How to Enhance your own Emotional Intelligence?

If you let it

the people of this world

would bleed you dry

and still ask you to

give them more

Prepare to annoy yourself with all these minor nuances 
of minding your 
energy field
this constant life sustaining lifestyle of a practice that you must learn to instill in your daily life 
Awaken always more 
commas matter

apparently so ..

Lets keep it real 
no matter how much it may suck 
or how much we wish we can control certain things in life
the reality of that reality 
is that we can not 
we just can not control every darn thing happening all around us 
it does not work like that 

yes there is always a butt.. 
 there are always OPTIONS
DECISIONS that will be made 
need to be made 
are eventually made 
and set into existence 
whether we consciously made the aligned/right proper decision/choice for ourselves at the time - all depends on our own alignment with ourselves  - 

How ready are you to 
& DEAL with things in everyday life? 

even when the bloody task at hand is not easy
and sometimes find yourself where shit has hit the fan and you are either on the verge of breaking down or going ballistic
or maybe that feeling or passing feeling of just giving up 
or numbing out 
phasing your own self out of every equation and just ignoring every one of your own inner voice box, emotions, feelings, sensations, vibrations 
creating this other face / mask / layer of existence 

either way 
no matter the matter
our choices and decisions always do 
So remember for yourself  the next time you have to feel, heal and deal with something
deal with your something 
check out this chart below found on google to better help you visualize the idea of what this all can mean and be applied in your own life 
so take a look 
remember to breathe 
dive into the deep 

Your relationship with yourself is FUNdaMENTAL to your entire eco should be loving selfie environment

CONSCIOUS levels of AWARENESS constantly!

please reread

Namaste Beautiful Souls
there is truth within your Om 

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