Driver Riders

SO this  morning while driving into work - I almost caused a huge crash on the road --
so what had happen was 
I was driving in my car
on the road 
minding my own business
and here comes this massively over-sized truck riding on the right hand lane next to me 
and as you know 
every truck 
has its truck driver
This truck driver
struck by my Beauty (apparently) 
kept speeding rushing up from his lane to try and get a better glimpse of me while  I was driving 
on the left hand side of the road
I pretending at first to be oblivious to the thirsty creature in the right hand lane 
up until he needed a little loving scolding 
he was not paying attention as much as he should to his own road 
he had to slam into brakes to prevent himself from crashing into the bumper of the tiny car that was in front of him...

So my Afternoon Advisement to ALL of you BEAUTIFUL Souls 
for when you are thirsty 
please do drink 
but not while operating heavy machinery 

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