Simple Law of Attraction Catalog Orders & how to Apply them in your life

The thing about synchronicity and the LAWS Of ATTRACTION - attracting only the things in which you truly desire and are aligned with you -  the idea of SYNCHRONICITY following US around - hearing things all around - this is our 
for us to make use of our CONSCIOUS ABILITY to be able to decipher what is good for our soul and what is needed in contribution to our entire whole.  So as the Laws of Attraction dictate, life is similar to a colorfully filled catalog meant for us to SHOP inside and SELECT what is in alignment with eye (I) - so to break down this catalog vision for you all to try and truly UNDERSTAND - just think of it like this - if you SEE / HEAR / Come across anything in any particular way that stands out to you (meaning - you become conscious of this "Things" presence / affect / presence inside of your world) this means that you have a CHOICE to either ACCEPT or REJECT this "thing" being presented to you - so if you overhear something that you do NOT like or do NOT desire for yourself - you are gifted with CONSCIOUSNESS of thought - and GIFTED with a 
to either include it in your own catalog of life or shuffle its ENERGETIC VIBRATIONS away. 
You either KEEP it or DISCARD - choice will always be yours - at least in how ENERGY is being explained to you for following the
type style of thinking / living / being.   That means putting your emotions away till you learn how to properly energetically deal with this "thing" and make useful for yourself the CATALOG offer being presented to you during this "things" moment of time passing through your life. 

You might all think that all of this sounds so out there that not every "thing" can be easily dismissed - and that may be TRUTH - but at the end of the day no matter how you put "things" you are the one RESPONSIBLE for the ENERGY VIBRATIONS you CHOOSE to marinate in!!

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