Dear Friend

Once upon a horror show time ago 
I too - was in a similar situation 
same as you 
Where I got caught up out there 
and found myself so lost somewhere 
somewhere I sure as hell didn't want to be 
But silly me, instead of doing something about it - instead of putting my foot down and stating 
enough was enough 
I continued my merry way 
Numbing my pain 
living fearfully 
ignoring myself 
I became a shell of my own existence 
and all for what ?
To appease another earthly monster here that bleeds 
Whom attacks me so freely ?
Shame on me ! 
Surrending to he ?
Oh , this can't be 
as I continued to bleed 
in agony 
Friend - this here is a testament to my own unwavering Faith and ability that found its way back out and knocked me silly 
but right 
Although it may have taken me quite some time 
to finally get it right 
I mean - am I not here to serve my own darn purpose ? Serve my own darn function ? Whom here do I allow to dull my own sparkles and shines ?
Never again - 
Not this lifetime ..
Note this really can end 
forget about keeping Peace 
Find your own 
Set things right and Aligned for you in your life ...
You were never meant to be controlled, made to walk on eggshells or even made to feel depleted - all to appease and accommodate another - that quite frankly - can and never will be happy - unless they take their own steps and initiative to even want something such as Peace - for themselves...
Living consciously - means you pay attention and acknowledge all that there is in the now here before you - and you put your knowledge to good use - aligning you with you 🤗😇

It is possible !!
Love would never command - demand - threaten or make you feel like shit - 

Like seriously, for real ..
Love heals 
not the other way around 

Once upon a time ago 
I was that foolish goddess and doormat Fearful to even take my next breath 


How wonderful it is to remember that place - Aligned here in my Now space - and understand all that has passed has been an enlightening part of my own life pruning / pricking me Alive

How great it feels to be alive 
My dear friend - awaken to you 
Your own self love 
Self appreciation 
Self worth 
And like the Loving warrior you innately are -
Be firm 
Stand your ground 


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