Fan Empowerment!

People always worried about what I am doing 
- acting like they don't care 
Pretending not to pay attention 
energy reader 
She a feels 
A you 

If you allow people ((especially the haterella ones))) they would do their best to reduce you down to size - make you feel like a nobody - acting as if you - are not able to exist - or be - anything ...

Let them think as they do 
Foolish are they too
Cause how can they not see that everything they declare / decree - is written in their own diary 

It may be hurtful / and it can poke at our egos when others try their best to blow shade in our way -- whatever b.s way they invent to throw that shade. ... 

If that's you too..
Take a stand ..

Cause baby cakes you got yourself some Fans 


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