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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Which Love Superhero are you ?

I am not trying to find me a love seen in movies . . That superficial portrayal of love profound, is an insult to my soul seeker of ultimate most intimate truth, love and process of selection - loves conditioned depiction of "love" for generations fed to us with illusion and glamour oh and let's not forget grammar   
I am tryna build on loves infinite expansion ...but this expansion as late as I am in  having this truth really sync into me deep .. exhibit b - self love and peace should be glorified and made to be our center and focus always ...

Still always late late late .. chasing white rabbits like a savage - curiously entering into every deTOUR I could possibly find -
Chasing my own tail - stupid mind

Realizing "late" that all this chasing has certainly made time swirl on by .. what is time ? Time is of our essence. What is essence ? Essence is our inner being.  What is being ? Being is everything that exists that makes you absolutely you. So, time is of your essence. Time is what you make of it whether you are conscious of it all or not.
Time never stops for it is infinite and vast and most felt to be real
If you want the result you must pay that Piper. And everyone's Piper Is not the same. But please remember Piper is never to blame. And neither are you too.
Just flip your script.

Chasing that dip taking sips
Alice flips ..
The funk out .
Falling  down yet another rabbit hole
Curious she will always be
for herself - with herself  - and for herself
& if there is ever anybody else that is by her side - they shall ride
Loves  infinite wave
Devouring whole their intimate crave
Allowing love to take Center stage
love rider all nighter
The creation of loves story
In all its glory
I'm NOT tryna find me a love that is only depicted in movies as this romance land gotta wipe my as$ with (((I promise you it doesn't ever happen that way - even if at first it may appear that it's quite similar - removal of all rose most shadiest of shades - entering cage - cruelest game  - spraying my raid - letting love lead the way )
I'm not tryna find myself love that I've seen in these romantic ((comedy))) movies - you can all have that for yourselves .. no THANK YOU very much.
Love starts with me
Love ends in me
Love forms Within me
Resonates .
Goddess of love vision prayed
as within exudes on out
That's what love, my love, is all about
My love
DEMO- strates
Loves start up company flying in
Let love fuel your fuel too
Love overrules
Infinite times infinity
Seeds dropping earthly seeds
Let love demonstrate
It's never too late
Time is of your essence
It's time to sky ride high
Feel your rise
During  these LoVe themed awakening  times
Ancient rights
Birthed to life
Love Goddess within me
love broke me free
Ready is me
To germinate every seed
Gardener is me
Ready set
Love bleeds
Sacred seeds
finding PEACE
Love Is me and conscious is she to infuse loves OverRuling
XX x XX x XX
I'm not tryna experience a love we only see experienced in these Hollywood movies - I'm tryna be love, build love, experience love, appreciate love, spread love, activate love, pollinate love, infuse love, give love .. ya know .. be the very thing I desire to see come into being ....
Earth love Warrior Angels Rise
For NOW is our Golden divine Time
Take a bow
You're center stage now
Let your love shine
And this kind of love has yet to be filmed , documented , expressed , experienced ... But I promise you all this - with every fiber of my being and infinite guides - higher spirit we rise - prepare to witness loves shift on humanity unfold as a whole ---.
Truth be told
It's all Happening NOW
13e 811 th8t Y0U WI11 13e!
It's time to release all guilt, fear , sorrow, misery, injustice, horror filled story of your life and just let it all go -
You are forgiven.
Now forgive yourself !!!!
there is no reason to not set yourself free. Love yourself and Breathe.
BREATHE With gratitude & sing Free
Love yourself and just be
be the Change we all need to see - feel - be - experience.
Live your life in love with love.
Be this planets LoVeSuper Her0!!!
Which love superhero are YOU??
What love super powers do you possess ?
I will confess
Loves magic is the best
Enchanting Super Cool News update :
Kindly STAY tuned to the coming real soon, my first ever book release of "The Darker Knight Light of my Soul" it is my love story as it unfolds being told and shared with you ALL!  Written from my heart and detailing the  explosion that love created inside of my wonderland world. May my story further inspire love vibes to intensify within your life.
C'est la vie
Let your love unleash
Loves vibe is heat
Passion fuels deep
Awakening us from sleep
Namaste beautiful Souls
Truth be told
Love is BOLD!
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