Collective ORACLE WOnderland - DIVERSITY

How cruel are you to
those that
BELIEVE in you
I feel this as a
COW maddening
that interrupts other peoples
do you not see ?
the damage you cause
ripples on
but what you can not see
is the damage you secretly seek
will return unto thee
Times Infinity 

Anonymous is this YOU Again ?
some words of Advice on this collective spin
for if you DESIRE to be in for your WIN 
you can not be deliberately messing with anyone else and their own
like what kind of KARMIC mess up of a mash up are you doing to
that is right
Ya heard me !!
Even if you feel immune in this lifetime from
paying for your INTENTIONAL and deliberate of sins against others
the ones you used to
keep people away
the ones you used and abused in some way
the payback is certainly being
marinated into existence and none are exempt from this
BLESSINGS  to be earned 
more precious than GOLD 
Too many things are happening at once
and you may be a little bit confused  about what to do
which way to go
so many alternatives that you usually go to that may not be the healthiest
you are now hesitating to ACT out any further
something got you ANonymous thinking
It is TIME for YOU to make a CHOICe 
Decide what it is that you desire as your outcome
and do not be a tyrant in this thinking aspect either
truly determine what is best for yourself
and not what you desire to CONTROL in others
that is not your path to decide other peoples outcomes
Do not feel paralyzed
or trapped by having to decide
recognize that CHOOSING at this time allows you to FULLY 
dive in and materialize
a better align of divine for you at this time
shape up your
and stop mixing things up for others
you only mix up futures for yourself
get some HELP

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