Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Quantum Strands

No more excuses In never gifting yourself the NECESSARY TIME  to UNDERSTAND yourself better. No more excuses in not making the time to get into your QUANTUM ALIGN - what this means is  that you can say and absolutely MEAN without a shadow of any doubt that you are most REALEST with yourself about all your feelings and present conditionings and that you’re not walking around masking tons of b.s because that’s just the way it is ... ask yourself does YOUR MIND / BODY / HEART & SOUL all AGREE With UNITY consciousness within yourself and each piece that makes your entire whole (mind: body : heart and soul ) are in ABSOLUTE HARMONY with one another ... let’s KEEP it REAL with ourselves folks ! No public scoldings more just like public owningS and OminG thru my own page some more - I got to constantly leave messages for myself because bitch be forgetting at times. Not on this clock and dime — #WordsThatRhyme #WordsWithFriends so yea ... No more excuses and if you like all the excuses / Living  lies / the mask many hide / the swept under the carpet never gets healed - burying it for later later generations that carry the feel / so MFking unreal - If you love that shit cause I don’t - I definitely DO NOT — then that’s great FOR you - and sweet -just be clear and judgment free with acknowledging your own self and preferred ways  and I guess  accept the world designed for you by you ... and to all others stuck in complacency - #Welcome2Wonderland #QuantumPhysics #Radicle #InnerStanding #Dna #Strands #Of #Love #ReVolution #EnchantressTheBabblerOnYouTube #WritersofIg #EvolutionArYWhORe #WoundedHealerProject

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