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Truly, I really dig this dudes energy & so what if he's controversial? At least he's real... My daughter is the one that put me onto him because she absolutely LOVEESS everything he makes. She constantly drives me nuts making me watch his videos. I don't think anything wrong or bad of any of his videos and tutorials. He's dope as funk ! But you know me .. My own kinda busy busy bee .. She's always harassing me at some incorrect mommy "zone" time - like for example, right now ... lol 
Right now is when she wants a hug ....

It's just this obsessive compulsive thing of "do not bother me" moments that do present themselves at certain moments of my time & it is those moments when Missy FoO intentionally funks with me .. To stir me up .. But does sweet loving things .. (Something that if you know my OLIVia, it's really not her cup of tea) choosing this "playful" approach .. To come bust my chops - when I really get into the groove and mix of writing / or dancing / or .. Bathing lol 

Anyhoo .. I was writing the above like (((OMG it's 11:11)))) 😜😜😜😜✌🏼️👑

I was writing the above 55 minutes ago and my daughter and I got carried away with our moon energy filled with so much revelation and clarity that makes me oh so LOVEEE my Goddess all the more. She's an absolutely phenomenal soul. (My daughter 👑) crown jewel!!! 

May she Forever Reign Supreme & divinely protected !!!


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