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Excitement brews as I continue to evolve with all Manifestations and Creations happening in 2019. If you have been following Enchanting Babble for quite some time, then I advise you to please READ THIS HIGHLIGHT too because lots of NEW is taking place for the 2019 NEW YEAR!

I appreciate you, I really do! It is safe for YOU to Travel in here as you already CAN FEEL this energy of Fire that I share with you is REAL.

One major theme for 2019 is CLARITY of VISION & FOCUS. DREAMS manifesting into Actuality / Reality

This YEAR is a YEAR of SMILES & Cosmic APPRECIATION felt all over our Multidimensional spaces transversing thru each Align as we VIBRATE HIGH on this Wonderful Galactic RiSE of a time that FEELS righteous.

I am not here to convince nor recruit anyone to BELIEVE or SEE as i do - that is not my job. My job is centered on helping those whom DESIRE to RECEIVE any of my healing services and whom just appreciate and Love all of my artistic creations and art. Whatever seeds you Receive from all of these ENCHANTING BABBLE Lifestyle things - those SPECIAL receiving will be UNIQUE to YOU and solely for YOU. I am all for raising our Energy, Vibrations and Frequencies. It is about Inner Knowing for your ultimate GROWING and taking the POSITIVE ACTIVE ACTION oriented Steps needed to practice into existence the very behaviors and habits needed to further instill and Live in full alignment with Living the Life YOU and I desire for ourselves. I am here to help you Bring you Back to YOURSELF for your own health, wealth and stealth.

This here is all about

ENERGY - FREQUENCIES & VIBRATIONS fused with ARTISTIC collaborations to ELEVATE YOU in every single way





Spirit that FUELS PASSIONATE and WHOLESOME VIBRATIONS a gift for all of our nations spread across every multidimensional station

We either carry similar energies, frequencies and vibrations & if we DO not, then most likely, you are NOT even reading this :) We either energize harmoniously together in some shape or form that is in QUANTUM alignment with one another and if that be so, our CONNECTION is super dope.

There is HOPE in DOPE when we CHOOSE to VIBE in our ALIGNMENTS and SHINE BRIGHT in full support of one another. Whichever be the choice of your vibe you choose to ride, may it align you right in your SOUL called life.

I use a lot of humor along these pages - do not get your panties all in a bunch if you are stone cold sober and never drunk and forever clean cut as a square in every kind of way & possibly you do not speak as abstractly as I do. Hey, that too is ok. Different strokes for different folks - but Respect is essential here & anything lower in vibration will not be tolerated -Im not with any of that -cause technically, you do not have to be here if you do not like it here. Sensitive is I, and those kind of vibes, I no longer shall allow it to dictate any kind of space in my lands. It is all about Peace for me, how about YOU?

I am all for supportive energies & if that can not be you at this time, may you take what resonates and go in peace and whatever else you encounter that does not toot your goose - well... let that go too.. I find that, people that tend to not like me and all of my expressions - or if I rub someone the wrong way - I end up learning or finding out that they still come to my every social life & page and check out all I have to say. Im like, why? Why upset yourself buddy? But then again, Empath is me... so now I too, let go of so many things. Warning - Enchanting Babble uses FREEDOM of SPEECH stylized Art created from the heart - and every word often expressed - is unedited - unscripted - and in no way filtered. So take what resonates and let go of what does not and Enlightenment Up :)

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Write in Subject: SERVICE REQUEST along with current date

Enchanting Babble keeps on evolving and it is one of my most precious of a hobby that I adore. So in other words, I LOVE IT HERE. I HOPE YOU LOVE IT HERE TOO. It is a sacred space for US souls to travel thru. BELIEVE that this here is a sanctuary unlike any other known place you have never not encountered. I tend to speak in rhetorical riddles and pose a lot of questions for YOU to answer YOURSELF! I do not need to know your answers to any questions. Although, if you desire to share with me your discoveries to self, then I am excited to learn more about you too. A little abstract info about this space you have landed on in exploration. Enchanting Babble erupted out of Jupiter though its seeds are Neptunian and its waters stream from Plutonian frequencies that tap into every Uranus live stream. All I know, is that Enchanting Babble, is one POWERFUL Portal of an Alice in Wonderland Inspired Style of a life that creates colorful adventures. Enchanting Babble will take US deepest into our uncharted rabbit wHOLEs of mystic waters that are ready to reveal to US our Unknown. In simple words, I will assist you in your FEELS, as you learn healthy ways on how to DEAL, so that you may HEAL and EVOLVE aligned with every part of you that makes you feel whole. Mind - Body - Heart - Soul & Spirit Infusions. Ask yourself, How far down the rabbit hole are you willing to go in order to GROW and Feel your WHOLE?

Your answers will determine the levels of our connectivity.

In a world filled with simulations and artificial things - how mundane like are your taste buds and cravings for the things of this earthly world that are ordinary and typical? & How foreign are your tongues in search for something authentic and real that mundanes refer to as extinct ?

Thank you for meeting me here

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Please note any Collective Channeling messages I share are general and are based off the energies I currently am able to pick up and feel at the time.

(((COLLECTIVE means surrounding energies that I am tapping into at the current moment that message is being transcribed)))

Tapping into collective energies requires a trance like state of meditation to take place that opens Pandoras Box of life that is always existing all around and allows for the seeker/seer of truth to tune into a particular channel or frequency that resonates with seeker/seer. Those whom tap into these collective energies see from their own perceptional view which is different for all.

Whenever collective energies are channeled and transcribed that is a LOT of energies scattered from many walks of life that I receive and compute all at once. This is tremendous downloading and not everything gets filtered thru or shared - because quite frankly, it is A LOT of information. So not everything will resonate with everyone and not every message will be shared either. My advice to YOU is to take what resonates and swiftly let go of anything that just does not resonate with you. If it is not for you, it is not for you and don't try to make it fit you because you want it to fit you.

Either way, the only way to Receive your very own personal oracle and guidance message is to request one. But if not, then may the collective channeling messages shared here be exactly what you need at the time of your receiving. Thank You!

Thursday, November 30, 2017

BUDDHAFUL no explanations !

Another #Momemtum #BuddhaFul #No #Explanations #Ever #Needed #Black #White #PhotoARTherapy 

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