Flower of Life Tattoo Art

The amazing adventures of seeds 
geometrically traced
tattooed onto this individual 
who had this tattooed on himself / herself because this geometric symbol means something to them in some way 

Meet the geometric pattern/symbol representing the flower of life

The flower of life
the seed of life 
The egg of life 

The flower of life 

One of the oldest known symbols circulating in time 
demonstrating these geometric circles that connect 
upon these layers and layers of formation 
they are multiplying and overlapping circles - all of the same size
this artist included the chakras divine 
all centered and aligned 

Where is your circle center? 

Our journey is our own discovery

seeds implanted into time 

tattoo artist whether he is aware or not 
whether the person receiving the tattoo was aware or not 
seeds of geometric form are still taking place

one seed at a time 

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