beyond a #linear approach.  It is to be Trusted rather than #understood.  There is enough #challenge in the #personal #transformation being asked of you to simply take the steps.  That is more than Enough! You do not have to also #create or control the terrain - Nor determine the map for the journey.  You simply need to take each step that presents itself to you in each moment.  

DO NOT ALLOW the fear based mind thinking to take hold and cause you to energize FEARS that your #desire won't #manifest cause you too try to bend life to your will.  IT is an unnecessary battle and one that does not service your soul here in any way. so let it all go today. . 
Instead, just #SHOW UP 
Attend to what is before you in each moment and trust yourself 
Let the LIGHT of your heart take you into serenity that will bring you the balm of a solid #core of #comfort even whilst the #world shifts and changes according to the workings of divine will.  
What does Divine Will mean to you ? 
What is your relationship with divine will in your life? 
is divine will collective? universal ? individual ? 

As you continue to move along on your life journey 
step by step 
connecting with your divine will 

Please KNOW that life is NOT working at cross preferences with you  - far from it! so stop taking everything too so personally... 
Come back into the stillness of the love within and KNOW your HEART LIGHT to be what it is -reliable and TRUE - be clear with you - in PEACE for you 

I started typing out this post which I believed was turning into a poem and then ALL of this occurred 


read as you may

FULL READING POsT available here


C.O.W #2
For Anonymous 

How cruel are you to
those that
BELIEVE in you
I feel this as a
COW maddening
that interrupts other peoples
do you not see ?
the damage you cause
ripples on
but what you can not see
is the damage you secretly seek
will return unto thee
Times Infinity 

Anonymous is this YOU Again ?
some words of Advice on this collective spin
for if you DESIRE to be in for your WIN 
you can not be deliberately messing with anyone else and their own
like what kind of KARMIC mess up of a mash up are you doing to
that is right
Ya heard me !!
Even if you feel immune in this lifetime from
paying for your INTENTIONAL and deliberate of sins against others
the ones you used to
keep people away
the ones you used and abused in some way
the payback is certainly being
marinated into existence and none are exempt from this
BLESSINGS  to be earned 
more precious than GOLD 
Too many things are happening at once
and you may be a little bit confused  about what to do
which way to go
so many alternatives that you usually go to that may not be the healthiest
you are now hesitating to ACT out any further
something got you ANonymous thinking
It is TIME for YOU to make a CHOICe 
Decide what it is that you desire as your outcome
and do not be a tyrant in this thinking aspect either
truly determine what is best for yourself
and not what you desire to CONTROL in others
that is not your path to decide other peoples outcomes
Do not feel paralyzed
or trapped by having to decide
recognize that CHOOSING at this time allows you to FULLY 
dive in and materialize
a better align of divine for you at this time
shape up your
and stop mixing things up for others
you only mix up futures for yourself
get some HELP


C.O.W #1
For Anonymous 
Caught in the Ruins
a vision they
can not see
that settles deep within their deep
an unsettling prison
Each one trying to understand where each of them
feeling imprisoned man
in every single way

Caught in the Ruins
Akashic gotta say
that somewhere in one shared history
past life
there was a castle
a castle
where stood no roof
a most dark, difficult and negative energy
that has carried over
began here

A man and a Woman
are both seated inside
a castle in ruins to their  right
and a Beautiful GREEN forest that continues to grow to their left

Whatever dark was created here
infiltrates the very core to this current folklore
that is meant to gift you both some more

the dark energies from this mysterious past life time
has created in this life
judgements of every kind
hurts created that need to be made right
empty relationships never born
due to an unhappy visual of whatever this past energy once created
needing to be forgiven
resolved --
somehow ...

What is happening is self sabotage at this time
for the energies that have been created
are blindly leading the way
what can the oracles say
that forgiveness
acceptance need to lead this wave

Anonymous, does this message resonate with you in any way?
these messages that are revealed by this card that do say something rather extraordinary
would you like another card pulled to continue this storyline?
holly woods Gypsy @ yahoo. com

what does this all mean ?
evolution for two who need to make moves

the negative created once upon a mystery time before
long long ago
has wreaked poor judgment
self sabotage
and self defeating
depleting waves to take center stage ?
is this how you desire to engage?
or would you like to pluck out old roots that do not service / serve you?

This oracle is one of
and HOPE
this situation just requires some major EFFORT and DETERMINATION on your part

even in what may seem like limiting situations - ACTIONS and ALIGNMENT with ones PURPOSE can BUILD up the COURAGE and STRENGTH required of YOU to be THE CHANGE YOU DESIRE TO SEE in YOUR own WORLD

A special message for you anonymous

If you do noting, you'll perpetuate your attachment to this dark situation that was created once a many lifetime ago - Do not ALLOW for the ruins of your past to Ruin your FUTURE - a confining situation CAN come to an end - ONCe you DISCOVER and ALLOW to sync in deep that YOU CAN BREAK FREE from your own damn self imposing limits of imagined limitations.

  Get your head out of your own ass and Be real about what it is that you want for yourself.


A Most Powerful Oracle Message on Self Worth & Acceptance

Everyday I use my cards and today it is no different ....
I plan to share more 
But in the meantime... 

please be aware that I do use my oracles throughout the day
especially that I am intuitively drawn to do so 
and   asked to use them by others on a consistent /constant basis ... 

But today's message hits the nail on the button for me in regards to the wonderful synchronicity of my own life unfolding all around 
and this is the inspiration behind me sharing this post with you all in the right here and right now ... 

RED CHAKRA oracle cards represent our Grounding 
Key words 
Vital, sexual, passionate,energized, forceful

Our first chakra relates to the source of our energy / Root and relates to how we each individually build our own foundations. Think of the root chakra as a platform. The red cards represent the SUPPORT you have created or are creating for your FUTURE. 

The root chakra cards show us a NEW way to bring our DREAMS to fruition.  They denote beginnings and REVEAL how to create a solid foundation in TANGIBLE form. Keep this in mind, if you are not yet CREATING what you say you DESIRE, you may need to GROW your energetic root deeper and wider into the earth plane. 

These cards represent the beginning of an undertaking - and may guide you away from the old / outdated ideas that no longer work in your life. 

RED cards ask, "How does this card represent the place from which I can CREATE something extraordinary?"


Cherry HEART 
When this card appears it is telling YOU that in your own innocence and inability to see yourself for who you truly are - your inability to see your own GIFTS are a strong indicator when this card presents itself.  This card also reminds you of your divine PROTECTION from your own spirit guides and that you are GOOD LUCK - and the energy that swarms around you is that of GOOD LUCK, BLESSINGS, SUCCESS and PROSPERITY.  You are being sent an INCREASE and BoOST of your own SELF CONFIDENCE and SELF ESTEEM so that you may ACKNOWLEDGE for yourself the totally AMAZING BEAUTIFUL soul that you innately are!! 

Inspiration: A magical box of self acceptance appears before you. Your UNIQUE abilities reside within. OPEN IT!
Are things simple NOW
Cherry heart invites you to SEE yourself as COMPLETE, just as you are!!

Personal Inquiry: Am I assessing myself accurately? Or am I distorting my reality in a self-defeating way? Can I simply ACCEPT myself??? 

Key Ideas: New ways of SEEING yourself; embracing imperfection; feeling incomplete; selling yourself short

KEYWORDS: Manifesting, Knowledge and Luck 

Card Meaning: You are a PERFECT child of God, and every part of YOU is wonderful.  Your Angels guide you to LET GO of ALL negative self-judgments and ENJOY being YOU!!

Message from the Angels: You are much too hard on yourself, your angels say to you through this card.  Although you enjoy having HIGH standards, it's important to view yourself through loving eyes.  Berating yourself only makes your spirit STINK/SINK!  Self-Improvement comes from a POSITIVE mind-set ONLY!

See yourself through your angels' eyes, and you will see someone who is a perfect and HOLY child of God.  Although you have made mistakes in the past, there is nothing you could have ever said, thought, or done that would CHANGE God's love for YOU.  The Angels see past your surface mistakes; they SEE the beating heart of GOD's LOVE within you.  They love you UNCONDITIONALLY, and they ask you to LOVE yourself in the same way!!

As I meditate in silence on this very powerful oracle message being received for myself today - I decide to be most REALIST with myself and ACKNOWLEDGE the parts of myself I do not so readily accept.  

I asked my guides to AWAKEN within I further insight into my health and well-being - and asked them to bring into LIGHT something that needs to be worked on / acknowledged / seen and accepted....

So here comes this lady that I work with ((tbh she is sometimes a trigger of mine))  and there are many times we rub one another the wrong way. Because I am AWARE, I am very AWARE of how she tries to purposely ruffle my feathers by some of the things she says and does - it's like she looks for a REACTION from me - and she definitely Looks for ways to try and make me FEEL inferior. 
There are many times she triggers me unconsciously - and it's just the role she is to play in my own healing that starts from within - but do not get me wrong - there are plenty of times where this itch is certainly conscious of her deliberate choices of words she likes to play into existence - you know to stir the shit pot up.  Today for example, was one of those days.  Several of us were having a conversation about a fellow co-workers girlfriend - and I mentioned eyeliner - asking the other co-worker if his girlfriend wears eyeliner - and immediately - this "woman" who likes to ruffle feathers - looks directly at me and says - "Oh no, she does NOT need to wear makeup like some people, she is a natural beauty."

I really had to pause for that moment and catch myself...

I had to do this for myself ...
in honor of thyself...
cause I needed to check myself - and really ask myself why something so petty would trigger my emotions to rise - in not such a dignified way... 
Cause what can I say except .. 

But in all seriousness...
Why do I allow for this woman to irk me in such ways... 

as the conversation between us fabulous co-workers continued - I found myself guided to shuffle my oracle cards and have them reveal to me my very own messages & voila ...

I was met with 


what in the world could this all be about ?? 

Do I accept myself? 
Do I VALUE myself in every single way ? 

If I did, would she trigger me in such ways??

What is BEAUTY / NATURAL BEAUTY anyways? 
And whom is she to determine the standards of what Beauty is anyways? 

Like isn't there more to a person then what is perceived externally? 

Like there is an entire world of dynamics and flow happening within us all - and there are so many compartments to our entire beings that make up our entire whole..

Like what does this itch know? 

Sometimes, we ALL need a rude ass awakening...
it's only to ruffle our feathers and get the ball rolling in our favor of course...


We must ALIGN with our inner shrines and STAND Firm in ACCEPTING ourselves in every single way 



The best thing I can do for our entire whole (my part in these parts of parts) is HEAL 


like for real 

for my child
for my future children 
for their children 

Our children are our FUTURE 
and we are the ROOTS that bring forth life when it comes to our children 

For this line of ALIGNMENT and reasoning is PRICELESS

and never ever doubt your part in your own life creations that do MANIFEST into tangible reality 

WE are ONE in all of this even though we are each our own UNIQUE individuals 

Other people may try - and when they do -- think of something funny to replace that horrific energy that is trying to marinate itself into your space...



(If you are a man reading this - kindly replace the word woman above - to be fit your own manly needs - for we should do this as a team) 

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Embrace the Spirit of Universal Consciousness 


This card is linked to the seventh chakra - crown chakra - where we reach the place of universal consciousness, which is outside our physical body.  The cards representing the 7th chakra represent some aspect of our collective being.  The idea here is that we all VIBRATE through our Seventh chakra and in a most POWERFUL way that it keeps us CONNECTED to our humanity. 

CREATION - She Shaman
Letting go of old ideas and allowing NEW GROWTH are PRIMARY now.  The mission you have been on may be complete.  A NEW DAWN is coming and it is time to OPEN yourself to divine INSPIRATION.  The message here is all about letting go - you no longer need to be the warrior. 

Inspiration: Your Path is an Artistic one. Express your LOVE in a tangible art form.  It is time to make decisions and ACT upon them.

Personal Inquiry: Am I waiting for someone's permission to CREATE my life? What do I need to SEE in order to claim my own gifts? 

Key Ideas: Opening to magic; lasting transformation; divine feminine; awakening creativity; finding your muse; owning your GIFTS.

Keywords: Creativity, Muse, Magic

#Creation #creator #Chakra #wisdom #oracle #guide #spirituality #Love #Act #Gifts #artistic #expressions #New #Growth #Muse #art #Dreamers #create #Believe #receive #achieve #EnchantingBabbler #HollywoodsGypsy 

Eye pulled a card 
this here 
is for 

Healing with the Angels Oracle Reading for YOU 

A situation that has caused you concern is on the mend. You are a natural HEALER & your HEALING thoughts have NOW manifested into form.

Sometimes a situation cannot HEAL until you release the challenge completely - so that the HEALING light can enter it.  Your worries will SOON be over, because this card signifies that a HEALING has already occurred.  To realize this HEALING, however, you must first STOP focusing on "what is wrong" and instead affirm: "Everything is Divine and perfect order right NOW!

You have NATURAL HEALING abilities, and this card asks you yo have FAITH that GOD works through YOU as an EARTH HEALING ANGEL. Hold thoughts of LOVE around any situation that seems to need HEALING. VISUALIZE the situation as HEALED 
Go ahead and just do it !!


Then, give THANKS to GOD for this HEALING, and completely release everything to the Angels.  The POWERFUL effects of your HEALING work touch many lives.

#Healing #With #The #Angels #Oracle #Reading #For #YOU #Believe #Receive #Achieve #FAITH #is #Everything #You #need #Set #your #Positive #Intentions #Affirmations #EnchantingBabbler #HollyWoodsGypsy

Love oracle freebie for Instagrammer @sir_anthony_lightbringer_koh
THANK YOU for your presence inside of Enchanting Babble's World 

Passion of the Wild Red Mother 

Rumi Oracle Message for your


Don't ask the conscious ones about the wine.  Behold the glowing effect of it in the eyes of drunks.  

Bring me your unreasonableness, your insanity, your love without reason and your passion - the passion that makes you crazy and shoos all logical restraint from your mind.  Leave your ordered thoughts, sensible plans and appropriate attire at my door.  Put on your animal fur and sing to me in gibberish.  When my beautiful goats die, I make drums from their skins and their spirits live on in my passionate play.  When my birds drop their feathers, I gather them and put them in my hair.  Come drum with me, as I place feathers in your hair and we honor the spirits of my animals - of your animal nature too, wild and free as you are in truth.  Stick your tongue out and growl at those who try to tame you with guilt, shame and fear.  Do you think I give a damn for any of their silly games? Those games of reason and logic.  "Of course, you should do it this way," they say, "it makes sense!"  But I care not for what makes sense; I care for what brings you ALIVE.  

You, oh blazing Angel, are being invited by the Wild Red Mother to participate in a dance of divine passion.  You may be an activist, a poet, an advocate for justice, or a writer, content in your own world of dreams; or perhaps you are a healer, devoted to the LIBERATION of the suffering of others and HUNGRY to COMMUNE with ANCIENT WISDOM.  

Perhaps you are ALL of these things, or some exquisite amalgam of HOLY ENERGY in form.  Whatever your nature, there is PASSION in your HEART; a fire for something more POWERFUL than fear that can become the FUEL for your life journey - if you ACCEPT the invitation of the Wild Red Mother of course!

This is the invitation to lay aside despair, to lay aside DOUBT in the capacity of the human heart - even your frustration and IMPATIENCE,  It is TIME to quit whipping yourself and others, no matter how noble the INTENTION behind the whip may be, and start DANCING instead.  

Will you join her, the Wild Red Mother, in her exuberant play?  You can CHOOSE to lead through joy, to heal through love, to TRANSFORM suffering into what it is meant to be: the crucible through which ecstasy REVEALS itself.  You do not have to analyze, to STAY in the throes of PROCESS and ordered stages.  You CAN CHOOSE this PASSIONATE path now, if you truly desire.  

It is OPEN to You.
Will YOU accept? 

It takes a great spirit, one with much practice of studied rebellion, to be ready to cast off the shackles of society from a place of loving defiance rather than fearful anger.  And to playfully say to the world, "I have tasted your stale bread and underdeveloped wine, and have had quite enough now.  I decline your offer to gorge upon such lesser fruits.  I prefer to feast upon bread, hot and fresh, and wine that is mouth-filling and unctuous.  Join me if you like.  It is an ABUNDANT feast and there is PLENTY for all." 

Even in the spiritually minded there can be a driving fear, thinly veiled as devotion to the most arduous path.  Perhaps for a while that serves as a truth of sorts, but eventually there WILL come a TIME when smaller truths evolutionize and give way to larger ones, so the soul KNOWS and CAN truly be FREE to GROW. 

Passion is the bridge that leads you from a smaller truth that suffering is necessary in order to heal, towards a larger and more luscious experience of life as a divine embrace.  Yes, sometimes the divine lover, in all enthusiasm for the sport, bites you too hard or grabs you with so much desire that a bruise remains.  However, the passion behind such fervent embrace can leave you begging for more LIFE, for more of that boundless love, even when it knocks you on the head whilst grabbing for you.  

Let go of your fear based thinking and conditioning. 

This is all possible when you give up on JUDGEMENT of what is GOOD and what is BAD, on what is apparently spiritual and what is not, and when you just realize everything in your life is LEADING to LOVE.  Whether through caress or a slap, the divine lover is seducing you. 

Feel it 
taste it 

If you can ACCEPT this, you can certainly give yourself PERMISSION to LOVE what you LOVE, to live how you desire to live, and to forget about holding yourself back because some choices make sense and others, supposedly, do not.  If you are able to rise to the passion that is, you'll let the Wild Red Mother consume your philosophies and doctrines.  She'll feast on your religion and your plans, and devour your doubts and certainties.  She'll tear away your need for maps and directions.  Just when you THINK there's nothing left, she'll grab your hands and spin with you.  You'll tilt back your head and LAUGH so wildly with her, spinning together, along with the earth upon her axis.  

This Oracle comes to you with a message.  It is a BIG COSMIC YES.  It is also an invitation to LET GO of suffering and struggle; not with regret or shame, but with gentle acknowledgement that it has had its purpose.  It now serves a bigger purpose - that of passion - which calls you to engage in the embrace of life with more abandon than ever before.  NOW is the time to let go of belief systems and 'needing to know' anything.  It is time to TRUST in the beating of your own heart and in the people, places and experiences that truly move you, whether it makes sense or appears to be logical or not.  

The Wild Red Mother comes to you when you are READY for her at a soul level.  Your mind may think she is a thief in the night, ready to pilfer all you hold near and dear - and be utterly in terror at the prospect - but your soul KNOWS better and will be gurgling with such anticipation of FREEDOM it will fill your heart with SWEET LOVE and urge you to let go.  Let her have her way with you - even if it  means she crashes into you in the dark as she fumbles and drags you, half asleep, to go out DANCING with her under the FULL MOON, wearing nothing but your animal skin and smile.  She'll soothe any bumps and bruises you receive in opening up to life with the most tender and effective of ministrations, for she is just as tender a nurse as she is a wild, raging dance partner.  

This Oracle also brings you guidance.  You have divine permission to do something ridiculous - outside of your comfort zone - be it ridiculous in your own mind for your age or career path - or some identity or version of yourself you or another hold.  The more ridiculous or inappropriate it seems - the more it moves you from your heart, without rhyme or reason - the BETTER. This is not about childhood indulgence and questionable justification for letting the ego misbehave.  It is not about the ego at all; the Wild Red Mother eats ego for breakfast.  This guidance is about listening to the TRUTH of your heart and allowing your soul to throb with aliveness, making that more important than any restrictions, opinion, judgement or fear the mind - your or that of others - could summon.

May Rumi's oracle message resonate with you profoundly

Thank You 

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When we onsciously seed our own  world into existence we co-create harmoniously with life creating  victory and success for ourselves gifting gratifying  solid foundations and achievements as we continue to live out our destiny aligned and Empowered. With gratitude, I accept. Namaste Beautiful Souls our time is Now! #mind #body #heart #soul #Empowerment #RubyTuesdays #Victory #Success #Destiny #Believe #Receive #Achieve #EnchantingBabbler #oracles #With #HollyWoodsGypsy #see #on #instagram



Healing with the Angels Oracle messenger : Pay attention to NEW thoughts & ideas that come to you. These are inner divine sparks of inspiration / motivation show casing themselves to you. They are seeds of magnificent Co-creations with God.  God speaks to you in various shapes and forms. It is up to you to tune in and listen. We all have our unique ways of receiving divine communion/communication.  The Angels ask that you notice and follow the ideas you have recently received. These thoughts are answers to your prayers for guidance, so please don't discount them as mere imagination. 
By drawing this card, the angels seek to give you CONFIDENCE that you are as capable of RECEIVING WONDERFUL ideas as any other child of God. That is because all wonderful ideas originate from the one divine mind of God/Universal Wonders. Since God is omnipresent - meaning everywhere, that means God is within you too!!! This applies to the stars and the galaxies too ... for we are infinite wonders of art being exposed upon our own truths unfolding / the only way we ever truly unfold is when we seek to discover and in our discoveries we meet with our own infinite wonderland of growth and expansion. 
Heart & Soul 
Set your intentions and dive into every deep uncovering your own magnificent wonderland of your own master pieces consciously being sculpted & formed. We are all pieces of pieces of pieces that make up a greater whole. 
Namaste Beautiful Souls 
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Loves freebie Oracle Message for Instagrammer @VenusSublime
Focus on the Light 

A tremendous force of LIGHT is gathering around you.  It is attracted to the purity of your INTENTION to CREATE from your HEART. 

As your intention GROWS, so does the light.  As the light GROWS, so does your intention.  Magic wants to happen for you NOW! The synchronicity, perfect timing, OPPORTUNITIES and information that are needed will seem to be drawn right to your door.  You may start to FEEL as if you cannot walk outside without stumbling into something helpful, wonderful and INSPIRING.  

You might be startled as this interplay of LIGHT with your HEART evokes many NEW SUCCESSES and ATTRACTS an ABUNDANCE of OPPORTUNITIES your way.  You may need to adjust as the field of LIGHT GROWS stronger and its effect becomes more palpable.  It may bring rather dramatic IMPROVEMENTS into your world.  You may be uncomfortable or FEEL out of your depth with all of these CHANGES.  This would be understandable, but it would be a shame for you to hold on to any resistance for anything more than a brief moment.  Any resistance or fear based thinking/behaving will inhibit the continuing
so that it CAN MANIFEST its BEAUTY through YOU, in the physical world, where it IS needed!

It is BEST to STAY FOCUSED on your pure HEART and INTENTIONS. Just ALLOW all else to happen of its own accord, without making it mean anything too personal. You are asked to stop taking many things so personally!  Simply let it be the workings of the GREAT light of LOVE, flowing through a pure HEART and touching the WORLD. 

Even if the LIGHT that is drawn to you and flows through you has some dazzling effects,  you don't have to get caught up in it.  Doing so might start you worrying that you are unworthy or that you are unable to keep up.
  You are WORTHY!
This worry will only constrict possibilities rather than
You have PERMISSION simply to be APPRECIATIVE of the LIGHT and to ENJOY it as you continue to FOCUS on what really matters - the pure intention of your HEART and your inner DESIRES to CREATE. 

If you are still not sure what this all means, or how it would all look on a practical level, consider this example.  A service oriented business becomes SUCCESSFUL financially & gains considerable commercial POWER which can be used to HELP promote its message or ASSIST other organizations in GAINING EXPOSURE to the PUBLIC.  Of course, that POWER could be used in less pure ways such as boosting personal ego rather than PROMOTING the agenda of the HEART.  Power games and politics might start erupting, as the people grab for their share and suddenly the purity of the project begins to crumble.  

Sometimes SUCCESS can be like a POWERFUL mirror and a shining searchlight as it shows up what was already within someone or a GROUP of people.  Under the SPOTLIGHT of SUCCESS it is more intense,  amplified and obvious.  This CAN give us an OPPORTUNITY to sow the seeds of our own destruction, or to work on what arises from a heart-centered perspective to CREATE a firmer FOUNDATION that SUPPORTS even GREATER attainment.  

How would that work in this example? By returning attention to the HEART of WHY the business was started in the first place.  It is wise ti maintain FOCUS on the pure, original MOTIVATION for the work, rather than shifting course to FOCUS on money or influence.  The latter are not bad, per se, but they are a rather different vibration, focused on personal gain rather than heart-centered contribution.  When FOCUS shifts from the HEART, the underlying energy of any CREATIVE PROJECT can become contaminated with lower vibrational energies/forces such as fear (which is behind greed, for example).  If this is not rectified, that business or creative project will begin to CHANGE.  It will lose the lustre of its ORIGINAL PURPOSE that made it so ATTRACTIVE and MAGNETIC to the LIGHT.  Its continued ability to GROW as a LIGHT in the world becomes diminished.  It may end up becoming just another corporate machine, successful according to more conventional measures, or not.  The GENUINE heart-centered SUCCESS that CREATES a WIN-WIN field of ENERGY for ALL involved can only be attained, nurtured and EXPANDED when those CREATING the project or business remain FOCUSED on the PURITY of their own ORIGINAL INTENTIONS

This oracle brings an ASSURANCE of SUCCESS of the HIGHEST order not just commercially, but from the HEART. 


This applies to a project, endeavor or organization in which you are involved with or soon will be.  Your HEART will help you realize which group or project it applies to.  It may be more than one.  However, you must STAY FOCUSED.  

Enjoy the glittering LIGHTS of SUCCESS but do not become too distracted by them.  Stay on POint with everything you desire to create and why.  Stay true to yourself!

This oracle also brings another message.  Do not be distracted by other paths around you at this time as you are too close to SUCCEEDING on the one you are on NOW! Diluting your energies, in the pursuit of too much will slow down your SUCCESS and the WORLD NEEDS your LIGHT to SHINE sooner rather than later!

In time you may diversify and explore other ways to EXPRESS yourself but for now, build what you are working on and KNOW that SUCCESS is coming swiftly. 

Know that you CAN EXPERIENCE these GIFTS right NOW!

Namaste Beautiful Soul 
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Love Oracle freebie for Instagrammer @DiscoKaz

Recognition & Reward

REWARD for a job well done is what this card represents.  It's a time of RECOGNITION for a completed project, hard work, skill, expertise, and craftsmanship.  These abilities are NOW being honored, but don't forget to also pay homage to yourself.  Pat yourself on the back- you DESERVE it!

This card also comes forth to represent a family or group of people coming together - all of whom are aiming and striving toward a common goal.  

ACCEPT the help that is being offered.  More possibilities are in the works, so be sure to lay a SOLID FOUNDATION from your past ACHIEVEMENTS, and this will help you be READY for your next OPPORTUNITY.  

In addition, this card is a reminder to take care of your physical body; after all, it is what carries your soul around in this material world.  

Another channeled message being received from the Angel oracles for you.  

You would BENEFIT from spending some ALONE time, listening to your inner voice.  Meditation is ESSENTIAL, as the path into ENLIGHTENMENT is an inner journey.  Be silent and experience the JOY that comes from seeking the TRUTH of your own HEART.  

Namaste Beautiful Soul 

Thank YOU for dropping by Enchanting Babble's Wonderland of 

Heart & SOUL 

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Loves One card Oracle Freebie for instagram follower @Jarianna_r

Foundation & Achievements

This card CONFIRMS that what you've been building is now firmly established with a STRONG and SOLID foundation.  

YOU deserve this, and it is time for you to HARVEST the REWARDS for your efforts.  What you sowed, you NOW can reap.  

Be OPEN to RECEIVE, as you have worked hard and have given so much.  ALLOW the Universe to give a little back to you, for there has to be an even exchange of GIVING & RECEIVING in order to prime the pump of GRATITUDE & REINFORCE the law of attraction. 

Using the more traditional meaning of this card, this card represents a period of celebration, peace and prosperity.  It may also imply a marriage or the buying of land or a new home.  As you ENJOY this time of relaxation that you so deserve, know that nothing remains stagnant and the winds of CHANGE are always at your door.  

NOW is the time to stretch your wings and really fly.  There is never any need for you to underestimate yourself and your abilities.  BELIEVE in all that YOU CAN do and ACCOMPLISH.  You WILL naturally ATTRACT other people to assist you.  ASSERT your independence and creativity. 

Namaste Beautiful Soul
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Healing with the Angels Oracles 

Your INTENTIONS create your experiences.
What do you INTEND to happen? 
Make sure that your Thoughts/Feelings/Actions reflect your truest INTENTIONS

By drawing this card, the Angels ask you to take an inventory of your expectations. What do you EXPECT to happen today, tomorrow, or in the future? 

These expectations are the seeds of your INTENTIONS.
An intention means that you have set a GOAL and INTEND to ACHIEVE it.  

Your INTENTIONS drive your experiences. The angels ask you to choose and INFUSE your intentions with LOVE. See yourself and others as happy, successful, and peaceful. By holding these spiritually minded INTENTIONS, you help yourself as well as others.  The Angels can help you replace negative mental habits with more EMPOWERING thoughts, if you ask for assistance.

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One Card Oracle Reading for @KayeJaycee on #Instagram

A Message from Sacred Rebels Oracle

Faith In The Process

No matter how POWERFUL we are, how much COURAGE and STRENGTH we have, there are times when we can't quite move ourselves along to the next phase of life or creative exploration.  At such times we need some divine intervention - a little help in pulling our trolley along, so to speak.  When we are at the edge of our own limits and have no more personal resources, we might be left with only one spiritual POWER, that of FAITH. Fortunately that is enough.

As unlikely as it may seem, the invisible help from the UNIVERSE is often more POWERFUL than the physical efforts of a thousand men.  That is because the invisible help is not limited by physical laws.  It CAN shift, bend and move in ways that defy limitation.  It can affect, evoke and influence situations through invisible, but undeniably persuasive means. 

You are in a situation where you cannot 'set right' the course of events all by yourself.  This is not an indication that you have done something wrong, nor does this suggest that you are not strong enough.  It is a sign that there is something BIGGER unfolding in your life and your WILLPOWER will be supplemented by the POWER of life itself. Sometimes a BIGGER plan needs to MANIFEST for the BENEFIT of HUMANITY and the EARTH.  You need to shift your perspective to REALIZE that YOU are part of the GREATER unfoldment of life, that your individual life serves the GREATER plan and that YOU are NOT separate from its GENIUS.  This is what is happening NOW.  

You happen to be instrumental to the GREATER PLAN and as such, you need to ACCEPT your position and be MOVED, while also being EMPOWERED and PROTECTED as you make personal PROGRESS through your role in that grander scheme.  

This is a time for HUMILITY and TRUST.

You need complete FAITH in the processes and events that are happening.  There is nothing to worry about, you will be MOVED most fully and easily, and with the most GRACE and assistance, through your FAITHFUL surrender.

Ironically, it is through complete surrender, in total FAITH, that we become the most EMPOWERED.

When we are no longer trying to impede the perfection of the GREATER plan, we CAN be ALIGNED with life - rather than harboring the suspicion that life is seeking to catch us out, have a joke at our expense or carelessly toss us about as though we mean nothing - then we CAN relax a little.  

Having FAITH in the PROCESS - your process / progress / evolution gives you space to be curious about what is taking place and to relax enough to be OPEN to what we are most in need of, even if we aren't exactly sure what that is or how it can happen.  The guidance from this oracle comes direct from the GREATER source of life itself.  There is NOW an OPPORTUNITY for YOU to be MOVED from the situation you are currently in, to the next chapter in your life story.  You can't do it on your own.  It is too big a SHIFT.  It needs the GRACE of LIFE to intervene on your behalf.


You may FEEL as though the wheels of your trolley are coming off or that they are bit rickety, but you must also UNDERSTAND that the voice of life is NOW coming straight to your HEART with this message:

"I have resources you know not of.  It is safe to trust in my ways and in my wisdom, for I love you and I am guiding you into all that is rightfully yours.  Be patient and calm.  Know that what is rightfully yours is what your heart truly desires and you need not fear loss.  Nothing that is meant to come to you will be denied and it is SAFE for you to LET GO and allow me to MOVE you."

Through faith, PEACE is restored and you are able to KNOW this, and perhaps have some FUN in the process.

Namaste Beautiful Soul 

Thank YOU for participating in this one card reading and allowing for me to share here on my social media.

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Cosmic Heart - Rumi Oracles 

I was dead ; I became alive. I was tears; I became laughter. The power of love arrived and made me everlasting power! I have seen everything. I have no fear.  I have the heart of a lion!  I shine like Venus. -RUMI
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One card reading for @subliminal_worldwind on #instagram

Releasing Allegiances
Message from Sacred Rebels Oracle

It is time to hold onto yourself and let go of another. Even if just for a fraction of a moment in time.  You have GAINED all that was meant to be from that connection.  At least for now.  You have GIVEN and you have RECEIVED.  The need to LET GO does not deny the VALUE of what has been acquired, it is more that the time has come for GREATER PRODUCTIVITY
in your life.

You have completed many cycles in the vibrational frequency of consciousness that you are NOW being asked to RELEASE. You have been in that vibrational frequency for some time now. You have EARNED the right to step out of that frequency, out of the habits, relationships and the possibilities that are limited to that outmoded frequency.  It is NOW time to EXPAND into HIGHER FREQUENCIES of experience that will bring ENHANCED LOVE
PEACE into your life. 

This is your life!

You will take the WISDOM of what you have learned with you into something 




all of this at a HIGHER turn of the spiral of life. 

TRUST that you can step into solitude for a time without being consumed by loneliness.  It is time to RECONNECT with yourself!

Perhaps you have had a period of outward orientation where your energy has been diverted away from the inner journey of self discovery & creative self-expression and into the world of lists, schedules and high demands.  TRUST that you may need to step back momentarily even from your healthy relationships and commitments, to REFRESH your spirit by RECONNECTING with your own nature in solitude. 

Perhaps you have been diving so deep into the creative waters that you have lost your bearings or your energetic connection to the earth, your OWN life and YOUR needs in the here and right NOW!

Either way, you need to come back to the ground of YOUR OWN body.

This is a time for SELF LOVE, for paying attention to yourself, for nurturing, holding and being with you.  It doesn't mean you can't LOVE another, it just means you NEED to turn your ATTENTION inwards for a time, for some QUALITY time, with YOU

You will emerge RENEWED 
and all the  more CLEARER about your OWN journey and your RELATIONSHIPS as a result of this. 

This oracle is also confirmation that the work you have been doing on yourself is working for you!  Your level of self love is GROWING and your ability to love CONSCIOUSLY and healthily is INCREASING as a result.  Some connections in your life will mature along with you and your regard and affection will deepen and BLOSSOM. 

It will be REVEALED that other relationships in your life are no longer relevant to your life journey.  You will KNOW which is which because you WILL FEEL it!

You are YOU 
and that is true, your truth!

You will FEEL it most CLEARLY when you have some time to be with yourself, for yourself, in reconnection.

If you have been contemplating a CHANGE in LIFESTYLE, enrolling in a class, starting something new and felt within your heart, then this ORACLE comes as CONFIRMATION that these things would be SUPPORTIVE
HEALTHY and surprisingly most helpful for YOU!

This oracle also comes with particular guidance. There is a situation that has recently arisen, or will arise soon, where you need to back YOURSELF!  Do NOT be put upon or hoodwinked into backing down by the emotional reactions of others!  


STAY ALIGNED with everything YOU KNOW to be TRUE 


No matter how wonderful something seems logically or on the surface, if it doesn't FEEL right for you, it is NOT for you at this time.  Perhaps that will all change and it will be right for you later - once you learn the balance and flow of this awakening of a new experience.  Perhaps you will step away and realize, with relief, that you had a LUCKY escape from a situation that would of end up costing you. 

Stay true to you.

Either way, backing yourself and not giving in to the OPINIONS of others, no matter how highly you would have rated that opinion in the past, this all becomes irrelevant.  It is highly likely that you are breaking with tradition, with a role model or belief system that you have most certainly outgrown.  You MUST be there for yourself, for yourself, because you are doing well, you are on your right path, and you are growing.  Well done!

Namaste Beautiful soul 
I hope this message serves you well 

Love takes you home 

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__New harmonic beginnings built on solid firm foundations gifting fertile grounds & triumphant success as one has faith in trusting in God with things left unseen knowing with absolute Faith that all shall be, shall be! Namaste Beautiful souls #Firm #foundations #fertility #triumphant #success #is #yours #peace #flow #harmony #new #beginnings #believe #receive #achieve #loa #soul #roots #HollyWoodsGypsy

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Beyond the Threshold of Fear

A channeled message from Rumi

Enter the lion's jungle!
Don't think about getting hurt!
Fearful thoughts are phantoms of the mind!

No one is harmed in this jungle.
Everything is compassion and love. 
It is your fear holding you back, like a bar behind the door.


How I celebrate for you. After so long away from home, you are finally returning! Beyond the threshold of fear, you dispense with your doubts, hesitations, cautions and tentativeness. They are old friends with whom you no longer have anything in common.  

"Goodbye old friends, I wish you well," you say, whilst turning your face to the burgeoning light of a new and yet ancient world.  You are visiting as though for the first time and yet, somehow, also remember deep in your sacred heart.  Finally, we can sit together in the charming courtyard at home. We shall tell our tales of adventure and laugh, and we'll dance and sing.  Eventually, day shall pass into night and we'll gaze beneath our feet, our mouths gaping open in awe and minds utterly blank, rendered dumb in sweet submission to beauty, as we watch the world spinning on her axis.

After so long, you are changing your relationship to fear, NO MORE shall it hold you in its thrall.  You are becoming able to OBSERVE it, to WITNESS it, even to have COMPASSION rather than resistance.  Instead of unconsciously sabotaging your GROWTH and CHOOSING to slumber in darkness, you AWAKEN & DELIGHT in the LIGHT and sound of your being.     

Push and pull, one step forward and a half step back.  So it has been for so long, and you  have endured.  

YES, you are winning the race, BRAVE one, and fear is fizzled out. It was always a far less BEAUTIFUL fire work than your PASSIONATE conviction for LOVE anyway.  Better to let that dazzling firework come to LIGHT instead - much more satisfying.  

Oh, what a spiritual marathon you have been running! Now the end is in sight.  You are drinking the sacred waters to replenish you from your journey.  The cups are pushed into your hands by ENCOURAGING Angels as you approach that blessed sash marking the finish line.  Your body and soul are on this journey together and now they are ready for VICTORY, and yes, to rest and recover from the EFFORT.  Rest now before a NEW ADVENTURE begins from a completely different state of being.  

This oracle comes with spiritual guidance for you.  You have BROKEN through a barrier, a self imposed barrier of fear (whether it seemed to originate from within your consciousness or from an external set of circumstances) that held you back from taking the steps you are NOW taking, or just about to take.  These steps may feel strange, new, uncertain, and exciting.  Your mind might not have received the memo that fear based existence is no longer in operation for you.  It may need a loving, tender, reassuring and firm update that the relationship you have with fear is now rather different.

YOU are the witness, no longer the victim!

Your consciousness is STRONG enough to hold it in COMPASSION.  You do not collapse under its weight; in fact, it is becoming less and less substantial for you.  When it is there, it seems less convincing than what it once appeared to be, compelling still at times perhaps, but not anywhere near as POWERFUL as it once was.  That POWER has been claimed by your HEART instead.  

So it is time to give your mind the memo!
Get used to the NEW way and take ALL necessary steps.  Test your legs - you'll find them POWERFUL and READY! Get set to FLY!!

Test your wings- trust is one, daring is the other. You'll find them enthusiastic for flight and ready to learn to ride the currents, purpose built for soaring to GREAT HEIGHTS!


YOU CAN SEE what is meant for YOU CLEARLY!

You can SEE what is meant for you, what is TRUE for you, what is beckoning you FORWARD now!

Take the running leap 

There is no darkness and light for you anymore - just life, living, FREE and clear!

I will be running and flying beside you.  We will soar and dive and rise, together.

Let's PLAY!

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Though it may be cloaked and hidden, within you lies natural MAGNIFICENCE
and TRUE

The harder this is for YOU to BELIEVE
oh please do believe
the MORE GROWTH this ORACLE is offering to you 

Your OPPORTUNITY for GROWTH lies in your own ability to LET GO of the need to hide yourself from the world and to LET GO of any and ALL doubt about the WONDERFUL MAJESTY that exists within you. 

This ORACLE brings you the message that it is time for YOU to TRUST yourself and ALLOW for the real inner YOU to BURST out and unveil everything there is to 

SHOWCASE for yourself

YOU are being assured that YOU CAN TRUST your INTUITION and your own sense of things.  Sometimes what you sense will be LOVE and you WILL OPEN your HEART and move easily towards the source of that LOVE - be it in the form of another person, a new and exciting career path, a project which you care deeply about and want to pursue, or a spiritual or creative practice that you are keen to further explore.  Whatever it is that you are to EMBARK on - flow with your GROWTH and ALLOW for your LIGHT to SHINE BRIGHT!

Sometimes what you sense will be more challenging than this and will ask something different of you.  
This is ok 


It might be that YOU sense fear and sabotage lurking about to try and set you back \ hold you back. This ORACLE asks for YOU to TRUST yourself 

TRUST yourself 
Trust yourself 

Trust yourself to find the most AUTHENTIC and self LOVING way to deal with what your picking up externally around you.  Perhaps you have drawn this card because you are unnecessarily holding yourself back out of fear

fear based thinking
self sabotage 
horribly conditioned behaviors instilled within your being 
Whatever it is - Find the SELF LOVE NEEDED to set yourself FREE  

Maybe there is a lack of BELIEF in your ability to SUCCEED 
and CARE for yourself 

But there is an IMPORTANT NEED of SELF EXPRESSION that is needed from you to be RELEASED

The Oracle of INNER TRUST comes to YOU with this guidance: "You know what you are doing!" You have enough WISDOM and INTUITION to be able to place yourself more fully in the WORLD, to take steps to UNHIDE yourself! 

Your TIME is NOW 

Right NOW!

Even if you FEEL you have no clue about what is happening at a broader level in your life, even if you can't quite SEE the WHOLE picture if ALL that is taking place within and around you, YOU still have ALL the WISDOM and INTUITIVE ability you NEED to take one step at at time and navigate your way through absolutely anything that life brings to your door. 

If you have been thinking of taking a leap of FAITH & doing things differently - whether in your personal life or your creative work - then this ORACLE brings a particular message to TRUST your instincts and go for it 

cause FAITH is all you ever need to 

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This ORACLE comes at a time when the patterns of your life are shifting.  You CAN take advantage of this shift and leap into an entirely NEW WAVE of ENERGY surrounding you as well an entirely new level of consciousness and experience.  This is not a time for self doubt or sabotage and this is not a time for playing small.  


This is a time for YOU to get in touch with the COURAGE
BOLDNESS & Dare-devil within, and do yourself proud, and take that step, big or small, into the FUTURE that is beckoning you FORWARD.

#Move #Forward #positively #Fearless #Dreamer #Kitty #love

You have the wings to FLY!

Sometimes we do not realize it until we leap over the edge of what we have known and begin to soar into a new life  (getting out of our own way once and for all) 

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Place your hands over your heart and say aloud or think very clearly into existence, "I trust in the love of my heart."  Place your hands on your stomach and say aloud or think very clearly into existence, "I trust my instincts."
Place your hands on your belly and say aloud or think very clearly into existence, "I trust in the flow of life."  
Say the following aloud, "I trust myself. I trust in my higher self.  I trust in life.  When I do not know, my higher self does know.  I am guided by the wise voice of my higher self within my heart.  I trust myself and allow myself to be guided in all things, by the wise instinctive knowing within.  I am not afraid to be seen.  I unveil myself from my hiding places, and step by step, I show myself with all my unique beauty, to the entire world.  I am seen and I am received with love, by myself and by others.  I am worthy.

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